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posted a comment on Anthrax - Fistful Of Metal. 7 months ago
Really? I think Neil Turbin is one of the most underrated vocalists of all times. In facts, I can safely say that without him there is not much to consider of Anthrax after this album. This IS the best Anthrax Material and the best of the big four debut, ... See full review
posted a review of Origa = オリガ* - Crystal Winter = クリスタル ウィンター. about 1 year ago
Baby Alone in Babylone and There must be an angel totally shit on the original songs. We can Hear your Pulse is a very good song too. Get this one.
posted a review of Origa - Aria. about 1 year ago
A very good EP. The '96 version of Lyrica and You're my river Alone are incredible.
posted a review of Origa - Aurora. about 1 year ago
The only songs worth in this CD are Shine my star, Asa Ni Michite and Promise, with the first better served in live shows that you can watch on youtube and the latter two when not a bit repetitive (Asa Ni Michite) still ruined by the intrusion at the ... See full review
posted a review of Origa - 永遠. about 1 year ago
Star and Pilgrim drag this album down a bit. Other than that, it's full of classic songs including Ame and two of the best songs she ever wrote, TAM amd Polyusko Polie, which with Akai Hana and MOPE form what I consider the "Holy quadrilogy" of her best ... See full review
posted a review of Origa - リラからの風 Лира ветров. about 1 year ago
The title track, luna park, night melody, white fire...LISTEN TO THIS MONSTER OF ALBUM NOW!
posted a review of Origa - Illusia. about 1 year ago
Second total classic CD by the best Singer ever. The whisper of dew, hallelujah, the poignant Yurikago no kioku about Origa's father, Akai Hana (my god this song is so intense), Kumo no jyunin, la Ronda Lunaire, a voyage to odessa...don't miss it by any ... See full review
posted a review of Axevyper - Angeli D'Acciaio. about 1 year ago
A really good EP, crushing and charismatic like real heavy metal should be. Much better than the debut. Buy it with No Remorse (pun intended).
posted a review of Origa - Era Of Queens. about 1 year ago
Being from the best singer ever doesn't save it from its status as a complete turd. Her worst by a long shot. Skip it safely.
posted a review of Zions Abyss - T.A.L.E.S.. about 1 year ago
Top notch progressive canadian metal in vein of Heir Apparent, Crimson Glory etc. A real shame they did only one album before disbanding. Scarred for life is with Lonely by Crimson Glory one of the best USPM ballads ever.
posted a review of Origa = オリガ* - Origa = オリガ. about 1 year ago
The Best album from the best singer/musician ever existed in the world. It doesn't need more introduction.