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posted a comment on The Stark Reality* - Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop. 6 months ago
surprised how shitty this re issue is considering how hard ego rode monty's jock when he was alive
posted a comment on Howe II - High Gear. about 1 year ago
Spot on revue!
I concur with everything happyman1 said.If this had been released on a major label instead of shrapnel it would have been big and very sucessful.I saw these guys live a few times back in the day as an underage kid and they delivered a high ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ SS. over 2 years ago
ss is a bad azz producer !
Black Ft. MC Power - Dj SS - Black V.I.P mix is FUCKING MASSIVE!!!!
big respect
posted a comment on Rephlex. over 3 years ago
depressing that it's over
truly the end of an era
i have to give grant props for hanging in there as long as he did
i wonder why rdj didn't want to keep it going if only for his own vanity releases
posted a comment on Freddie Robinson. over 3 years ago
A highly under-rated guitarist,whose work spanned blues,funk.jazz and soul with dexterous finesse and taste.
He is missed,and I wish he recorded more