I was born in Rostov-na-Donu at January 12, 1983.

I am the man that can't live without music. Music is like a water, it fuses life into everything, it changes its shape again and again but never loses its meaning. From the simple melodies of eurodance (ok, euro house) to the complex rhythms of IDM; from smooth ambient landscapes to annihilating hardcore banging...

I really like TRANCE (1990-1998), be it psychedelic, hard, tribal, or just soft early trance music from famous German labels.
And, of course, my recommendations 4 U:
L.S.G. - Volume Two
God's Groove - Elements Of Nature
Hypnopedia - Spectral E.P.
Optic Eye - Trance
Quadran - Voyages
Sequel X - Dukkha
Solar Eclipse - From Here To Enlightment
Solar Quest - AcidOphilez

AMBIENT is also a territory of interest to me, especially warm and relaxing ambient, which takes one's soul out there, far far away.
Here are my recommendations 4 U - in case you didn't know these albums
Carbon Based Lifeforms - World Of Sleepers
Aes Dana - Season 5
Various - em:t 0094
Various - em:t 3394
Gas (2) - Gas 0095
Miasma - Miasma 1195
Further (2) - 5 Further Journeys
Pentatonik - Anthology
Echo System - Headland
Bad Sector - Kosmodrom / Kosmodrom Extra Tracks
The Sunkings* - Hall Of Heads
Red Sector A - Mechanical Resonance
Neutron 9000 - Lady Burning Sky
Various - Replugged
4Voice - 4Voice
Various - The Ambient Cookbook
Datacide - Datacide II
Electro Harmonix - Electro Harmonix
Oskar Sala - Subharmonic Mixtures
Spyra - Phonehead
Dreamfish - Dreamfish
Shades Of Orion - Shades Of Orion
From Within - From Within
62 Eulengasse - 62 Eulengasse
Pete Namlook & New Composers - Russian Spring
The Sunken Road - The Sunken Road
Optic Eye - Light Side Of The Sun
Tuu - Invocation - Tuu Archive
Various - Ambient Auras: Diverse Dimensions In Ambient Dub
Various - N°1 Fantasy (L'Esprit De Ambience)

DRUM'N'BASS, especially jazzy and atmospheric that's sweet. I prefer artists such as DJ Krust, Plug, Goldie and Amazon. Drum'n'Bass cd-compilations in my collection are bought only for completist's reasons. Many great drum'n'bass jewels are on vinyl and never included in CD-releases.

IDM, because it is very unpredictable.

EXPERIMENTAL - I am listening sometimes, but not a huge fan of it.

I really don't like:

TRANCE (2000-present)

Here are the labels I had succesful deals with:
Ultimae Records Sarah and Vincent;
Plague Recordings Fre;
Drone Records Stefan.
Very nice people working there.

For those who continues to drop me the messages with the links to the stuff they selling:
1) It is not bad if you offer me something from my wantlist, but please do not expect me to reply to your messages. If you want me to reply - please state so in your message.
2) I only deal with experienced sellers with a good feedback rating (more than 94% positive).
3) eBay links are fine, only if you listed something with "Buy it now" option. I won't take a part in a "bidding war".
To sellers:
Please remember that it is your responsibility to provide the total amount of the purchase to buyer. Russian post is not that reliable, so it would be very nice if you'll state the registered shipping amount in your total amount message. If for some reason regular shipping will be chosen, it is best to keep all the information about package sent - if it happens that I don't receive the package, you can send me a copy of a postal document by e-mail and it would prove that package was sent.
Anyway, the purchase is a CONTRACT, so let's be serious about it and we'll love each other for sure ;-) Anyone who is not serious about the deal or sending me trashy comments in messages would be considered a s[...]er and would never be dealt with anymore.
In return, I always do my best to provide the seller a fast payment and clear communication, so you would probably like to deal with me :-)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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