Taped my first music from the radio in 1991 when I was 14. That summer I taped Night In Motion and was the track that introduced me to electronic music. Since then I never listened to another genre, and never will.

My styles:

-Hardcore (Gabber-Speedcore-Terror) Although I had taped tracks of this kind as far back as early 1993 I got into it after buying Thunderdome VII (Injected With Poison) in December 1995. This always was, still is and probably will remain my favourite style of music altough it's the music I listen to less these days due to changing life circumstances.
-also old school Happy Hardcore; when the emphasis was mainly on breakbeats and joyous piano notes and not on how much horny the chic on the cover looks.
-Goa Trance (1994 - 1998) My heyday of buying Goa trance is now over. I love it as much as before, I slowed down simply because I have way too much of it and am discovering and listening to other styles. That said I still buy the odd classic Goa CD every now and then.
-The so called "Neo Goa"*** that mushroomed around 2006 or so even though I can't withstand the absurd LOUDness of most of it, though in recent years mastering has improved and it's not just about a 'cheery melody' since music has taken a darker side also.
-Drum & Bass and Jungle (old style mainly). For quite some years was also a collector of box-sets/multiple CD sets of this kind of music. First my fetish was for boxes with unmixed tracks but having collected all I found my fetish spread to those with mixed tracks too. And my 'boxing-mania' eventually spread out to other kinds of music, still electronic of course. During my box-digging era I managed to find rare boxes which were not on database like Hard Leaders - A History Of Drum & Bass (Volume 2), Drum & Bass Collection 2 (Original Jungle From The Original Junglists) and Vocal Jungle Volume One... / Innovative / Intelligent Drum & Bass Volume One... / Ragga Jungle Volume One....
-Early to mid-90's Trance/Hard Trance/Techno/Acid.
-1990-92 (UK) Hardcore-Breakbeat/Techno/House. You know, those sounds coined as 'rave' back then.
-Hardtechno / Schranz; for some reason I prefer mixed CDs of this kind.

My Netlabels Collection: joseph_mp3 ....for years it was un-updated since I didn't care about digital releases anymore. However recently got into Hardcore digital free-netlabels and am updating collection again. Some files in my collection are no longer on any of my hard-disks (or burnt) anymore.

***The point is that real oldschool goa trance from the 90s has a dirty and grimy undertone. it sounds like dirty bong water, like drinking canned beer in the morning, like smoking pot in public transit and not giving a shit about other passengers, like getting a blowjob while sitting drunk at the beach. "Neogoa" might be nice trance music, but it doesn't sound like all this. it rather sounds like non smoking flights, clean hotel rooms, diet coke and sex with condoms.
that's why many people including me don't like it at all.

