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posted a comment on Soldiers En Combat - The Soldiers Are Comin.... over 7 years ago
It’s a dope record outta D.C. I suppose that it was released as test press only, apparently only 25 copies were pressed.
posted a comment on Priest* - Endless Search / Janine. over 8 years ago
Very rare stuff outta Maryland. Exists as test pressing, for promotional use only.
posted a comment on Shokhan - Untamed / Bronx Autobahn. over 8 years ago
Shokhan is another name of Jay Dee of The Gunrunnerz, he recorded just a small amount of tracks under the name Shokhan.
posted a comment on Lower Level (2) - Top Notch / Favorable Fluids. over 8 years ago
Mega-rare! rap from North Carolina.