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posted a comment on Wink* - Higher State Of Consciousness. about 6 hours ago
Absolute Monster of a tune! & for me its all about the “Tweakin’ Acid Funk Version”
Simple breaks topped of with an almighty acid rift – that is pulled & tweaked in all directions to create a huge track that has stood the test of time & been remix so ... See full review
posted a comment on Systematic (4) - Dancing The Whole Night. about 6 hours ago
Massive tune from 1990 - It has a simple but infectious groove, repetative vocal hook "Dancing The Whole Night", a great piano line that weave's in and out of the track, soaring strings that help lift the track even further. Track just has a really nice ... See full review
posted a comment on Blow - Cutter. 1 day ago
Huge track back in its day, the "Razor Boy & Mirror Man" mix being the lead version with its strong breakbeat intro that drops into the rumbling bassline, as the track builds and progresses it is layered with a multitude of samples over the infectious ... See full review
posted a comment on Brutal Bill Presents Saundra Marquez - Survive. 3 days ago
For me on this 12" its all about the "Main Room Mix", with its tough driving beats leading to the breakdown, which just builds and builds until it blows the roof off and drops back to the dark driving beats. Big track back in its day & one of my ... See full review
posted a comment on X-Press 2 - Muzikizum (Parts One & Two). 3 days ago
X-Press 2 deliver the goods yet again with this 12", fanatstic driving hosue underpinned with an old school synth loop. This track really use to get the dance floors rocking, huge track back in its day and still sounds great today. Both mixes are solid & ... See full review
posted a comment on Hoxton Whores Vs Robert Armani - Circus Bells. 3 days ago
Hoxton Whores were known their re-works, selecting a serious of previosuly well know / big tracks to get the treatment.
Robert Armani "Circus Bells" get the treatment here and its a cracking mix - if you like the original its worth grabbing a slice of ... See full review
posted a comment on The Dub Funkster - Get Off The Street. 3 days ago
Nice cheeky little track, with its laidback chilled intro, with its street sounds, then the trumpets drop in followed by a pain rift dropping into a funky driving groove ovrlayed with a nice sax loop as the track builds, dropping into some breaks which ... See full review
posted a comment on Indeep - Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life. 28 days ago
Simply Brilliant ! An absolute classic, time just enriches this track, take a listen & let the music show you.
Remixed so many times but its all about the original.
posted a comment on Tall Paul - Be There. about 1 month ago
"Tormentor Mix" is the stand out mix on this 12" with is tough driving repetative hypnotic groove.
posted a comment on Shiva - Work It Out. about 1 month ago
Theres some really bad mixes of this track - so head too "Morales Classic Club Mix" great house track with a commercial feel.
posted a comment on B-Line - Tri-Ply. 2 months ago
Tri-Ply is the main track, with its funky skipping beats, big synth rifts and bubbling bassline, as the track progresses a piano drops i along with some strings giving the tarck a slightly different dynamic and keeping it interesting.
posted a comment on Gipsy* - Skinnybumblebee. 3 months ago
Can still remember the Day I bought this record, heard it dropped in the record shop Manchester Underground & it was amust have for me and my mate - Vocals make no sense - but work for me !!! Big Synths, soaring strings, deep bassline, infectious piano ... See full review
posted a comment on Supacupa - Keep Movin' On. 3 months ago
Big Funky House tune, great piano lines, funky bassline and of course the vocals - creating a happy vibe. Quite commercial sounding but use to work a treat.
posted a comment on Madam Zu - Spinback / Touchstone. 3 months ago
For me its "Touchstone" on this 12" with its bounding beats, acid stabs and tough synths creating a hard driving peak time track.
posted a comment on Pete Heller - Big Love. 4 months ago
Great remix from David Penn, stays true to the original vibe and feel but brings it upto date in the right way. Plus you get the original mix on this 12" too, with its big happy summer vibe pack full of great memories.
posted a comment on Who Da Funk Featuring Jessica Eve - Shiny Disco Balls. 4 months ago
Big Tune back in 2002 - with it's relentless driving dirty disco rhythm and of course the vocal that just adds that touch of magic to the track.
