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posted a comment on Sweet Exorcist - Testone. 3 days ago
Huge Bleep track, deep deep bassline, haunting synths, & the bleep loop, put together perfectly. Massive track back in its day, still sounds amazing today, a must have for any fan of the 90's scene.
posted a comment on Robin-S* - Show Me Love. 3 days ago
A track we have all heard so many times, and that became extremely commercial, all that said its just a massive track that holds its own in the history of house & it just sounds fantastic even today, it just has that little sprinkle of magic about it.... See full review
posted a comment on Souvlaki - Inferno. 3 days ago
Great EP with 3 solid releases, "Inferno" is a big full-on peak-time driving house track packed full of samples, with a disco house feel, its that driving piano that gets me (sampling "Dan Hartman Relight My Fire", disco style synth stabs and vocal /... See full review
posted a comment on Starchaser - Falling Star. 3 days ago
Its all about the vocal for me on this track, lifted further by the rich deep pads & strings, underpinned by the funky percussion & drums & deep bassline.
posted a comment on Epoch 90 - V.L.S.I. Heaven. 3 days ago
Just love this track, another one I remember first hearing on Manchesters IBC radio. From its laid back beats, deep bassline & haunting sounding synths and topped off with the spoken vocal. Huge track back in its day, brings back a lot of great... See full review
posted a comment on Lionrock - Carnival. 4 days ago
"Are You Willing To Testify ?" Huge progressive house track, from the huge siren sound that drives through the track along with the drums & percussion, to the dark undertone of the synth, building & building & of course breakdown with the preacher... See full review
posted a comment on Indo - R U Sleeping?. 7 days ago
Great set of mixes on this 12" of the classic Indo "R U Sleeping", covering all the bases with "Bump & Flex" UK Garage mix - which is probably the better know / more commercially successful, along with "Stonebridge Mix" which is as you would expect... See full review
posted a comment on The Don - The Horn Song. 10 days ago
Great to get a reissue of this fantastic deep house track, take your pick on the mixes, first released in 1998, the horn rift seems like it was later sampled for DJ Jean "The Launch", but on a totally different vibe, this is class.
posted a comment on Underground Sound Of Lisbon - So Get Up. 10 days ago
Deep dark tribal house, "Original" mix has a nice acid vibe, that bubbles along nicely building, "Factory Mix" makes full use of the vocal, over its deep tribal beats as the track twists and morphs over its journey. "Factory Dub" again is a deep dark... See full review
posted a comment on Starfighter - Apache. 10 days ago
Big tough track, from its big beats, bouncing bassline & synth, to the huge drum rolls & soaring strings topped off with the sound of a Apache helicopter flying over this is a full on monster of a track with bags of energy that just builds and builds.... See full review
posted a comment on Sensory Elements - Vol 1. 10 days ago
Lovely 4 tracker, with some chilled out deep house grooves, its worth checking all 4 tracks & they still sounds great today.
posted a comment on R.H.C.* - Fever Called Love. 11 days ago
Another great release from R&S great set of mixes on this 12", "Original" mix is the one for me on this release. I just love the bassline and the way the track builds with the vocal, then comes the acid rift and the track picks up a gear, building... See full review
posted a comment on Caucasian Boy - Honeydip / Northern Lights. 11 days ago
Nice reissue of this great 12" - two fantastic tracks "Honey Dip" with its deep bubbling bassline, uplifting synth hook creating a simple but infectious groove with a big sound. A lovely house track that still sounds great. "Northern Lights" takes a... See full review
posted a comment on 808 State - Lift / Open Your Mind. 21 days ago
Not 808's most famous track but a great release all the same, you know you don't expect the norm from these guys & "Lift" doesn't disappoint with its quirky beats and disjointed feel with the different sounds that just seem to work so effortlessly,... See full review
posted a comment on Hector Couto - Take Me Away. 21 days ago
Deep house track using the familiar "Won't You Shelter Me" vocal sample with a bit of "Take Me Away" thrown in for good measure, topped off with deep melodic synths & an even deeper bassline.