^^by gentle courtesy of myrath

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Various - 2 Technocal (The Second Rave)
posted a comment on Various - 2 Technocal (The Second Rave). about 1 month ago
Don't forget the international success that track had and still has. This compilation was already good enough - maybe they wanted to seal the quality with that track over and above. As I said in my review too style wise has nothing to do with the... See full review
Heretik System* - Impénitents Et Obstinés & Tekno Is Beautiful
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Various - Mayday - A New Chapter Of House And Techno '92
posted a review of Various - Mayday - A New Chapter Of House And Techno '92. 6 months ago
Usually I frown at 'short' compilations - 2 CDs with 87 minutes total placed in a big box meaning occupying more space is not something I like. However this is a big exception to my likings since this must be one of the best compilations from 1992.... See full review
Various - Terrordrome VII (Badcore Massacre)
posted a review of Various - Terrordrome VII (Badcore Massacre). 7 months ago
Had two copies of this during the years, the 3 CD version with a normal shape disc and the 2 CD version, both are mastered very low. It's always better than the loudness war but a bit more volume and slight better mastering would have given more punch... See full review
posted a comment on This Is Techno. 7 months ago
Do volume 1, 3, 5 and 7 exist? Note how they are the odd numbers missing.
Laurent Ho* - ''Ho, What A Ravy Day..,, + crtl+alt+Techno
submitted Laurent Ho* - ''Ho, What A Ravy Day..,, + crtl+alt+Techno. 8 months ago
Joking Sphinx - Courty Plane E.P
posted a comment on Joking Sphinx - Courty Plane E.P. 9 months ago
And what is Mouli Karaki ? (ten words) (ten words)
Biochip C. - Biocalypse
posted a review of Biochip C. - Biocalypse. 9 months ago
Probably the best post-rave tribute to the 1991-1992 UK hardcore-breakbeat era done by none less than the master of aliases and sample genius Martin Damm. This album is huge fun from beginning to end, if you like... See full review
Amanite FX & Práná* - Black Rain
posted a review of Amanite FX & Práná* - Black Rain. 12 months ago
Title of this track must have been inspired from the 80's movie of the same name featuring Michael Douglas amongst which takes place in Japan. Considering country of origin of one of the producers it can't be just a coincidence.
Jason Little - Industrial Hardtechno Vol 1
posted a review of Jason Little - Industrial Hardtechno Vol 1. 12 months ago
This a little story about how this CD got discovered by me and how it ended up submitted.

Time ago I randomly opened Orman Bitch’s dated website and scrolling through his discography I saw this CD for the first time. Having a fancy for mix hardtechno... See full review
Various - Lords Of Hardcore XVI (The Hardcore Bastards Enter The Arena And Crash The System)
posted a review of Various - Lords Of Hardcore XVI (The Hardcore Bastards Enter The Arena And Crash The System). 12 months ago
Surprisingly good LoH release, especially disc 2 which contains tracks from the dark side mainly and hardly any mainstream. Quite a nice surprising track selection considering the series.
Various - Thunderdome XVIII (Psycho Silence)
posted a review of Various - Thunderdome XVIII (Psycho Silence). about 1 year ago
One of my favourite Thunderdomes since the first day I purchased it, early November 1997. By the time this was out Hardcore was already changing however the new-school influence is hardly in here. Sound quality is also very good; whereas the previous... See full review
Various - Party On...(Dance Mix 2001)
submitted Various - Party On...(Dance Mix 2001). about 1 year ago
Various - Tranced Out Vol. 888
posted a comment on Various - Tranced Out Vol. 888. about 1 year ago
Interesting, if the hissing is a mastering error or outright intentional would mean my copy has no physical defect, but it's annoying so can't see it as intentional, instead I say more of a cyclical mastering error.

At this point as likkevrom said... See full review
Various - Schranz Total 21.0
posted a review of Various - Schranz Total 21.0. about 1 year ago
Last volume of this prolific series had some slight variations. ZYX is no longer a company but a label, note the extra Z in catalog. No company role is visible. The DJ mix and compiling artist name/credit is not on front cover but printed on the tray... See full review
Toby (15) - Journey Beyond The Sun
submitted Toby (15) - Journey Beyond The Sun. about 1 year ago
Joseph Armani - Girls & Boys Vol.2
submitted Joseph Armani - Girls & Boys Vol.2. about 1 year ago
Joseph Armani - Girls & Boys
submitted Joseph Armani - Girls & Boys. about 1 year ago
Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance
posted a comment on Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance. about 1 year ago
Yes, saw that. I was wondering if CD was released before or after Anniversary vinyl because checking Bonzai discography there are a further 5 CDs in 1993 released after Extreme Chapter. I'd say the CD compilation was the very first appearance.
Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden
posted a comment on Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden. about 1 year ago
No I had the original, twice. [10 words - 10 words]
The Darkraver* - 100% Hardcore, 200% The Darkraver
posted a comment on The Darkraver* - 100% Hardcore, 200% The Darkraver. about 1 year ago
My guess - due to it's Xmas themed artwork it was limited.
DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse - XTR Experiment
posted a review of DJ Jappo & DJ Lancinhouse - XTR Experiment. about 1 year ago
Fukem Outro - every time I hear this I feel like they are some of the best 3:03 minutes of my life I can spend.

