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A good labelography of different labels the Beatles appeared on:

Capitol label styles 1942-63: >> Common runout groove etchings: how to list them (Version 6) >> Common runout groove etchings: how to list them (Version 4.0)

Labelographies for Blue Note, Columbia Masterworks, London, Mercury, and RCA Victor Red Seal:
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It has the star-studded appeal of Goodman's name attached to it along with a superb orchestra, but this recording falls a little flat. It seems like there is just something missing in terms of virtuosity and emotion from Goodman; maybe this is too far ... See full review
submitted Benny Goodman And His Original Orchestra* And Quartet* - 1937-38 Jazz Concert No. 2 - The King Of Swing Vol. 3. 7 days ago
posted a comment on Leopold Stokowski With The Philadelphia Orchestra - Walt Disney's Fantasia. 9 days ago
Even though this release says "Stereo" on the spine with the catalog number (and in the runout), it sure sounds pretty much like a Mono recording to me. The grooves on the record even looks like a Mono pressing...
posted a comment on Uptown* and Quaker City String Band - String Band Favorites. 9 days ago
After listening to this, it's easy to tell they took the original masters (or something secondhand) to make this 7" EP. It's Mono and sounds almost like you're listening to a 78rpm record at times.
posted a comment on Charlie Ventura And His Orchestra - For Boppers Only. 10 days ago
Just re-listened to this record. Wow, the "Enhanced Sound" advertised on the front cover actually means something! You can almost hear channel-separation, making this sound pretty close to early stereo sound! The Hi-fi audio quality is great on this! The ... See full review
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I agree... it would be nice to have some sort of "live" separation or tab. Artists that release a lot of live shows then have their "album" discography clogged with them and it's super hard to find that actual studio albums. I have my page set to 500 ... See full review
posted a comment on Chris Robinson (2) - New Earth Mud. 18 days ago
The first track on this album is gold. The album kind of trails off after that and seems to get weaker as it goes on.
posted a comment on Widespread Panic With The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Night Of Joy. 18 days ago
This is an awesome album! Even if you're not a big Widespread Panic fan, the horns absolutely kill it in this live performance and really take these songs to the next level. Standouts on this album are "Use Me," "Bayou Lena," "I Wish," and the jammed out ... See full review
posted a comment on Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band* - Stranger In Town. 18 days ago
Great album from start to finish! Great vocals and great band!
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This double-live album is a pretty good listen. It's worth the listen just for the horns and keyboards. The vocals can border on annoying at times. "Cool Fool," "Do Yourself A Favor," and "Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo" are the highlights for me. "Tobacco ... See full review
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Amazing recording! The sonic mastering on this one is outstanding. Make sure you have your stylus and needle prepared for the canon blasts in the 1812 overture! Take a look at how wide the grooves are near the end of Side 1! I had to adjust my tone-arm ... See full review
posted a comment on Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Jeremy Michael Ward - Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Jeremy Michael Ward. 20 days ago
Omar has put out a ton of material, and this is quite possibly one of the worst things he has put out to date.
posted a comment on Clandestine (13) - To Anybody At All. 20 days ago
What a hidden gem! This CD has some great, authentic Celtic folk music at it's best!
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