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posted a comment on Chicane - Chilled. over 4 years ago
Love the A Man Called Adam remix. One of my favorites ever.
posted a comment on Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins. over 4 years ago
So here is one of my favorite remixes of all time, did by Ewan Pearson. The whole 14 minutes is delightful, sensational, ecstatic. Specially love the ending. It's like being born, living and ultimately dying. An once in a lifetime experience. Life ... See full review
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys. over 4 years ago
Naturally one of the best eletronic/pop acts ever. Classic and timeless.
posted a comment on Coldplay. over 4 years ago
Simply one of the biggest pop bands ever. And sorry, it's a huge lot.
posted a comment on Trevor Horn. over 4 years ago
Well, what can I say? Godlike. The mastermind behind pop music.
posted a comment on CFCF. over 4 years ago
This guy is out of this world. Like Hopkins or Abrahams. It's music for our soul. Touching. Hey people, connect to him, now.
posted a review of CFCF - The Colours Of Life. over 4 years ago
As someone already said somewhere, this album is actually one full-length track. I think I never really saw something so beautifully harmonized. I'm in love with this record since the day I discovered it. So take a sit and enjoy the journey. It tells you ... See full review
posted a review of King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine (Jubilee Edition). over 4 years ago
Well, it's commonplace to say that everything is unique, but this album actually is. It's a journey, for the ones who likes to think the idea of an album to be like this. And it's a touching one. "Bubble" probably is one of my all time favorite tracks. ... See full review
posted a comment on Jon Hopkins. over 5 years ago
There is something in his music that I never really found in anyone else. I don't know what it's, but it's heavenly, almost divine. It's good to be on earth :)