However the point of my review is about the odd pause around 53 seconds - I wonder if that was intentional or a real glitch.
Axe Gabba Murda Mob a.k.a. Hellfish & Bryan Fury - UK Hardcore - Chapter: 01
posted a comment on Axe Gabba Murda Mob a.k.a. Hellfish & Bryan Fury - UK Hardcore - Chapter: 01. about 1 year ago
Beware, label may now accuse you of not being able to operate a CD burner :)
The note on submission was put by me, really a shame to an otherwise decent CD.
Various - 100% Dance Hits '95
submitted Various - 100% Dance Hits '95. about 1 year ago
Psychopod - Dreampod
posted a review of Psychopod - Dreampod. about 1 year ago
Dreampod and Psychopod are two of my favourite tracks ever. I will never forget the first time I heard them on compilations. Here they are together on the only CD single the almighty TIP Records ever released. I wonder why it did an exception of... See full review
Various - The Sound Of Goa Trance Part II... Acid Waves
posted a comment on Various - The Sound Of Goa Trance Part II... Acid Waves. about 1 year ago
I also would like to have this one but unfortunately has been billed with a too high price tag - yet someone did pay €200 for this. The lowest selling price €0.01 must be some joke sale. There is nothing not available anywhere but in the world of... See full review
Joey Beltram - The Beltram Re-Releases 1989-1991
posted a comment on Joey Beltram - The Beltram Re-Releases 1989-1991. about 1 year ago
I hope you are not rating them 1 star just because of the deceptive title.
DJ Hypertech - United Nations Of Techno Nonstop Mix III
posted a review of DJ Hypertech - United Nations Of Techno Nonstop Mix III. about 1 year ago
I found this when a long standing record shop down here in Malta was closing, March 2007 from submission history. I believe it isn't unofficial as I would have thought back then but more of a S.A.I.F.A.M. release for Thailand/Asia. Release year does... See full review
Various - Café Del Mar - Volumen Siete
submitted Various - Café Del Mar - Volumen Siete. about 1 year ago
Skizologic - The Kingdom
posted a review of Skizologic - The Kingdom . about 1 year ago
Without making it long this is one of the very best compilations combining both unreleased and previously released material and as most of the times by this label it's complemented by very nice artwork too. Grab it while there's no price abuse yet!
Various - Drum & Bass Euphoria
posted a review of Various - Drum & Bass Euphoria. about 1 year ago
My copy has disc 2 defective - visually nothing wrong but doesn't play. If anyone happens to have a spare disc 2 drop a message.

DJ Anti - A Progress In Trance
posted a review of DJ Anti - A Progress In Trance. about 1 year ago
Still remember when I bought this, one rainy afternoon in late November '99 while wondering aimlessly in a major shopping district and paying the obligatory visit to Virgin Megastore. Going straight to the 'GOA' section (remember the good old days... See full review
Xenomorph - Demagoguery Of The Obscurants
posted a comment on Xenomorph - Demagoguery Of The Obscurants. about 1 year ago
See https://www.discogs.com/group/thread/820910 (At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 8 more.)
Phantom 45 - Fully Sorted
posted a review of Phantom 45 - Fully Sorted. about 1 year ago
Although I find it hard to believe error was purposely fixed especially when packaging looks more like that of a washing powder agent and discs came without artwork, on The Ultimate Drum&Bass Collection there is no such issue. I got the box sealed.

The other explanation... See full review
Bodh Gaya - Ayahuasca - The Trip To The Fountain Of Culture
posted a review of Bodh Gaya - Ayahuasca - The Trip To The Fountain Of Culture. about 1 year ago
It was ages I wanted to review this album and my two fellows below have quite deservedly beaten me :) Just in case you're reading this folks your reviews are always a pleasure to read.

