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posted a comment on E-40 - The Mail Man. 11 days ago
This one needs a proper vinyl release. Don't you agree?
posted a comment on Black Moon - Enta Da Stage. 2 months ago
Missing the dopest most raw joint on here, How can you repress, remaster, but not include "slave" makes no sense.
posted a comment on Gee Rampley - Radio Style. 2 months ago
Thanks I will check it out.
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posted a comment on Gee Rampley - Radio Style. 2 months ago
R e p r e s s. Thank you. R e p r e s s
posted a comment on Code 3 (2) & Smokin DJ CC - Let The Groove Take Control. 3 months ago
Seriously needs a re press, come on somebody lets go.
posted a comment on Kristine* - Perfect Beat. 4 months ago
Where does one find this original version of "Do you really want me"?
posted a comment on Psychic Mirrors - I Come For Your Love. 7 months ago
bRING ON THAT REPRESS repress, 200 dollars for a 2011 joint NAH. Bring on that repress...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment on What A Beautiful Pinball* - White Bird. 8 months ago
Looks like a cover disco version of ""It's A Beautiful Day"" "White Bird" originally written in 1967 and recorded in 1969.
posted a comment on Mary J. Blige - Real Love (Thomas Penton Mix). 8 months ago
This mix is nice, would have been better without the MJB samples, but not too bad. Other than the MJB voice samples there isnt much of her in this song. Sounds more like house music with a lil sampling in it. Mary definitely dont need no house treatment ... See full review
posted a comment on Trinity Garden Cartel - The Ghetto My Hood. 9 months ago
Bring on that reissue, Im sure it would move very fast.
posted a comment on Ralph Tresvant - Rizz Wa Faire. 9 months ago
This album needs a vinyl release. Verry much so....under the radar gem rite here.
posted a comment on Jeffrey Osborne - Plane Love. 12 months ago
I agree, DUB version all the way...much superior to vocals
posted a comment on Point Blank (5) - Prone To Bad Dreams. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on DJ Thieb - Cannot Pass. about 1 year ago
This music is not ELECTRO, Very far from it.... mislabeled music.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on CunninLynguists - Rose Azura Njano. about 1 year ago
Such a shame, no vinyl release ... smh .. .
posted a comment on Freshco & Miz - The Greatest Flow On Earth - Freshco & Miz: 1989 - 1992. about 1 year ago
Vinyl please At least 10 words must be entered. Please enter at least 8 more. My comment is a review Notify Me
posted a comment on Various - New Jack City (Music From The Motion Picture). about 1 year ago
Great soundtrack from that period..But its missing the title track from " GUY'
posted a comment on Arnold Steiner - Mood Sequence EP. about 1 year ago
Dark vibes, That dark early Dirty , spacey "ELECTRO" Detroitish pre techno electro style
posted a comment on Dimples D.* - Sucker D.J.'s (I Will Survive). about 1 year ago
The one you want is this The OriginAL version as intended.

posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on DJ Bone - Riding The Thin Line. about 1 year ago
The Funk is a nice somewhat minimal Electro track, eLECTRO fans can appreciate.. The other two tracks are just basic, run of the mill Techno.
posted a comment on Techmaster P.E.B. - Bass Computer. about 1 year ago
Needs a proper VINYL release
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posted a comment on M.C. Pooh* - Life Of A Criminal. about 1 year ago
This really needs a vinyl release ..classic west coast hiphop,
posted a comment on AREA21 - Spaceships. about 1 year ago
NO Electro here, fake advertising , Not sure what you call this ..But most definitely not Electro..
posted a comment on AREA21 - Girls. about 1 year ago
This is not Electro, Not even close. please enter the correct style
posted a comment on SynthAttack - Harsh Is Back. about 1 year ago
This music is not Electro, Please enter the correct genre/style
posted a comment on Carmen (4) - Who's Loving You / Throw Down. about 1 year ago
Patiently waiting for a repress , hopefully it will be exactly as the original is.
posted a comment on Unit 4 (2) - Bodydub (Remixes). about 1 year ago
I wouldn't call this Electro, they all have 4 on the floor beats.. much more closer to house/disco or techno.. Most definitely not Electro, be careful as to what is mislabeled .
posted a comment on Klaas - Feel The Love. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Prince - One Nite Alone.... about 1 year ago
Hopefully someday by the grace of the gods..This will be pressed on vinyl
posted a comment on Jodeci Vs R. Kelly - Unknown. about 1 year ago
awful, Remix of Jodeci..cringe worthy , wow its a disservice
posted a comment on Team Sleep - Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4. about 1 year ago
cOOL , bUT HIGHLY EVER PRICED...DID i say Highly? Too bad
posted a comment on The Other Side Of Space - Techno Drivers. about 1 year ago
Back when techno still retained most of its influence from Electro, Funk, and some BASS elements . Full of flavor and life, unlike what it has became
posted a comment on P.K.O. - Don't F**k W/ Texas. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on M.C. Ant* - M.C. Ant The Great. about 1 year ago
This most definitely needs a vinyl release , such a classic.
posted a comment on Ice-T - Power. about 1 year ago
You are full of CaCa.. Power is a great exMPLE OF CLASSIC WESTCOAST hipHOP
posted a comment on Insane Clown Posse - Carnival Of Carnage. over 2 years ago
When? and Where? Hopefully its a good pressing, Beverly Kills was a good quality press
posted a comment on Cybotron - Cosmic Cars. over 2 years ago
HAHAHA, Clearly you should do you homework..and then, Give another listen.
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Fabric 60. over 2 years ago
Real Electro heads NEVER crave 4/4 shit beats..Keep that crap locked away, bring on the Real Electro
posted a comment on Detroit In Effect* - City In Crisis. over 2 years ago
Really need a vinyl release..Plenty of Electro heads wanting to play these tracks out...We Need Vinyl
posted a comment on Enlightment - Agape Love. over 2 years ago
Descent tune from a 80s gospel group, over each his or her own i guess, Not hard to find stuff as good or better for far less ..if you are a digger.
posted a comment on Esham - The EP Collection (1991-1994). over 2 years ago
why no vinyl?..EARLY Natas and Early Esham should have vinyl presses, playing they selves by not doing so
posted a comment on Natas (2) - Life After Death. over 2 years ago
Most definitely would be a wise choice to press onto vinyl , Would move insanely quick.
posted a comment on I.C.P.* - Ringmaster. over 2 years ago
Needs a vinyl re-press,,, badly cmon lets go 180 gram double vinyl

posted a comment on CLOCKDVA* - Post-Sign. over 2 years ago
This needs a vinyl release sooo bad, Thats a given, what a masterpiece
posted a comment on DMG - Rigormortiz. over 2 years ago
This absolutely needs a vinyl release , repress on vinyl or something
posted a comment on Ghetto Boys* - Grip It! On That Other Level. over 2 years ago
Needs a vinyl release. Cmon already, Crispy vinyl release for that good price
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago