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If it's got rhythm, I'll like it. Especially if it's electronic. Focused, I'm not; open-minded, definitely. Breaks, big beat, electro, techno, 80s synth pop, italo disco, ambient, broken beats, 70s soul & funk, film scores, detective series theme tunes, Jazzanova, Cinematic Orchestra, Jaga Jazzist, The Bays.

In my spare time I DJ around Brussels and sometimes further afield (Beckenham, UK; Christchurch, New Zealand, for example). Most of the venues I play (pubs and yes, the occasional wedding! *Smirking right back atcha*) require a mish-mosh of crowd-pleasers, firmly on the cheesey side, but I sneak in stuff more to my taste when I can...

I do have some vinyl and recently got 2 Technics for practicing, but most of my collection is original CD (around 3000). So I have 2 Pioneer CDJ-1000s and a DJM-600 for my DJing exploits.

Sorry, I'm not selling or trading any of my collection.

As a rule, I don't rip or burn CDs.

If you can make me a good offer on something in my Wantlist... I might be interested!

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posted a comment on Various - EarthBeat. about 1 month ago
Hmmm, my copy's CD has "see booklet for details" and there's no booklet at all. The front cover is single-sided. Could it be a bootleg? Or did none of them have a booklet?
posted a comment on Debbie Gibson - One Step Ahead. 2 months ago
Hmmmm, that "hey" vocal sample is very similar, but I'm not sure you're right. Pretty certain the sample is actually from Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (Better Days... See full review
submitted Drexel (2) - Blue Bolts. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Female. over 2 years ago
submitted Dean Martin - Blue Collection. over 2 years ago
submitted Various - 100% Swing. over 2 years ago
submitted Various - Tubes De L'Été - Top 100. over 3 years ago
submitted Various - More Monty. over 5 years ago
submitted Various - The Ultimate Hen Night Party Album. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on LCD Soundsystem. over 5 years ago
Stop Press! LCD Soundsystem are making a new album and gonna be touring in 2016. YES!
posted a comment on LCD Soundsystem. over 5 years ago
Hmmmmm...... your prediction was correct!
submitted Various - The Ultimate Punk & New Wave Hits. over 6 years ago
submitted Various - Reprise ! When Jazz Meets Pop #3. over 6 years ago
submitted PDM Big Band - Let's Swing. over 6 years ago
submitted Orff* - Rafael Frühbeck De Burgos - Carmina Burana. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on UNKLE - Self Defence - Never Never Land Reconstructed And Bonus Beats. over 6 years ago
Just noticed this is release 777777 !
submitted Various - The Rocky Horror Picture Show. over 6 years ago
submitted Various - School - End Of Term Party. over 6 years ago
submitted Various - School over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Altern 8 - Frequency / Give It To Baby. over 6 years ago
On the subject of samples, the original "keep this frequency clear" appears to be from the TV series "Car 54, Where Are You?". I would hazard a guess that Bomb The Bass lifted it from a VHS...
submitted Various - Simply The Best Platinum Soul. over 6 years ago
submitted Various - Radio 1 - Het Beste Uit Classics 100. over 7 years ago
submitted Various - Sexy Girls Singing Sexy Songs. over 8 years ago
posted a comment on The Black Eyed Peas* - I Gotta Feeling. over 10 years ago
Oh, hang on just another minute!
The plot thickens as Bryan Pringle has sued Black Eyed Peas for unauthorized sampling of his track from 1999: "Take A Dive".
He should perhaps sue Snow Patrol aswell, cos the opening melody to "Open Your Eyes" is... See full review
posted a comment on The Black Eyed Peas* - I Gotta Feeling. over 12 years ago
Hang on. Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes", anyone?
posted a comment on Fatboy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry. over 12 years ago
A trainspotter-correction is required to my previous comment about the origins of the main sample used for Track 4 "The Weekend Starts Here". Our friends at have come up with the original source, which dates way back to 1974 and Idris... See full review
posted a review of L.T.J. Bukem* - Horizons. over 13 years ago
This was released in 1995, epitomising that "intelligent Drum n Bass" sound of the time: lush melodies and trancey moods, underpinned by breakbeat rhythms. However, rewind a year earlier to 1994 and take a listen to "Sunflash", the first track on... See full review
posted a review of Freeloaders (2). over 15 years ago
These N-Trance chaps are certainly astute businessmen, if nothing else. Sampling is one thing. Clever sampling is another. But completely ripping off someone else's clever sample is just cheaper than cheap.

Thomas Bengalter and Stéphane Quême as... See full review
posted a review of Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Intro. over 15 years ago
Possibly interesting trainspotter factoid #451: Alan Braxe and Fred Falke weren't the first to sample that little snippet of 'Crush On You' by The Jets. Almost 10 years before, The Orb used the exact same sample in their 'Buckets & Bongs Mixture'... See full review
posted a review of Tim Love Lee* - The Trip Created By Tim Love Lee. over 16 years ago
An incredible genre-busting DJ mix from Tim 'Love' Lee. The first CD is more up-beat and funky, with clever use of the sampler to keep some of the tracks segued nicely. He pays cheeky reference to TC 1991's "Funky Guitar" with his mix of The Jacksons'... See full review
posted a review of Mylo. over 16 years ago
Having seen Mylo perform a good set at Pukkelpop festival this year, I was looking forward to seeing them live at I Love Techno, Gent, Belgium, 13th Nov 2004. Myles McInnes (the man behind Mylo) on keyboards / guitar, was accompanied by a bass player... See full review
posted a review of Heiko Voss - I Think About You. over 16 years ago
Get the Kleenex out for The Original mix. If you're in love, you'll understand. Easy, rolling drum track to move the lows. Subtle string elements to tweak the highs. Perfectly backed up with the hypnotic "I think about you - all the time" vocal. Quite... See full review
posted a review of Shirley Bassey - The Remix Album...Diamonds Are Forever. over 17 years ago
This project could have so easily failed. Just a perfect recipe for tasteless, bland cheese. But it seems the remixers really took their jobs seriously and delivered a corking collection of juicy re-interpretations of Dame Shirley's classics.
posted a review of Various - The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago. over 17 years ago
Yes, indeed, this must be THE definitive collection if you want to know about the roots of house music and how it evolved through the early years. Full 12" versions here, no dodgy "Radio Edits", choc-a-bloc with some hard-to-find rarities... A true... See full review
posted a review of Debbie Gibson - One Step Ahead. over 17 years ago
The Masters At Work remix is an early deep house gem, that bares very little resemblance to the original. Just a really deep groove built up through a repetetive vocal sample and bassline. Amazing what you can do with Debbie Gibson!
posted a review of Felix Da Housecat - What Does It Feel Like?. over 17 years ago
The Röyksopp Return To The Sun Remix moves along nicely with its stabbing 80s synth bassline, and the slightly intimidating, softly-softly female vocals; then reaches a glorious finale, as the beats disappear to leave you with a beautiful swirling... See full review
posted a review of Black Joy* - Untitled / Paloma. over 17 years ago
Untitled just moves along so effortlessly, with it's slightly off-beat synth stabs, and funky bassline. The spacey melodies fit perfectly over the top. Uncomplicated, reliable and very addictive.
posted a review of Various - I Like It Volume 1. over 17 years ago
An interesting departure for Compost. Rather than sticking to their trademark Bossa, Broken Beats, Drum n Bass style, they allowed 4 "celebrities" of the DJing / music world to choose their 4 favourite tracks. No other criteria than that. The result... See full review
posted a review of The Detroit Experiment - The Detroit Experiment. over 17 years ago
Just bought this and am listening to it now. Oo, the juxtaposition of raw acoustic jazz and electronic production really is a pleasure on the ears. This really reminds me of live shows by Cinematic Orchestra or Jaga Jazzist.
posted a review of Cosmic Baby - Thinking About Myself. over 17 years ago
This is what "early trance" was all about. Racing tempo, spliced with hauntingly beautiful melodies. This release is a treat, with the first album, <i>Stellar Supreme</i>, included. If you want a reference for the origins of trance, this is it.
posted a review of Dave Clarke - Archive One. over 17 years ago
Trivia: my copy came in a cardboard gatefold sleeve, with a "tearaway" strip to open it. Once you'd torn away the strip, the words: "Archive accessed" were revealed. (No way to get at the CD without tearing the strip!)
posted a review of AIR French Band* - All I Need. over 17 years ago
The Moog Cookbook remix of <i>Kelly Watch The Stars</i> is an absolute gem of quirky big-beat-influenced synth pop. Much funkier and hugely more danceable than the original version, with an addictive bassline and the familiar vocal chorus all... See full review
posted a review of Thievery Corporation - DJ-Kicks. over 18 years ago
A superbly smooth trip of sophisticated lounge. Pass me a cocktail and the cigar menu! This mix oozes quality.
posted a review of Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir - Burning. over 18 years ago
Mmmm, Deep Burnt is such a lusciously deep track. Very simple drum pattern, with that hypnotic filtered strings sample, and the cheeky keyboard stabs, it just moves along so sweet. If only life was this uncomplicated!
posted a review of Jestofunk - Love In A Black Dimension. over 18 years ago
This doesn't seem to be very common knowledge, but naughty Norman Cook cheekily samples track 3, <i>Fluid</i>, on his ,<i>The Weekend Starts Here</i>, without any credits for it in the sleeve notes either!
posted a review of Fatboy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry. over 18 years ago
On track 4, <i>The Weekend Starts Here</i>, Mr Cook cheekily fails to give any credit whatsoever in the sleeve notes to the very heavily sampling of <a href="">Jestofunk's "Fluid" (track 3 on <i>Love In A Black... See full review
posted a review of Various - Fiesta!!. over 18 years ago
Absolutely awful CD full of the cheesiest "latino house" party tunes you can ever imagine. To make it worse, they're mixed together very badly!
posted a review of Underworld - Back To Mine. over 18 years ago
Tracks 1 to 6 are in fact unmixed. Very nice to hear them in their "full length versions".

Excerpt from Underworld's sleeve notes:

"<i>We didn't do the beat-matching/cross-fade thing on the first half of the album. We did try it, but for loads... See full review
posted a review of Plump DJs. over 18 years ago
... and after seeing these guys in action on the decks at the 10 Days Off festival, Gent, Belgium, I can certainly confirm the mysterious unintentional desire to do the "make-a-cube-with-hands" dance routine.

The Plumps blew the roof off the place,... See full review
posted a review of Orb* - Live 93. over 18 years ago
I consider this to be the pinnacle of The Orb's imagination and weirdness. None of their releases after this have inspired me as much.

Meanwhile, this double CD is ambient madness at it's very best. Some of the samples they sneak in are... See full review