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Isomorphic - Memory Weave
posted a comment on Isomorphic - Memory Weave. over 5 years ago
The one in the picture is 50/150, not 150 :)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 12 years ago
posted a comment on DMZ. over 12 years ago
They were all pretty limited runs, very rarely repressed, and not released digitally.
Bola - Fyuti
posted a comment on Bola - Fyuti. over 13 years ago
There are no credits because it isn't a remix.
Maxi Priest - Groovin' In The Midnight
posted a comment on Maxi Priest - Groovin' In The Midnight. over 13 years ago
Well edit the release then.
Animal Mother
posted a comment on Animal Mother. over 14 years ago
so... you're reviewing yourself?
In Legend - Pandemonium
posted a comment on In Legend - Pandemonium. over 14 years ago
"IN LEGEND sound different than everything you have heard before"

Uh.... it sounds like metal with a piano. Not sure it warrants a seven paragraph gush.
Milanese vs. Virus Syndicate - Dead Man Walking
posted a review of Milanese vs. Virus Syndicate - Dead Man Walking. over 17 years ago
An inspired meeting of minds this - Planet µ's very own grime cartel Virus Syndicate, glitch-core miserablist Milanese and dubstep don of the moment, Distance. The result spills out of the speakers like Digital Hardcore with an ASBO - elastic... See full review
Loefah / Digital Mystikz - System / Molten
posted a review of Loefah / Digital Mystikz - System / Molten. over 17 years ago
Blowing Loefah's usual 'less is more' minimalisms out of the water, 'System' is a slo-mo electro monster - chest crushing 808 booms, fuzzing sub-bass and futuristic reverb-soaked percussion. This half-step horror show owes more to 'Mothership'-era Ed... See full review
Skream - Skream!
posted a review of Skream - Skream!. over 17 years ago
You have to pity poor Skream (or Olli Jones as he's known to his mum). Having had enough music stored away for several (ok - several hundred) albums, his dubstep debut arrives with a rather dull thud, obscured not only by the a handful of recent... See full review