Taped my first music from the radio in 1991, at 14. That summer I taped Night In Motion and was the track that introduced me to electronic music. Since then I never listened to another genre, and never will.

My styles:

-Hardcore (Gabber-Speedcore-Terror) Although I had taped tracks of this kind as far back as early 1993 I got into it after buying Thunderdome VII - Injected With Poison in December 1995. This always was, still is and probably will remain my favourite style of music altough it's the music I listen to less these days due to changing life circumstances.
-also old school Happy Hardcore; when the emphasis was mainly on breakbeats and joyous piano notes and not on how much horny the chic on the cover looks.
-Goa Trance (1994 - 1998) My heyday of buying Goa trance is now over. I love it as much as before, I slowed down simply because I have way too much of it and am discovering and listening to other styles. That said I still buy the odd classic Goa CD.
-The so called "Neo Goa"*** that mushroomed around 2006 or so even though I can't withstand the absurd LOUDness of most of it, though in recent years mastering has improved and it's not just about a 'cheery melody' since music has taken a darker side also.
-Drum & Bass and Jungle (old style mainly). For quite some years was also a collector of box-sets/multiple CD sets of this kind of music. First my fetish was for boxes with unmixed tracks but having collected all I found my fetish spread to those with mixed tracks too. And my 'boxing-mania' eventually spread out to other kinds of music, still electronic of course. During my box-digging era I managed to find rare boxes which were not on database like A History Of Drum & Bass Volume 2, Drum & Bass Collection 2 and Vocal Jungle Volume One... / Innovative / Intelligent Drum & Bass Volume One... / Ragga Jungle Volume One....
-Early to mid-90's Trance/Hard Trance/Techno/Acid.
-1990-92 (UK) Hardcore-Breakbeat/Techno/House. You know, those sounds coined as 'rave' back then.

Recently got hooked on Hardtechno aka Schranz; for some reason I prefer mixed CDs of this kind.

My Netlabels Collection: joseph_mp3 ....un-updated since ages; don't really care anymore about digital only releases.

***The point is that real oldschool goa trance from the 90s has a dirty and grimy undertone. it sounds like dirty bong water, like drinking canned beer in the morning, like smoking pot in public transit and not giving a shit about other passengers, like getting a blowjob while sitting drunk at the beach. "Neogoa" might be nice trance music, but it doesn't sound like all this. it rather sounds like non smoking flights, clean hotel rooms, diet coke and sex with condoms.
that's why many people including me don't like it at all.

^^by gentle courtesy of myrath

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posted a review of Various - DrumBass 2K . V5 (Sci-Fi Beats > Distorted B-Lines > Breakbeat Science). 7 days ago
Frankly, this is the best underground drum n bass compilation I know. If you know these 4CD sets by Rumour you know you should pass on the 'masterring' as usual and accept music just as it sounds.

Funny that disc 1 was released as Drum N Bass 2KV504 none less ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Essential Drum 'n' Bass. 13 days ago
Having been a collector of jungle/drum n bass boxes for many, many years; habit now shunned off; I can confidently say that this is the best box ever and the rarest of all. What makes this even better is that the 3 CDs aren't a repackaging of previously ... See full review
submitted Various - Goa Trance Vol 3. 15 days ago
submitted Funky Gong - Beyond The Light. about 1 month ago
submitted Surgeon - Balance. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Goa-Head. about 1 month ago
Actually Tantrance 13 was released 7 years after the previous volume so don't give up ;) However, I don't collect this series or any other series anymore these days so I won't care about the 30th volume.
posted a review of Akasha Project - MDMA Tuning. about 1 month ago
Arguably not a plain and easy one to get into. Some parts of it seem the soundtrack of a horror movie. The music is quiet but with a lot of busy detail going in the background. Minimal to the dancefloor, maximal in intricate details you are invited to ... See full review
posted a review of Darshan - Spectra. 2 months ago
Would like to add my thoughts here but my fellow antic couldn’t have summed it better. I will add that one of the reasons this album was shunned could be exactly the 1st track – when the tempo accelerates at one point the kick is almost of a ... See full review
posted a review of Biochip C. - TB-Uproar. 2 months ago
Great CD but lacking a lot in mastering though in all fairness I haven't listened the vinyl singles. Still nothing short of me recommending it.
posted a review of Arkus P. - Musical Prostitutes. 2 months ago
Last track, 'Typical Outro', is anything but the typical song you would expect to find on such an album, hence the ironic track title. It's a vocal track with a broken beat which could well fit on a radio or advert. The rest of the album is solid ... See full review
posted a review of Various - 666% Techno (Hard Underground). 3 months ago
A very weird CD, not talking about the musical content here which is mostly pounding Techno but about figures and circumstances. First of all despite being released on ZYX it's hard to spot, it was released in 2008 and submitted only in 2016. When I ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Thunderdome VII - Injected With Poison. 3 months ago
I think all megamixes were removed. Copyright is a possibility.
posted a review of Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru. 3 months ago
In one word, this release is WOW!! From the mighty DAT Records with get a triple album from one of the most enigmatic acts in the genre. The promo text says they produced more than a 100 tracks in the 90's but never got anything released except for one ... See full review
posted a review of UnionJack* - There Will Be No Armageddon. 4 months ago
Percussion on Water Drums is sampled from Up, Bustle & Out's Y Ahora Tu.

