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posted a review of Chris Simmonds - Urban Influence II. over 17 years ago
He's one of house music's better kept secrets. Playing "Message to the Duke" to a roomful of cued-up househeads one night caused a stampede to the turntable. "Promise", another track from this EP also brings about the vital transition from passive ... See full review
posted a review of Abacus - Analog Trax Vol. 2. over 17 years ago
Think what could have happened when the average producer tried to marry rough, raw production to purely sublime listen to what took place when the presiding Reverend was Abacus. One of those tracks you don't merely can't ... See full review
posted a review of Abacus - Analog Trks Vol One. over 17 years ago
"We Cookin' Now" is the first Abacus track I heard and August Bascom has had my undivided attention ever since. One of those tracks that have perfect strangers grinning at each other across the dance floor, and if this type of music has a point, that's ... See full review
posted a review of Callisto - Need Ur Love. over 17 years ago
Only Callisto sounds like Callisto. Just when you think you have him pegged he produces a track that slides out of the box into another zone. Any deep house fan who thinks Callisto is menacing darkness personified should check out "The Cimmerian", one ... See full review