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posted a comment on Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On. 18 days ago
Huge tune, Massive Hacienda Tune.
It was all about the "Dub Of Doom" mix, its perfection.
All I can really say / add to other peoples comments is have a listen & that this track still sounds great today. Play it loud !!!
posted a comment on Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There?. 18 days ago
As good as the acid bubbling Hardfloor remix is, your just simply never going to beat the original of this all time classic, no matter how good a job you do.
posted a comment on Dig The New Breed - Who's No 1. 20 days ago
Cleveland City produced a few really great 12" and this is one of them.
"Who's No 1" - Kicks in with a cheeky bubbling acid line, quickly followed by the kick drum then the deep synth bass drops, with the track building until the break-beat kicks in, ... See full review
submitted EP2 - Dance. 27 days ago
posted a comment on The Chameleon Project - Feel. about 1 month ago
Big progressive house track.
Simple driving rhythms, deep throbbing bass & synths and that soaring pad / string, as previously mentioned track is similar too Latour "Blue" but with a slightly tougher darker edge. Never get board of this track & still ... See full review
posted a comment on Heller 'N' Farley Project* - From The Dat Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
Fantastic 12", as you would expect from Heller N Farley.
Not only does it have "Ultra Flava" - I think this was the initial release of this track, but also B Boy Black, which is again is a great little house track, to be fair all four tracks are worth a ... See full review
posted a comment on Mental Mayhem - Where Are They Hiding / Joey's Riot. about 1 month ago
Classic Joey Beltram 12".
"Joey's Riot" my favorite on this 12" with its driving rhythm, bleep rift, then leading to the tougher synth section, track is hypnotic and draws you right in. Big tune back in its day and a bit of a classic.
posted a comment on Various - Going Back To Basics Volume 3. 2 months ago
The stand out track on here is Karma M'baby.
Its starts out with its tough synth stabs with the bassline slowly building and the M'baby, but then drops the piano, with the track dropping out to simple synth / string loop, giving a chilled but euphoric ... See full review
posted a comment on UFI - Understand This Groove. 2 months ago
Love this 12", big funky tune with a happy vibe, that brings back a lot of happy memories.
Funky bassline uplifting synths & strings, great piano line and an uplifting vocal.
Take your pick on the mixes, a great underrated tune that's one of my all time ... See full review
posted a comment on Incognito Featuring Jocelyn Brown - Always There. 2 months ago
This is one of my favorite all time releases.
From the moment the track drops you can just tell its something special, with its rich but simplistic synths dropping into that rich lush piano, which strips right back when the vocal first drops and slowly ... See full review
posted a comment on Brothers In Rhythm - Such A Good Feeling. 2 months ago
Huge 12" with two great release that were absolute classics & played any & everywhere.
Such A Good Feeling (Inspirational Delight Mix) - Just about takes it, with its uplifting piano, layered strings, tight percussion and of course that great vocal all ... See full review
submitted Sharam* - Collecti 3. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Modular Expansion - Unit 1. 2 months ago
Frank De Wulf was one of my favorite producers back in the early 90's and he doesn't disappoint with this 12".
Its worth listening to all the tracks on here, but its Cubes that's the stand out track and became a big track back in 90. Driving beats topped ... See full review
posted a comment on Clivillés & Cole - A Deeper Love (A Deeper Feeling Mix). 2 months ago
What a tune "Deeper Love" is, "A Deeper Feeling Mix" is the version for me, amazing cut up intro that just sets the track up perfectly, great vocals and packed full of samples as the tune changes and evolves all the way through. One of my all time ... See full review
posted a comment on Megatonk - Belgium. 2 months ago
This is a bit of a forgotten gem of a tune.
Simple track but its all about the big funky synth & bass-line,track has a really nice vibe and still sounds great today.
posted a comment on Mantronix Featuring Wondress* - Got To Have Your Love. 2 months ago
Amazing track, a true classic and one for any music lovers collection.
Big funky fat bass-line - chilled break-beats, lush rich strings and piano and an amazing vocal.
Still sounds great today.
posted a comment on Cubic 22 - Night In Motion. 2 months ago
Night In Motion was an absolutely huge tune, that rocked the scene back in 91.
Huge pounding drums, a whistle sounding rift that comes in at the start, that drops out to make way for deep dark driving techno bass and synth, with the drums dropping from ... See full review
posted a comment on Sharada House Gang - Let The Rhythm Move You. 2 months ago
Belting Italian house screamer, big track back in its day,
Driving funky rhythms, big synths and great catchy vocal.
posted a comment on Dilemma (3) - In Spirit. 3 months ago
Amazing track, a real anthem back in the day, with its chilled out techno feel, layers & layers of synths and simple vocal hook "I will be with you in spirit" which both give the track an emotional feel. Great tune - well worth a listen.
posted a comment on Disco Citizens - Right Here Right Now. 3 months ago
Big hands in the air piano track - for me its all about the "C.J. Scott Mix", funky bassline & percussion dropping into a great piano rift with the simple vocal hook, soaring strings and a cheeky organ rift throw in for good measure. Sounds similar to ... See full review
posted a comment on All Things Nice - Post Chaise. 3 months ago
Great House / Garage 12".
Funky deep grooves, all tracks are pretty good so take your pick.
Tumblin put out some great tracks in its deep groovy house style, its worth checking their release if you enjoy this 12".
posted a comment on E-Dancer - Pump The Move / Grab The Beat. 3 months ago
"Grab The Beat" is the better of the two tracks on here, Joey Beltram, produces a deep, dark, sparse, acid monster of a remix.
"Pump The Move" has a nice percussive groove and builds with a haunting almost off-key sounding synth, the track evolves using ... See full review
posted a comment on Solitaire Gee - Slumberland. 3 months ago
This track was all about the "Rhythm Invention" remix, big track back in its day & still enjoy listening to it today
Big fat funky deep bassline is what this track is all about, simple but very effective.The track builds with the use of a vocal loop ... See full review
posted a comment on Gypsymen - Hear The Music / Bounce. 3 months ago
Classic Todd Terry track, with some totally awesome "Def" mixes by David Morales.
"Hear The Music" is the track on this 12" and to be honest you can tack your pick which mix you prefer they are both awesome. Skippy chopped up beats, phat bassline, the ... See full review
posted a comment on Taiko (2) - Echo Drop. 3 months ago
Echo Drop is a great tune with two different mixes to choose from on this 12"
The "Dub" mix plays on deep sounding piano hook, with layered strings & synths building the track higher & higher. Great mix with plenty of energy, that worked a treat.
"Hard" ... See full review
posted a comment on Smooth Touch - House Of Love (In My House). 3 months ago
Huge tune back in its day - crafted from a great selection of samples to make one monster track !
Peak-time club track if every there was one, Goodman "Give It Up" drum loops, siren screaming over the top, raise your hands vocal, then drops the what ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Retro Techno / Detroit Definitive - Emotions Electric. 3 months ago
Fantastic selection of pure classic Detroit Techno at its finest.
The track list simply says it all & if you aren't familiar with them then please take the time to simply have a listen, you won't be disappointed. An amazing collection of tracks from some ... See full review
posted a comment on Bottom $* - You Can't Turn Around. 3 months ago
Big funky House tune - variety of mixes to choose from - with the more traditional Vocals of the "Club Mix", or the deep dark driving hypnotic groove of the "Als Trancetastic Voyage" that slowly builds layer up layer, creating an awesome track, or the ... See full review
posted a comment on Symbols & Instruments - Mood. 3 months ago
What an E.P, this is truly pioneering, with the mix & depth of tracks on here.
Mood "Optimystic Mix" is probably the better known track, with its Techno percussive loops, that are very distinctive and start to drop into warmer lush warm synths as the ... See full review
posted a comment on Lost Tribe - Gamemaster. 3 months ago
Plenty of mixes to choose from, so take your pick, but a classic trance track.
On this 12" the original mix is by far the best & out of all the mixes probably.
Skippy beats, acid sounding bassline & synths, that build an climb with further synths & ... See full review
posted a comment on Tin Tin Out - Strings For Yasmin. 3 months ago
Lovely string intro, but you kind of know its going to drop into something full on & surprise, surprise it does ! In comes that acid sound rift, with the Murk "If you really Want Someone Sample" thrown in for good measure. Track builds and builds layer ... See full review
posted a comment on Pierre Point - The Fuzion E.P.. 3 months ago
Cheeky Hardcore 12" with the standout track being Fuzion for me anyway.
posted a comment on Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica. 3 months ago
Latino laden house music !
"Havana" is my preferred mix with it Latino funky percussion, trumpets and quirky piano line.
The "No Piano Mix" is pretty decent too & less commercial sounding.