Anyway, returning to the release, I want to add that if you enjoy... See full review
Resistance D - Inexhaustibility
posted a review of Resistance D - Inexhaustibility. over 2 years ago
For those of you wondering why the release year is missing, go to history and read the drama. On the other hand, if anyone reading this remembers buying this in 1998, the year of debate, check the matrix, comment, update and do whatever is fit to... See full review
Various - This Is Loop Part 1 - The Sound Of Vienna
posted a review of Various - This Is Loop Part 1 - The Sound Of Vienna. over 2 years ago
Wicked compilation from the best year for electronic music, i.e. 1994, what else could it be? Disc 1 is more on the hardcore side while disc 2 is more on the (hard) techno side of things, always with an ominous acid undertone. How the average rating... See full review
Reche & Recall* - XTC / Worry
posted a review of Reche & Recall* - XTC / Worry. over 2 years ago
XTC is a nice attempt on recreating a '92 UK Hardcore-Breakbeat track. If you're into that style you'll enjoy this one.
Crazy People Are Happy - I Am Crazy
posted a comment on Crazy People Are Happy - I Am Crazy. over 2 years ago
To me it doesn't mystify at all it was tucked away as the B3 - Drokz and/or label may have been thinking Moving Shadow might sue even though this genre knows no shame in sampling :) Nice track indeed.
Various - Globe - Classic Anthems
posted a comment on Various - Globe - Classic Anthems. over 2 years ago
Great release! I often do searches for double CD compilations with classic 'techno-house' anthems and last January I found this. Includes many tracks which I didn't know in between the much more famous and lesser famous ones. Last track on disc 2 is... See full review
Marco Zaffarano - He Was Once A Beautiful Woman
posted a review of Marco Zaffarano - He Was Once A Beautiful Woman. over 2 years ago
Haven't listened to this but album title, track titles and artwork are a reference to the 1932 movie Freaks.
Hole In 1* - First Hole E.P
posted a comment on Hole In 1* - First Hole E.P. over 2 years ago
You're right, all CDs up to at least some time in 1993 have bronzed - check the images where available. Once I had Ramirez & Pizarro - ¡Hablando! and was bronzed but played perfectly.
Various - Dance Now 1/2001
submitted Various - Dance Now 1/2001. over 2 years ago
Sm:)e Communications
posted a review of Sm:)e Communications. over 2 years ago
There is Best of Techno volumes 5 and 6, then Best of Funky Breaks 7, Best of Hard House 8 and Best of House Music 9. The 'Best of' series is already odd, yet odder seeing volumes 1 to 4 missing. Have they been released or not or am I missing... See full review
Razor (8) - Hellmarch EP
posted a review of Razor (8) - Hellmarch EP. over 2 years ago
A1, Hellmarch has some nice melody going. Anyone knows if it's an original composition or sampled?
Various - Transient (Nu Energy + Trance)
posted a comment on Various - Transient (Nu Energy + Trance). over 2 years ago
From what I remember, it's unmixed. 10 words. 10 words.
Various - Yellow Box
posted a comment on Various - Yellow Box. over 3 years ago
Means you haven't listened DJ Sim - Cartoons In Progress ;) - 10 words - beware it's Gabba :)
Various - Trip Through Sound 2
posted a comment on Various - Trip Through Sound 2. over 3 years ago
Exactly, volume 1 was Goa's cherry on the cake with the cream of the crop artists while volume 2 showcases the change in sound by then with a lot of techno influenced psy-trance. Beautywise volume 2 can never hold a candle to volume 1, granted, but... See full review
Various - Dimension (Goa A Fine Selection Of Trance Dance)
posted a comment on Various - Dimension (Goa A Fine Selection Of Trance Dance). over 3 years ago
They are not chopped, the 'modern' term is Edit ;) This is more leaned towards the people wanting to hear some Goa-Psychedelic for the first time from it's origins to more recent times, which is already a decade now. It's released on Sony after all so... See full review