Some thoughts, have a certain sound...

Shadow (n). ...a patch of shade; a dark figure projected by anything which intercepts rays of light...

...shadow that stood by the side of the road, always reminds me of you...
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submitted Stagnant Pools - Temporary Room. over 9 years ago
posted a review of Rufige Kru - T3. over 11 years ago
Terminator did so much for Drum & Bass (and, indeed Goldie) so it is to his immense credit that a few years down the line he supplied us with T3. He eschews the ground-breaking effects and deploys what was best about the predecessing Terminators (1 &... See full review
posted a comment on Fire Fox* & 4-Tree - Warning. over 11 years ago
V. surprised no comments on this one, seeing as it's approaching its 17th year. Fell in love with this tune (Roni Size Mix) upon first listen and it is still in my all-time Drum & Bass Top Ten. The beauty is that it is so well-paced; there is no... See full review
posted a review of Ram Trilogy - Molten Beats. over 12 years ago
For me, the highlight[s] of this album are the initial first few tracks (as is generally the case with many drum and bass artist albums). 'Evolution', 'Gridlock' (both containing, as a rarity, female vocals, albeit somewhat unintelligibly), 'No... See full review
posted a review of Renegade - Dark Soldier Part 1 & 2. over 13 years ago
I once read 'Rez' by Underworld being referred to as 'a prick-tease of a record'. A similar accusation could be levied at Ray Keith's 'Dark Soldier'. Sax blasts, juddering/shuddering slices of pulsed bass and haunted house keys dominate the first... See full review
posted a review of Sci-Clone - Red Fever / Everywhere I Go (Remix). over 14 years ago
A-Sides' Everywhere I Go, recorded under his Sci-Clone guise glides along on crisp-yet-crunching snares, jazzy organ stabs and Nathan Haines' saxophone playing, but, despite these elements, it is far from an 'intelligent' track. The atmospherics and... See full review
posted a review of T.Power - Turquoise / Mutant Jazz. over 14 years ago
Dance music history is littered with 'seminal' tracks. Instances where producers and musicians have employed something borrowed or something new. In the case of the DJ Trace's remix of T Power's Mutant Jazz, the something borrowed adage is well... See full review
posted a review of The Chameleon* - Links. over 15 years ago
"I've said it before and I'll say it again. Life moves pretty fast; you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it". A classic sample, taken from Matthew Broderick's end monologue to camera at the end of the 1986 film 'Ferris... See full review
posted a review of Various - Drum & Bass Selection 1 (16 Of The Most Requested Rewinds). over 15 years ago
This release was the first to showcase (and name check) a new style of music that emerged from the ashes of rave and had mutated from the Darkcore subgenre. Whereas the latter eschewed the helium vocals and "toytown" samples (lovingly embraced by the... See full review
posted a review of NewOrder* - The John Peel Sessions. over 17 years ago
Joy Division were heavily championed by the late great BBC Radio DJ John Peel, so it was unsurprising that he invited the three remaining members to record Peel Sessions for him in their new guise. This CD collates the two sessions recorded in January... See full review
posted a review of New Order - Substance. over 17 years ago
Substance showcased New Order's mix of indie-rock and included B-sides and 12" mixes, making this an essential purchase for die-hard fans and as well an excellent introduction to the band. This was the first New Order retrospective (a 'Best Of' saw... See full review
posted a review of Source Direct. over 18 years ago
The sleeve notes to Platinum Breakz III as well as the artist profile on indicate that Phil Aslett left Source Direct towards the end of 1999, leaving Jim Baker to run proceedings alone. Evolving from Photek's shadow both musically and... See full review
posted a review of Ed Rush - Skylab. over 18 years ago
Arguably one of the finest recordings of the techstep era of 1996/97 - during a period when drum & bass could do no wrong - 'The Raven' is superbly-constructed and almost paranoic. The beginning is minimal - a staccato beats intro, 'haunted house'... See full review
posted a review of DJ Gunshot - Wheel 'N' Deal / Marble Mix. over 18 years ago
In many ways DJ Gunshot's 'Wheel 'n' Deal' sums up much of the numerous jungle releases of 1994, with a Mary J Blige sample (lifted from 'Sweet Thing' off the 'What's The 411?' album), ragga vocals and gunshots, but it's one of the better ones with... See full review
posted a review of Mampi Swift - The 1 / The Journey. over 18 years ago
This tune is deceptive inasmuch as you can easily be distracted by the cyclical bass drone that rumbles throughout. However, on each further play you can begin to appreciate that this tune was designed with the dancefloor in mind due to its sheer... See full review