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posted a comment on Midlake - Bamnan And Slivercork. 7 days ago
Had my doubts about the yellow vinyl, but the sound is flawless. Artwork and packaging are all top-notch. Awesome re-issue.
posted a comment on Ryan Adams - Gold. 13 days ago
Holy wow... this pressing sounds INCREDIBLE! Super impressed with this. Highly recommended, and a steal for the $$$.
posted a comment on Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk. about 1 month ago
Sounds great. Very quiet vinyl with a warm, dynamic range.
posted a comment on Yukon Blonde - Fire//Water. about 1 month ago
My side A sounds great, but side B has a lot of hiss for some reason.
posted a comment on Josh Rouse - The Happiness Waltz. about 1 month ago
Mine does not have the clicks or pops that some have described. Sounds warm and inviting. One of my favorites from Josh.
posted a comment on Matt Pond PA - Winter Lives. about 1 month ago
180g white vinyl sounds great. Very quiet, nice dynamics. Perfect for a snowy day.
posted a comment on Ruston Kelly - Dying Star. 2 months ago
Flawless vinyl, very quiet. Songs are warm and dynamic. One of the best from 2018, but didn't hear this until recently.
posted a comment on Andrew Bird - My Finest Work Yet. 2 months ago
Mine has a fair amount of surface noise. Probably should have guessed before I pre-ordered it. Solid album though.
posted a comment on Silverchair - Diorama. 3 months ago
Sounds great! Very clean. As over-the-top as it is, this record really holds up well over the years. That muted trumpet freak-out in the heavy sludge of The Lever... awesome.
posted a comment on Susto - Ever Since I Lost My Mind. 3 months ago
Mine has a fair amount of surface noise. Kind of bummed, but will try to clean.
posted a comment on Hum (2) - Downward Is Heavenward. 4 months ago
I'll admit that at first I was disappointed with this because I had trouble following some of my favorite guitar lines, almost like the mix was too muddy or something. I think after listening to the CD hundreds of times over the past two decades, it was ... See full review
posted a comment on The Refreshments - Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy. 4 months ago
Awesome to have this on vinyl. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it actually sounds really good and not just a quick flip straight from digital. If you're on the fence, I'd say go for it. One of the best from the 90s.
posted a comment on Slothrust - The Pact. 6 months ago
Sounds very warm and full. I especially like Fever Doggs.
posted a comment on Elbow - The Best Of. 7 months ago
Mine has more crackle in the quiet sections than I would like... maybe something to do with the GZ plant as others have mentioned? This is unfortunate since Elbow's power comes from their dynamics. Even so, it sounds pretty amazing when it's rocking. If ... See full review
posted a comment on Jump, Little Children - Sparrow. 7 months ago
Sounds rich, warm, and full. Very quiet vinyl. Pretty good album after a 14-year hiatus - a little bit of all previous styles.
posted a comment on Amateur Love - It's All Aquatic. 7 months ago
My copy has a fair bit of surface noise. Side A seemed a little off to me... inconsistent pitch or something. Side B sounded better. Still happy to have this one in my collection.
posted a comment on Midlake - The Trials Of Van Occupanther. 9 months ago
Mine says 117829E1/A and 117829E2/A. Otherwise it just says BELLAV117-A, BELLAV117-B. Hope that helps.
posted a comment on Wilco - Summerteeth. 9 months ago
Having the same problem. Will try a bit deeper of a cleaning.
posted a comment on The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. 9 months ago
Wow. This sounds incredible. Nice to hear a classic treated so well.
posted a comment on Corb Lund - Things That Can't Be Undone. 9 months ago
This record sounds incredible. Rich and full. Great 180g pressing.
posted a comment on Josh Rouse - Love In The Modern Age. 9 months ago
Huge fan of Josh Rouse. As for the latest release, the A side kills it. B side... not so much. The bonus song, "Closer," should have been the final track.