Nice track that manages to stay on the right side of not being ... See full review
posted a comment on Joey Musaphia - Cover Ups Vol 1. 3 months ago
Lovely set of heavily sample laden chilled house / garage house tracks.
Take your pick they are all pretty good & seem to have matured nicely and defiantly worth a listen.
I might be wrong but I think Macusa was the more heavily played track from this ... See full review
posted a comment on After Dark - After Dark EP. 3 months ago
Great 4 track Hardcore E.P. Assylum & Atlantis are the stand out tracks on here & worth checking out if you a fan of the early 90's Hardcore / Rave sound. The other two tracks are pretty decent too - fantastic 12".
posted a comment on Shy One - Another Man. 3 months ago
Fantastic Vocal House track - with some great some mixes choose from.
"Matthew Roberts Mix" - funky synth intro, dropping into the lush piano & vocal, and from their the track builds further using the vocals, piano and synth, creating a really nice ... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Frenchmen - Black Planet. 3 months ago
Great sample driven track, using the Bizarre Inc "Playing With Knives" beats & percussion with the B52's "Planet Claire" haunting synth layered over the top, but there's a lot more to this track driven by the way its been crafted. its pack full of a deep ... See full review
posted a comment on Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy. 3 months ago
Huge track, with its Deep Dark & Dirty sound. From its driving percussion, to the bell chimes, leading into the deep bassline that morphs into the an acid rift dropping in and out over the top, The track just evolves, twists and turns on its epic ... See full review
posted a comment on Hole In One - Life's Too Short. 3 months ago
Big track back in its day, it may sound a bit cheesy now, but it is 21 years old and was of its time & rocked many a dance floor. Driving bassline with almost a hard disco feel, then comes in the synth with its haunting feel and simple rift, that keeps ... See full review
posted a comment on Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalize Mine / Ready To Penetrate. 3 months ago
Huge tune back in its day - played across the scene and a big Hacienda tune.
Track use to get dropped in a lot of different DJ's sets.
Big fat breakbeats, haunting string / pad sound, great rap and of course the Talking Heads sample.
True classic that ... See full review
posted a comment on KY Jelly Babies - Access Denied. 3 months ago
Huge track that really use to get the dance floor rocking.
Driving beats - tough acid stab and loops, that just seems to keep building & building until the breakdown, which drops everything out but a high pitched string, then slowly the track builds back ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access. 3 months ago
Hard pounding rhythms, throbbing bassline and tough acid rift made this an amazing tune that was absolutely huge and still sounds amazing today. A real classic techno / acid track & a must for anyone's collection. It is all about the original mix, ... See full review
submitted Purple Disco Machine Feat Joe Killington & Duane Harden - Devil In Me. 3 months ago
submitted Sharam* - Collecti 2. 3 months ago
posted a comment on The Rythm Section* - The Voice. 3 months ago
Big Belgium Techno tune played heavily back 90 / 91.
It was all about the dub mix with its deep dark driving rhythms and big synth loop,
Fantastic track and a bit of a forgotten gem, well worth a listen if you are into the early 90's Belgium sound, ... See full review
posted a comment on Judy Cheeks - Reach. 3 months ago
Its all about the "Brother IN Rhythm Mix" for me. Big hands in the air vocal house !
Funky percussive loops leading into vocal chants as the track builds with strings & pads ready for the big vocal drop. Awesome
vocal's on this track with a definite feel ... See full review
posted a comment on Black Box - Ride On Time. 4 months ago
I know what most people think of this track, cheesy, commercial - controversial even, but it was a huge track no matter what people may think. Yes its probably been on every 90's retro commercial release, but at one time it wasn't and was played ... See full review
posted a comment on Subliminal Cuts - The Dance. 4 months ago
Little did I know when I first bought this 12" just how big some of the tunes on it would become.
I bought it for "The Dance" which is a fantastic tune in its own right, with its piano and simple groove and souring strings, topped off with the funky ... See full review
posted a comment on Deep South - Believe. 4 months ago
Deep, dark and touches your soul - awesome tune.
Take your pick on the mixes they are all worth a play, but probably the "Southern Slam" just takes it for me. Deep beats & bass, with that simplistic Murk feel, but its the vocal that also helps set this ... See full review
posted a comment on Scope - So Deep. 4 months ago
Great little vocal house number, skippy percussive beats, harmonica rift, cheeky vocal, uplifting synth & pads. No a huge tune & slightly commercial sounding, but certainly a decent warm up track that did the business. If you like this check out the ... See full review