Regarding the album, nothing to add from myself except saying that it's one of the best trance albums ever.
posted a comment on Chris Liberator - One Million 909 Kick Drums / This Sound. 5 months ago
Not an acid-techno expert but maybe the fact that this was the last release by the label could be that?
posted a review of Mystica - Age Of Innocence. 6 months ago
Reading the ancient review by SamPope I can understand why he was disappointed buying the album after hearing Bliss. Only China which is similar to Bliss is a slow composition, rest of the album is a bomb of high energy Goa typical Israeli 98-99, or ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - 51/13 Aphex Singles Collection. 6 months ago
Or maybe that was the purpose, so that you still had to buy the singles since full inclusion of tracks would have meant the 3 singles were made redundant except for collectors and fans.
posted a review of T.Power - The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind. 6 months ago
Except for the pointless 8 minutes silence and the studio noodlings stretching a further 10 minutes, this album is an absolute masterpiece.
posted a comment on Brain-e - Are You Ready. 7 months ago
Indeed, especially considering its from 1991 the bassline is sicker.
posted a review of DJ Olive (2) - Trash Hardcore - 200% Underground Terror. 7 months ago
Mixing is a bit rough on the edges and sound quality is not one of the best however track selection and the underground terror feel make up for all that ;)
posted a comment on Various - The Secret Life Of Trance 4. 7 months ago
I remember when this came out in 94 and I went to buy it and while waiting in line to hand over my money I saw Baby Doc so I returned it back to the shelf.

Nice to remember once we queued to buy physical records sorted ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Qabalah (An Alien Ambient Connection). 7 months ago
Thanks 303nation, I'm gonna update the CD accordingly :) Cheers.
posted a review of Various - Raveline The Compilation: Krankenhouse. 7 months ago
A very, very varied compilation as can be hinted from the unique cover too. Disc 1 starts off with track sampling explicitly some porn movie leaving nothing to the imagination. Caution; don't play this with people around. Then it continues with a couple ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Qabalah (An Alien Ambient Connection). 8 months ago
2005 is 6:06 as per YouTube. So if we assume track and duration on the tube are correct on this CD is an exclusive track.
posted a review of Blue Alphabet - Cybertrance. 8 months ago
With its discreet but memorable speech sample Cybertrance is not only most probably the most famous Bonzai track but also one of the best trance tracks ever. Funny how it appeared the first time as a bonus track on Bonzai Compilation II - Extreme Chapter in 1993 before being ... See full review
posted a comment on Fax +49-69/450464. 8 months ago
Indeed, if we consider your example, Houdini, ATM there are 9 for sale and since January 2013 has sold 10 times. Have you made an allowance for the amount of them that don't exist anymore? Way too much copies floating around for a CD released 24 years ... See full review
posted a review of SRB* - More Dutchcore. 8 months ago
Crazy! This is the first word that came to my mind while listening this the first time. You can't help wondering about the fun Dione must have had doing this album. He also prooves himself a master in shamlessly sampling all styles from all genres ... See full review
submitted Goldie - Goldie.co.uk. 9 months ago
posted a review of The Speed Freak - The Best Of 25 Years (1992-2017). 9 months ago
Sample genius Martin Damm has now been around for over 2 decades and has used a myriad of aliases each for a different sound, just like Marc Acardipane. Now, as good as tracklist above can be, there is no way that a one disc set can do justice to his ... See full review
submitted Raver's Nature - World Of Happiness. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Choice / Soofle - Acid Eiffel / How Do You Plead?. 9 months ago
Acid Eiffel has something similar to The Art Of Trance* - Deeper Than Deep E.P. (Third Eye Mix) in the acid line. Both tracks released in '93, Deeper than Deep was supposedly out in March as per discogs, instead Acid Eiffel is so far unknown which month it was out. I wonder if it's a ... See full review
submitted Various - Schranzwerk Box Volume 1. 9 months ago
submitted Floxytek / Maissouille - United Forces Of Hardtek Chapter 2: Occupation. 10 months ago
submitted Ray Castle & Collaborators* - Mystique Of The Metaverse (An Epoch Re-envisioned). 11 months ago
submitted Paradise Connection - Paradise Connection. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Scooter - No Time To Chill. about 1 year ago
I hope you know this is a cover version :) But definitely yes it's nicely performed.
posted a comment on Barbarian - Destroyer. about 1 year ago
Really the case of calling the artist a barbarian. (10 words)
posted a review of Various - Trance Mix 9. about 1 year ago
Police 106 is my favourite track here, I love that ominous siren sound. You have to experience it while driving on the highway, well, no highways in my tiny country, but still experienced it on a stretch of road. Be careful on the accelerator :)