posted a comment on LFO - LFO Remix. 23 days ago
Great remix of "LFO" which was always going to be a tough one, but was a big track in its own right, but you also get the distorted beats and deep deep sub-bass of "Mentok 1", another huge tune, followed by "Quijard" which as well as those deep... See full review
posted a comment on MK* / Forgemasters - Network Retro #8 - Back 2 Back Classics. 23 days ago
Two huge tracks on this Network Retro Series - MK "Somebody New (Club Mix)", which needs no introduction & is one of my all time favourite tracks, The Forge Masters "Track With No Name (Communique Mix)" remixed by Unique 3 & Mark Brydon is a lovely... See full review
posted a comment on Forgemasters - Track With No Name. 23 days ago
"Track With No Name" is one of those seminal tracks that helped influence many others and shape the music scene of its time and today. Its all about that bassline for me & when the Bleeps drop in its just so simple yet heavenly, fantastic track.
posted a comment on Various - TSOB - The Sound Of Belgium 08/10. 23 days ago
Three quite different tracks on this 12", from this chilled trance like vibes of Innertales "Odyssee" to the tough driving acid sound of Spokesman "Acid Creak", and finally the Rave / Belgium Techno anthem of T99 "Anasthasia". Great selection of... See full review
posted a comment on Romanthony - Now You Want Me. 23 days ago
Lovely old house track that has a soul, love the bassline on the "Original Jersey Mix" it just sits there and lets the vocal & other elements flow, but just grabs your attention from time to time. Other mixes are worth a listen too.
posted a comment on Force (2) - The Beginning. 23 days ago
I first remember hearing "The Beginning" on IBC radio Manchester & just loved it for its full on madness, just that bit tougher and different, with its full on tough dirty driving synth rifts that are just relentless, Outlander "The Vamp" intro was... See full review
posted a comment on Ruff Driverz - Don't Stop. 23 days ago
Nice Speed Garage track, the "Ballistic Bass Mix" is the was the mix most played on this 12". It kicks in with some tough beats and synth stabs, with the vocal stretched over the top, dropping into the organ style bass / loop, which is very funky and... See full review
posted a comment on Nebula II - Flatliners. 25 days ago
"Flatliners" was a huge hardcore tune and a bit of a classic, its just full on madness, packed full of synth samples and driving beats. Flip this 12" over and you want be disappointed with "C.O.D. Rider" driving beats and that bassline incredible track.
posted a comment on Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me. 25 days ago
Huge tune in its day with commercial success, big funk house track, with its catchy string rift, dirty piano groove and uplifting vocals.
posted a comment on 24 Hour Experience* - Part Three: Deep Dub Essentials. 25 days ago
Really nice 4 tracker of deep UK Garage grooves all highly useable & still sound good today. "The Heaven Track" has a nice relaxed feel through its organ sounding groove and deep bassline, layered with some skippy percussive beats. "Touch The... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Reactivate Volume #2 - Phasers On Full. 27 days ago
To be fair if your into your Old School Techno you can't really go wrong with this L.P. its just wall to wall classics from this time. Standout tracks for me would be 6 Bells "Me The Mailman", Outlander "Vamp", Fierce Ruling Diva "Rubb It In" and of... See full review
posted a comment on Rhyme Time Prod.* - You And Me. 29 days ago
Big sounding house track with a tough edge, as you would typically expect from Cleveland City around this time. "Zooom" is the mix for me, the deep organ bassline line and the fuller sounding dirty synth rift are what make it for me, great track.... See full review
posted a comment on CLS - Can You Feel It. about 1 month ago
CLS "Can You Feel it " is such a classic track and is all about the "In House Dub", its all about that synth rift, played so many times, lifted so many hands in the air injecting that huge sound onto the dance floor, plus sampled & remixed so many... See full review
posted a comment on HNNY - about 1 month ago
Absolutely beautiful track, just has quality written all over it, it just has such a lovely vibe, from its laid back beats, the Dina Ross vocal and the hook are all just crafted together perfectly.
posted a comment on Joey Negro - Do What You Feel. about 1 month ago
Uplifting House 12", "Body Rock Mix" is probably the one I would go for, with its Italian piano house vibe.