posted a comment on Paper Clip People* - Oscillator - Electronic Flirtation Device. 4 months ago
Timeless Classic Techno 12", with "Oscillator" beeing the main track with its laid back vibe, I was always a big fan of "Paperclip Man" with its rough beats and dirty driving rhythm, "Gypsy Man" as you would anticipate has that Crystal Waters "Gypsy ... See full review
posted a comment on J V Blanco - Keep It Out There. 4 months ago
Amazing track, based on the 90's Italian piano vibe, just look at the samples list, but brought upto date, just sounds so uplifting and timeless.
posted a comment on Various - Black Velvet Vol 4. 5 months ago
Cheeky Booty - What can you say with a track list like this !
posted a comment on Tech Nine - Slam Jam. 5 months ago
Big track back in the day "Garage Mix" is the one to go for on theis 12" minmal yet awsome & you could hear it working in sets today.
House classic !
posted a comment on MK 13 - Sensory Deception. 5 months ago
"Deception" (The Remix) is the standout track on this 12", Big driving synth intro, tight percussive breakbeat loops, great deep bassline, with different synths coming in breaking up the track before the main synth drops again, full on heads down & keep ... See full review
posted a comment on Danny Tenaglia Feat. Celeda - Music Is The Answer (Dancin' And Prancin'). 5 months ago
From the very start of the track with the vocal and then as the bass drops in you know you are in for something very special.
The track just builds a builds, using the vocal, bassline and piano to create a simplistic but devastating house ... See full review
posted a comment on Baby Ford - Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh). 5 months ago
Classic acid track, "Oochy Koochy" just morphs and builds all the way through, as the acid rift, synth stabs and piano interplay throughout the track, pure class that still sounds amazing today.
posted a comment on The Beginning - Stingray. 5 months ago
Big hardcore tune packed full of samples, use to bring the house down, with it tough synth loops, driving breaks, rumbling bassline and a great piano line. "Stinger Mix" is the mix for me.
posted a comment on Blank & Jones - Cream. 5 months ago
Big old trancer that rocked many a dance floor, nice tune that poked its head above the mediocre and abundance of average formulaic tracks that were around at this time.
posted a comment on Rave 2 The Grave & Mice Electa - Far Out / Closer. 5 months ago
Having Played, Danced too, loved and chereished the originals in the serries of these releases its always intresting and often with dred that you listen to remakes. Not the case here at all, Far Out is a fanatstic remake that stays true to the original ... See full review
posted a comment on The Keynotes* - Let's Let's Let's Dance. 5 months ago
Legendry - so simply yet so effective, with its simplistic groves and rhythms, but I guess that's it beatuty.
Big tune back in the early days.
posted a comment on D.N.A.* Featuring Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner. 6 months ago
How can you not like this, the vocals are just perfect, the beats & vibe are so chilled as the track and vocals build a story & picture in your mind so clearly. Such a a simply sounding track, but thats its quality & what makes it. A classic tune & a ... See full review
posted a comment on Toxic Two - Rave Generator. 6 months ago
"Rave Generator" Was a big tune back in the day with its breakbeat loops and of course the big synth line, cheering crouds, and as the track drops big strings / pads filling the space, with the synth and breaks dropping back in with the pattern pretty ... See full review
posted a comment on Eric Perez Project - Lies / Release. 6 months ago
The track to go for on this 12" is "Release" Classic Mix, quite a simple sounding tune, that has a US house vibe initially, with is organ / synth rift that come in at the start of the track, which gives it a really nice vibe building until the vocal ... See full review
posted a comment on Urban Soul - Show Me. 6 months ago
Fantastic track - Its the "Def Club Mix" for me, with its synth intro, soon followed by the tight percussion and kick, with the track slowly layering up, then drops vocals, which just lift the track further, as the track progress's it drops right back to ... See full review
posted a comment on Digital Excitation - Pure Pleasure. 6 months ago
Great E.P. from Frank De Wulf, with three very different tracks which show his musical diversity.
"Pure Pleasure" has a Techno / acid vibe with its soaring strings, bubbling acid line and infectious organ rift that is also used on "Rave Generator", big ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Shytalks - Touch The House. 6 months ago
Big sounding house, with its deep bassline, acid rift, building with a dark sharp synths stab that evolves and drops into a huge Warehouse sounding rift that really lifts the track. Great track and good example of the sound you can expect from other ... See full review
posted a comment on Yolanda Reynolds / Unit 2 - Children Of The World / Sunshine. 6 months ago
Two Classic house cuts on one 12".