As for ... See full review
posted a comment on Komakino - Energy Trancemission. about 1 year ago
You're right, was merged :) (10 words / 10 words)
posted a review of Petduo* - Metal Rave. about 1 year ago
Metal Rave is an album sampling at times elements from rave tunes, think '91-92, and at other times metal riffs, hence album title; over a pounding beat as can be expected from this exemplary duo.

Highly recommended.

(n.b: it is unclear if track 5 was ... See full review
posted a review of Doris Norton - Techno Shock 2. about 1 year ago
In early '93 someone had recorded to me the CD on a cassette. Great Hardcore-techno music, especially for me back than always looking for the hardest tracks, but at a ridiculous 30 minutes length in total this album is way too short. Cutting all tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Platinum Breakz II. about 1 year ago
Indeed, part 1 is completely paled by this. I remember cranking up the stereo in full listening to this.
posted a comment on Rexanthony - Techno Shock 5 (Future Shock). about 1 year ago

This pretty much means that I have a reissue of this cd and NOT the 1995 version due to the mention of Facebook duh, it didn't exist in 1995.

This is quite amusing, which other CDs of this series have you seen being ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Chill @ The Global Café - Blissed Out Beats / Cool Meltdowns / Acoustic Trance. about 1 year ago
Last one of the 30 4-CD box-sets Rumour released between late '98 and late 2001. This one came with a quite an amateur yet sweet and tempting to grab cover. Like most of these box sets each disc is mainly one artist with 8 aliases.

Disc 1 is (or rather ... See full review
posted a review of Masaray - Cosmic Trancer. about 1 year ago
Seriously, this is the most over-rated Goa album in my books. Sound palette is ridiculously limited, tracks seem to play around with the same sounds continuously without evolving into anything new a production is poor though that is the last (if ever) ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Minimal Techno. about 1 year ago
I am always confused when it comes to labelling 'minimal' Techno, that unless of course it's Plastikman. This released is aptly named so and tagged accordingly, yet to my ears most of it is agile, pounding and 'fully armed' for dancefloor mayhem. Unless ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Gabberbox 5 - 50 Crazy Hardcore Traxx!!!. about 1 year ago
Why the f*ck does this compilation has so many negative ratings? I mean, these cd's always contain hidden gems and this is without a doubt a Gabber classic!

There will always be a hidden gem there and then but to arrive to ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Essential Techno. about 1 year ago
Don't let the 'Beechwood Music style' title and artwork (or better lack of) put you off, this is an amazing 3CD box with some well known tracks but mostly filled with unknown yet excellent tunes spanning from minimal Techno to melodic Trance and hard distorted ... See full review
posted a comment on Electric Universe - Stardiver. about 1 year ago
I agree with all that you said here. I also find it weird that there was never a vinyl pressing of this album.

If you look carefully at the Spirit Zone discography, it not always released a full album on LP just like the ... See full review
posted a review of Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden. about 1 year ago
Right, let’s make the first ‘not really positive’ review about this so much loved classic. IMO this is one of the most over-praised albums ever. Ant Invasion aside, which is of course a great, original and unique track but otherwise conveniently ... See full review