posted a comment on Indie - Apollonia (The Original Mixes). about 1 month ago
Bit of a classic this one ! Italian piano house at its best, big track back in its day and one of the anthems of its time. There's plenty of mixes to choose from "Intro Bass" is the one I would go for on this 12", but its worth listening to some of... See full review
posted a comment on Tuff Productions Feat. Carol Leeming - Won't Get To Heaven. about 1 month ago
Superb slice of Garage House with an uplifting vibe, great vocal, funky bassline, and nice piano / string & synth stabs and loops throughout. Nice set of mixes probably "New Jersey Joe Edit" is the one I would go for.
posted a comment on Livio Tracks - The Ghost Of Lele. about 1 month ago
Nice Techno 12" "The Ghost of Lele" is the track to go for heads down driving techno, its relentless with its energy and just keeps building all the way through.
posted a comment on Soul Central - Strings Of Life. about 1 month ago
Nice set of mixes with plenty of others to choose from too, & its always going to be tough job to remix such a classic as "Strings Of Life". Remix just give it the vibe / sound of the time but its always going to be the original for me.
posted a comment on The Beginerz - New York Taxi. about 1 month ago
Big room funky filtered disco house music, with a slightly tough edge & bags of energy.
posted a comment on Joey Negro - Ride The Rhythm. about 1 month ago
Big building house track with a very infectious piano rift, and after the huge breakdown with its deep dark stabs, the piano builds back in with vengeance lifting the track even higher creating a monster of a tune.
posted a comment on Serious Rope Featuring Sharon Dee Clarke - Happiness. about 1 month ago
"Happiness" was a big track back in its day, fantastic vocals from "Sharon Dee Clarke", but for me what sets this track up is the bassline / organ hook, it use to sound huge in a club, with it then dropping out to the piano & vocals making the track... See full review
posted a comment on Buzzin Cuzzins - Let Me Show You Love. about 1 month ago
For me its all about the "Quick Dub" on this 12" amazing bassline so rich & deep, stripped back with the vocal and lovely organ hook, a great example of less is more. Huge track back and easy to understand why, nice releases from Glasgow underground too.
posted a comment on Scotti Deep - Brooklyn Beats Import Mixes. about 1 month ago
Deep driving house with a hypnotic groove, the "Pulse" Rhythm Mix" was the main mix that use to get plaid out as it has that bigger sound to it and is more driven than the other mixes, the "Original Mix" is worth a listen too, with its more laidback... See full review
posted a comment on Ono* - Will I / Fly. about 1 month ago
"Will I" (Creamer & K Mix) is the track to go for on this 12", it builds slowly & deeply and just draws you in, very simple & very effective, a huge progressive track.
submitted Outlander - The Vamp. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Sampler EP 5. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Sampler EP 3. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on K-Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery. about 1 month ago
Fantastic 12 from K-Klass, yes it has the original version of "Rhythm Is A Mystery" which has an amazing deep bassline plus most of the elements that made the remix such a big track. But there's far more on this 12" "Pianone" is a lovely piano driven... See full review
posted a comment on Tall Paul - Rock Da House. about 1 month ago
Big pumping house track, huge bassline that drives the track along along with the percussion, two vocal, the female vocal & male rap, which compliment each other, uplifting soaring synth & string breakdown, then its full on as everything drops back... See full review
posted a comment on Disco Revisited - Take It Higher. about 1 month ago
Fantastic track, & for me its between "T.P.s Lower Mix", with its big sounding synths dropping into smoother groove as the track progresses or the "T.P.s Lower Instrumental", it has any amazing deep funky bassline leading to a fantastic uplifting... See full review
posted a comment on Luigi - Jet Black. about 1 month ago
Deep driving progressive house, verging on trance with its synth patterns.
posted a comment on Ce Ce Rogers - It's Alright. about 1 month ago
Deep lush grooves with a real warmth & richness topped off Ce Ce Rogers vocals, another great release from Grant Nelson.
posted a comment on Groove Committee - I Want You To Know. about 1 month ago
To be fair you usually can't go wrong with NU Groove & this doesn't disappoint, with that now instantly recognisable piano & vocal, a sure fired classic that has had so many guises over the years, a lovely slice of house history.
posted a comment on Altern 8 - Overload EP. about 1 month ago
Lovely EP - kind of feels like a transformation from Nexus 21 too Altern 8, as it leans closer to the Detroit sound, rather than the rave sound of Altern 8. Really worth a listen and some of the tracks still sound great today.