RIP Bunny "Striker" Lee. True gent.

I started DJing hip-hop, Chicago & Detroit gear in 1988, trips to London to buy from Groove Records.

Moved to London in '91 for the tail-end of the rave scene, and caught the birth of Jungle and then Drum & Bass. Used to run a music mag on the internet circa 93-96, which is where a lot of the promos & CD's come from. Shopping was at Fat Cat, Silverfish, Boogie Times, Music Power, Mr Bongo's, Black Market and charity shops.

Did the back-end for the Mr Bongo's, Black Market Records, Spooky, Offworld Records and Hospital Records websites in the late 90's.

Stuff I used to play around that time includes downbeat, bleep techno, early Ninja Tunesy stuff, gabba & banging acid techno, misc Depth Charge/J Saul Kane-ish stuff, new electro-techno, newer school Detroit techno (Rob Hood, Mills, Mad Mike etc.), Vogel / Landstrumm / Si Begg etc, and other misc. Weird Shit.

Forgot about hip-hop when it went commercially gangsta, got into it again later whilst working above Mr Bongo's and back into the indie HH scene. Around that time started heavy break hunting which is where most of the old soul, original R&B, funk, reggae, dub, and all kinds of 70's gear comes from, which along with the hip-hop is the majority of my collection.

About 75% of the vinyl collection on here, soul, reggae, easy-listening bangers and jazz treats to be added.

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Taken from the largely slept-on "Valley of the Jeep Beets" LP by Terminator X (nowadays you hear the "50,000 watts of funkin' hip-hop power" skits more than the tracks). For me, "Back to the Scene of the Bass" is the standout track from the LP and... See full review
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Two of the greatest Todd Terry tracks ever, on one 12", all edits by the man himself. Latin drum programming, massive samples, which still rocks crowds. A massive influence on the early 90's London rave/hardcore sound.
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"Solid Sleep" on here is a pretty short track - the first release of "Solid Sleep" was on "Waveform Transmission Vol. 3" according to the liner notes, so maybe that one's longer.
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An astonishing record - essentially bloopy electro played live. The only other artists I can think of as myabe doing something like this are an instrumental Silver Apples, if they were recording in the 90's. Lovely pressing.