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posted a review of Shinehead - Know How Fe Chat (Jungle Remix). 14 days ago
smasher! without a doubt . . . . . . if anyone ever want their copy go to good hands, PM me 😉
posted a comment on Tim Reaper - Dead & Buried. 18 days ago
This is siick yo! tuuunes all the way! Tim Reaper, never change!
posted a comment on Sarin Assault - Undead And Devil Revisited. 21 days ago
Everything that DJ Producer touches turns to gold, that 2:33 mark proves it
posted a comment on Various - The Rehydration Of Violence. 25 days ago
Trax by Producer and DJ Scorpio & Wargroover are the only ones worth my money on this one
posted a comment on The DJ Producer - The Teknologikal Revolutionary. about 1 month ago
Both amazing trax, never get old, perfectly crafted, unlike any other.
posted a comment on Hellfish & Producer - 10 Inches Of Death Limited Vinyl. about 1 month ago
Whatever it Takes is 10/5, the other track... not so much
posted a comment on Akira - Beatdown Anonymous. about 1 month ago
"Beatdown Anonymous" samples "Mind of a lunatic" by The Geto Boys and "Fuck the police comin' straight from the underground" bar from "N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton"
posted a comment on Various - Neurotic Waste Sampler 006: Redemption Reversed. about 1 month ago
I love it! there is a bit of everything on this 6 tracker
posted a comment on Various - Psychological Nightmare. 2 months ago
Doomcore / Doom Techno . . . . . . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Strontium - Audio Assault. 2 months ago
Audio Assault is pretty good frenchcore with great sample editing, breakbeats and a strange melody that keeps the track driving, it uses a sample from movie "The War of the Worlds" from 1953.

other tracks are good but repetitive
posted a comment on Paul Blackout - Lyrics Excel. 2 months ago
What an underrated relase! combining 4/4 beat with breakbeats into jungle hardcore / breakcore.
"It's A Threat" has more agressive kickdrum as opposed to " Lyrics Excel" which really shines for me with amazing editing work with breaks, sampling (hoovers, ... See full review
posted a comment on Noisebuilder - Megalow Recording 2. 2 months ago
very experimental tracks considering it's from 2002 . . .
posted a comment on Mutant Metallique - Untitled. 2 months ago
Can anyone confirm if the mastering is really as poor as it sounds?
posted a comment on Grandmaster Dee* & Furious Fish, The* - Untitled. 2 months ago
When i red the title i thought the tracks would contain samples from tunes by Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5, was disappointed afterwards.
posted a comment on Hellfish - Fully Weaponized Hellfish Battle Beats Vol 1. 2 months ago
Hellfish could have done WAY better job with these remixes IMO, like he did with "Fuck Daddy" track
posted a comment on Hellfish - Turntable Savage. 3 months ago
samples K-ROB ‎– I'm A Homeboy,. . . . . .
posted a comment on PRSPCT XTRM. 3 months ago
Great label if you are into corny uptempo hardcore, haven't found anything too interesting yet.
posted a comment on Thye.* & Supply Module - Listen To The Rude Boy While The Ultra Zombie Comes To Waste. 3 months ago
11 years later and this has only 36 wants, i agree with julien, Thye side doesn't sit well with me but Supply Module kills it and makes this record worth it!
posted a review of Drokz - Appendix Recovery Part 2/2 - Finally Recovered. 3 months ago
The DJ Producer kills it again with dirty breakbeats and pounding kickdrum, as well as repeating memorable vocal "I believe that what we started will not end here", with only 45 wants this is obscure as it can be
posted a comment on The Outside Agency - The Easy Money Remix EP. 3 months ago
From what i can listen here, the Producer remix is the only track worth getting this album for, breakbeats layered over pounding kickdrum and melodic growling typical for neurofunk

other tracks sound straight up bland
posted a comment on DJRadium* - Body Disorder. 3 months ago
I regret letting this one go, great slow pounding hardcore with sick sample editing.

