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posted a comment on Rinôçérôse - Music Kills Me. 3 days ago
Im searching for the David Calderley designed package for this release. Any clues getting me there would be very much appreciated.
submitted Eddie Simpson - Naked / The Reason Marie Is. 4 days ago
posted a comment on Eddie Simpson - Naked / The Reason Marie Is. 4 days ago
Can someone post an image of this stock copy. I have only seen variants of a promo, but never a copy withhout "Plug Side" on Naked.
submitted John Maines, Jr. - Dawgone Lonesome Blues. 4 days ago
submitted Tommy Browder - Runnin' For Cover/She Never Stayed Long Enough. 5 days ago
posted a comment on Yoko Ono With The Plastic Ono Band And Elephants Memory - Approximately Infinite Universe. 7 days ago
Back in the day when people stacked recirds on "record changer" phonogrsphs, you could stack the two records to play side 1, then drop the second record to play side 2. Then you could flip them both, to play sidec3, then side 4. Many if not all double ... See full review
posted a comment on Fourwaycross - Home. 7 days ago
Magazone and Blue is such a gorgeous song. And seeing them perform it live was magic. What a great band.
posted a comment on Jody Miller - Home Of The Brave. 7 days ago
Wow. This was extremely forward thinking for 1965. Hell...its extremely forwatd thinking for 2019.
posted a comment on Aretha Franklin - Share Your Love With Me. 10 days ago
That amazing B side...Johnny Ace must have a BIG smile...wowza.
posted a comment on The Castelles - My Girl Awaits Me / Sweetness. 12 days ago
There are two blue label pressings. The furst press has "309" at the bottom of the label. The 2nd press has the the catalog number on the side. The first press is also on very heavy vinyl.
posted a comment on Olympics* - Big Boy Pete / Mine Exclusively. 13 days ago
What is the back story for this version? It's a lot more fun than the Arvee version.
posted a comment on The Dells - Pain In My Heart / Time Makes You Change. 15 days ago
posted a comment on Eileen Barton - Cry / Hold Me Just A Little Longer, Daddy. 16 days ago
And yet I have a promo copy on a white label which is shellac. Go figure...
posted a comment on Carpenters - Sing. 19 days ago
Druscilla Penny spawned a series of grunge and pink covers. It's an awesome, undiscovered song.
posted a comment on Jerry Butler And The Impressions - For Your Precious Love / Sweet Was The Wine. 19 days ago
This entry is for the Narberth, PA address. Later pressing; note alternate typeface.
posted a comment on The Silhouettes - Get A Job / I Am Lonely. 20 days ago
The flipside of this mega-hit is one of the most overlooked and beautiful doo wop ballads ever recorded. You've probably owned this record for years and never thought the give the flip a spin. Do it; it's killer...
submitted The Jesters (2) - The Plea / Oh Baby. 20 days ago
submitted The Hide-A-Ways - Can't Help Loving That Girl Of Mine. 21 days ago
posted a comment on Marv Johnson - I Love The Way You Love. 25 days ago
A picture would help. This describes the same version shown at the top of the list.
posted a comment on Zola Jesus - Conatus. 28 days ago
I agree. I'm listening now and it has skipped at over a dozen places. Too bad, because this is as pretty great record.
posted a comment on The Holydrug Couple - Ancient Land EP. about 1 month ago
How can it be limited to 10 copies when 14 people have it?
submitted Jimmie Rodgers (2) - I'll Say Goodbye. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on The Critters - Mr. Dieingly Sad / It Just Won't Be That Way. about 1 month ago
Their perfect pop ballad. The rhyming pair "mystifyingly glad" and "mister dyingly sad" is a stroke of genius.
posted a comment on Bobby (Boris) Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers - Monster Mash. about 1 month ago
This is the very first press. It came with the picture sleeve.
submitted Lust For Youth - Lust For Youth. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on James Brown And His Orchestra - Out Of Sight / Maybe The Last Time. about 1 month ago
I have a bizarre mispress of this. The "out of sight" side plays Zmillie Small's My Boy Lollipop! The b side is also Millie small. Weird.
posted a comment on The Du-Ettes - Please Forgive Me / Lonely Days. about 1 month ago
Strong vocals. The A side arrangement tried way too hard to be a Philles record. But the B side is fabulous. A spazzed-out waltzy ballad rhythm with a very forward marching-band snare drum keeping the rhythm. The vocals are superior to the A side.
posted a comment on Uumans - "Flipping Out" Part One. about 1 month ago
Nice record. They come in either pink or clear vinyl..."the luck of the draw" as their Bandcamp merch page says. Mine is clear. Purchasing the 7" comes with Bandcamp download of the full album.
posted a comment on Rivieras* - Count Every Star / True Love Is Hard To Find. about 1 month ago
Picture shows first pressing, where catalog number did not have the "LN " prefix. My copy is a later pressing and has the prefix. I have uploaded it.
posted a comment on Rivieras* - 11th Hour Melody. about 1 month ago
Side B is the probably best thing this group has done. If not for those damn violins, this would be awesome.
posted a comment on Children's Hospital - Alone Together. about 1 month ago
It's a shame the photos in this book we're not included in the LP versions; the visual component makes the music that much more haunting. This package is just stunning.
submitted The Starlarks - My Dear. about 1 month ago
submitted The Sonics (2) - Once In A Lifetime. about 1 month ago
submitted The Chessmen (5) - That's My Desire. 4 months ago
submitted Denny Nash - I Can't Stop To Say Goodbye. 4 months ago
submitted Bobby Hughes (2) - And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind. 4 months ago