Yolanda Reynolds "Children of The World" again is a good track with a happy feel good vibe, great piano line and up-lifting vocals.
Unit 2 "Sunshine" has that instantly recognizable piano as soon as the tracks drops, ... See full review
posted a comment on Alpha DY - Chicago Trip. 6 months ago
Big track back in 91 - a peak time track with its driving repetitive rhythm created through the synth and percussion loops.
posted a comment on Bassix (4) - Close Encounters. 6 months ago
Great Bleep track, with its instantly recognizable Bleep loop at the start, followed by the deep rumbling bass line, as the track evolves there's a few cheeky samples thrown in for good measure. Take your pick on the mixes - maybe the "Dub Mix" just ... See full review
posted a comment on Waxwork - The Working Wax EP. 6 months ago
Nice groovy sample laden house, plenty going on on these tracks too keep you interested.
posted a comment on Danny Tenaglia Featuring Liz Torres - Turn Me On. 6 months ago
A masterclass in Progressive House in one of its finest moments !
"Danny's Tourism Mix" is the stand out mix, it just builds drops and builds again creating an absolute monster. Other mixes are very good as well & well worth a listen. Bit of a forgotten ... See full review
posted a comment on Hoof - Untitled. 6 months ago
Standout track on this 12" in my opinion is "The Mind", quite a simply sound track, with a nice deep bassline,skipping percussive loops and a huge synth rift that builds and drops throughout the track giving the track a Warehouse feel. Great track and ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm Section (2) - Midsummer Madness EP. 6 months ago
On this 12" "Dreamworld" is the standout track and the more heavily played when released, closely followed by "Perfect Love 2am".
It kicks off with its instantly recognizable synth, soon followed by the beats coming in that the drive some real energy ... See full review
posted a comment on Celeda - Be Yourself. 6 months ago
Deep dark stripped back house topped with a rich vocal from Mr Tenaglia, type of track you need to play load and that totally submerses you.
posted a comment on Inner City - Good Life. 6 months ago
Classic 12", Two great mixes of "Good Life", with the "Magic Juan's Mix" and "Mayday Club Mix" - for me its difficult to choose between the two, as both mixes are spot on of this classic track. Brings back a lot of happy memories of the Hacienda ... See full review
posted a comment on D-Tek - Drop The Rock E.P.. 6 months ago
Its all about the bassline / synth rift on this track which is sampled from Fallout "The Morning After".
Big funky sounding tune packed full of other samples too many to mention.
posted a comment on A.S.H.A. - J.J. Tribute. 6 months ago
94 Re-issue of this - Classic Old School hands in the air piano anthem !
From the moment the record drops you know you are in for something special & the track doesn't disappoint, with one one of the most infectious piano lines, the soaring strings, ... See full review
posted a comment on Faithless - God Is A DJ. 6 months ago
Do you know what, I am not sure if he's a DJ - but this is one heavily tune !
Massive track - your pick on the mix.
posted a comment on Zero Zero - Zeroxed. 7 months ago
Fantastic 12" with two great Old School Hardcore / Techno tracks. Both "Zeroxed" and "Superb Dementia" were big tunes back in the day, with both tracks and mixes played heavily. If you like you tracks deep dark & driving then these are for you, plus its ... See full review
posted a comment on Djaimin - Give You. 7 months ago
Classic house track that is instantly recognizable, with the "Dancefloor Syndromad Mix" being the standout and one that most people will recognize. From its Guitar & vocal intro to the moment the whistle sounding rift drops, the track builds with its ... See full review
posted a comment on Christian Jay Bolland* - Ravesignal III. 7 months ago
The Ravesignal series of release are a great example of some of C J Bolland's bets work and this 12" doesn't disappoint, "Horsepower" is the standout track and its a brute of a tune with its hard industrial driving rhythms. Huge tune back in its day and ... See full review
posted a comment on Orange Lemon - The Todd Terry Trilogy: Past, Present & Future. 7 months ago
Part of a reissue series of some of Todd Terry's classic ground breaking tracks.
This 12" contains the Classic "Dreams of Santa Anna" which is one of my all time favorite tracks and big track at the Hacienda way back when. It also has a decent remix of ... See full review