Epileptik Room has to be my favorite with metallic sounds that get accompanied by melodic squeaking (almost like meowing) troughout the track which make it sound a bit ... See full review
posted a comment on Boneheddz. 3 months ago
IMO just a waste of perfectly good PVC . . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Akira / Fiend (3) - Fast And Akkurad (Producers Tortured Dynamics Edit) / London Iz Not. 3 months ago
Producer remix is great, the other track is OK but all in all not worth getting for that kind of money
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Hellfish / Producer* - Prism Break / Subculture Roughneck. 3 months ago
Roughneck Subculture puts the other track to shame and its still so good i have to give this 5 stars, barrage of ragga vocals, think break as well as other breakbeats + that classic DJ Producer driving sub bass, and it's so cheap too!
posted a comment on Bryan Fury Vs Sammy - Culture / Aftermid. 3 months ago
you can find "Culture" here:
for some reason i can't add it to the playlist
posted a comment on Harmony & Xtreme - Red / Temple Of Heaven. 3 months ago
nevermind, got it! . . . . . . . . thanks to whoever made it possible!
posted a comment on Various - Jigsore 010. 4 months ago
Never would i thought i'd see FFF and 9mm Ben on the same release
posted a comment on DJ Choci* vs Dynamic Intervention - Cannon vs Audio Rehab. 4 months ago
2.5 rating? you sick, sick, sick people... shame on you
posted a comment on Radium - Paranoia Performance. 4 months ago
Banging Hardcore / Frenchcore album, my favorite fast tracks are Sordid Backstage, Art is nasal, Toxic Phase
posted a comment on The Viper - The Beat. 4 months ago
I'm surprised at the low rating as this EP is pure fire
posted a comment on Skank - The Future's Dark, The Future's Acid. 5 months ago
"The Future's Dark, The Future's Acid" is a massive tune
posted a comment on Choci / Solar Quest - Bombay Aloo / Acid Air Raid (Remix). 5 months ago
Acid Air Raid is such a banger, maybe one of the best there is
posted a comment on Zone-33 - Voodoo Box 02. 5 months ago
Best record by Zone 33 and one of the best tekno records i know
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Lo Pois'n / New Clear Attack. 5 months ago
Sounds great but the cheesy sample ruined it for me, would love to hear the full tracks though
posted a comment on Tim Reaper - Pony / Fridge Magnets. 5 months ago
Freaking nightmare fuel! need it !!!! ! ! ! . . Tim Reaper you madman keep em coming
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Wasted Time. 5 months ago
Dope tune, you could get it in limited run of 100 copies with Dug - Expansion EP, this one was the reason i got the bundle.
posted a comment on Various - Globex Corp Volume 5. 6 months ago
I loved vol 4 but i don't really feel this one. Hope for more badass Jungle Tekno!
posted a comment on Globex Corp. 6 months ago
Gimme more, MORE!! straight up badass tunes . . .
posted a comment on Caucasuss - Caucasuss. 6 months ago
"Me And My 303" is a hidden acidcore gem on this whole label
posted a comment on Biochip C. - Cranefly Warriors Volume 2. 7 months ago
truly BOMB release . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Various - Nice Traxx Vol. 2. 7 months ago
How does this bootleg sound? . . . . . .
posted a comment on Various - Hard Techno Classics From Deepest Germany Volume One. 7 months ago
Hey' this compilation doesn't sound bad at all! any idea about the press quality?
posted a comment on Original Nutter - Oi! Nutter!!. 7 months ago
who made this?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
posted a comment on RCA. 7 months ago
what a useless reply, why did you reply on this useless comment?
posted a comment on Aura Infinity - Acid Bottle. 7 months ago
awesome driving music . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Astrocat - Mission EP. 7 months ago
"Teeth" is mad growling acidcore about to bite ya .
posted a comment on Various - ?Acid Burns Europe!. 7 months ago
but does it sound good with 4 track on each side?