.......aka LPWJ (translations & genealogy) aka LordParzifal (poetry, also translations of poetry, which reminds the most of the lyrics I started with, see Pälle Näver) aka Patrik L Johansson (founder of Sorcery & Rivendell (SWE) late 80s to early 90s but also ZZ Top style coverbands to early metal schoolbands before '86) Lamb of God or L.O.G. carrying the Progressive American Metal tradition forward with good beats and riffs in my own genre and/or drumstyle from early 90's, (Mudvayne and Machine Head being a couple of other favorites as well as My Dying Bride, who sounds closest to my own written songs; many bands on M with roots in the Mercyful Fate/Metallica tradition, Queensrÿche, Crimson Glory and Fates Warning being the exception, and megafavorites, I also collected Shrapnel records early on, everything with great drummers and guitarists) it's a very good feeling that it's now so popular, 'cause this is the genre I've been listening to for 30 years.......and luckily recently found another favorite band in Texas Hippie Coalition.......

Another favorite is our new cat, our second called Waldemar or Walle for short; like all my previous cats he seems to be OK with both classical (who isn't) and rock in the metal vein...his full name (stated on his silver plaque above his water fountain): Ferdinand Silver Waldemar II "Melker" (Since he has a M-mark on his head going all the way back to Egypt and Melker was his first name, also called Silver & Lill Walle)...yes I prefer cats to people for the most part...since they do as they wish and don't do as the masses want...and they always accept me seeing I am the same as them.
He is of a mixed race with an unknown father and a common farmcat as mother. The father must have been either a Siamese or some Bengal (or she met an Ozelot at the local zoo at nights) since his legs are very strong just like the Waldemar before him, an outdoors cat I used to take walks with at winter (which I also can do with the new one) that disappeared at midsummer and never came back which he would have if he could.
So we got another one, not related to him, though he also had the M-mark on his head with the four distinctive black stripes down his back, and named him Walle the 2nd (3 yrs old); the older was of unknown age maybe 10, maybe 15 even and of a more brownish gold color; his daughter lives at a neighbour's house so that's always something and if these two breed then Walle the 1st gets some grandchildren...
...who might, or might not be of Ozelot or Tiger blood... =)

* * *

***20 Years Online***

***40 Years (& more) of Collecting Vinyl***

I used to do this on a typewriter already in the late 80s with text in black and red, all my bandmates from different bands wondering what I was doing while they were drinking beer at the rehearsal place, I was never much of a drinker and proudly so, quit at 20 also became a pescatorian (fish/veggies) at that time...before even the word existed...but it was a drag when you got some new records you had to type a new page every time so I only did it for a while...

Back then the vinyls were sold via mailorder catalogues (circa 1989) and nowadays some, like a collector friend in Sweden, Johnny on Record Heaven, do the same thing online (see link) http://recordheaven.net/index.cfm

LPWJ on Subterranean Masquerade: About the most fun you could have on a recordplayer, indian classical folk music meets older progressive stuff meets newer progressive metal vibes; only bad thing is I wish I could have given it a 5/5 cause I really wanted to...

The great use of the drums and folk music elements for the dimensions gets 5 out of 5 but the rest is good songs and arrangements but it's not Pink Floyd y'know...but maybe it can be...also the use of almost subtle metal guttural singing is OK in small doses but maybe do a couple of whole songs based on that, instead of echoing that genre in choruses only, it almost gets to be opera like when the baritone comes in for small portions only ...so it's not My Dying Bride either...cause they use the nuances like these to perfection...but maybe it can be...on the next album.

LPWJ on Loincloth: Listen to the 7" it will make every bored disillusioned metalfreak wake up again, and I love the runout message Fuck False Metal ... Loincloth ... Confessor ... Fly Machine it's all the same with 2 different singers C/FM and Loincloth instrumental and almost the best of the three according to my taste, I wish Confessor made a long instrumental, maybe they will, a new one's coming out soon TBA

Everyone should have a great individual drummer it makes every band much better and not a part of the metal clichés; Rush would have been nothing without Neil Peart the foregoer in this genre and that's what I tried doing in every band I played in from the age of 12, make it better than it was without me, make the songs flow better because of the arrangements, that's what every drummer can do and this guy always did that and lies behind all of these three bands success.

LPWJ on Babymetal: I don't think I have heard a record this experimental and interesting since Enigmas 1st with the Gregorian monks world phenomenon, this is my favorite band for the time being and for a long time to come for bringing some energy into the world of metal and the world of music... A crossover act as good as if Kylie Minogue would make a record with Slipknot; maybe some interest in the japanese culture might help or for some earlier asian HR/HM bands, with the tradition of clean sounding music and freshness; tracks 2, 11, 13 &14 being personal favorites...good luck with the Olympics 2020...you're already winners ahead of your time as always!

Babymetal & Rob Zombie 2 great crossover favs (since Rob is also a director maybe Babymetal could be compared to the great films after 2000 from Asia such as the Ring a.o.)

For the most part my collection is Americana which I know most about, since rockmusic has its roots in the South
and some might regard I have a big collection of early Queensrÿche, for Northern Europe (Scandinavia) also of classical music on vinyl, shellac and CD/DVD, here is some picture help for QR items (not from my collection though): http://rycheitems.com/main.html
and some Shrapnel recommendations for the generations too young to experience it first hand, like my generation was with Woodstock: http://www.noecho.net/lists/5-forgotten-shrapnel-records-albums-worth-revisiting-by-r-mason

Since the format is not the same here as the rest of the internet, if you're an old webmaster like me, here is an explanatory link: https://www.discogs.com/help/doc/text-formatting

My mother share the same grandancestors in the 5th generation with composer Bo Linde who studied under an old favorite composer Lars-Erik Larsson, and was a friend of Hans Eklund from the same county; so I also will look over all his releases (having composed music myself since the age of 15, Ekseption style for rockband and some classical on acoustic guitar even with Opus numbers (unreleased)), I think he has over 80 Opus numbers, at least works, according to his book and many of them are recorded but only 4 records to this date exists here, (the newest release is called "Orkesterverk/Orchestral works Vol 1-3 (CD/SACD - Hybrid)") so now it's around 10
*** Opus # : 1, 7, 9, 10 * 14, 15:2, 17, 18, 20 * 21, 23, 27, 29, 30 * 32, 35 ***
*** without Opus #: Dans för Fiol och Xylofon (1952), Romantisk Melodi för Violin och Piano (1954), Två Sånger för Damkör och Piano (1954), Fyra allvarliga sånger för alt och piano till text av Harriet Löwenhjelm (1954/1970), Körer a Capella (1957), Sång för Blandad Kör (1959), Sånger för Trestämmig Blandad Kör (1960), Två Duetter för Två Fioler (1963), Liten Lyrisk Svit för Trestämmig Damkör (1965) *** His first work for choir was for a text by E.A. Poe 1952

Pic below: a scene from my viking village, where we have roots down to them (I am a right descendant of Lothbroke (as seen in the series Vikings) and Tveskägg (Sweyn Forkbeard) and his father Harald Bluetooth and so are half of these villages, we have runestones to tell their stories, in '94 I suggested the name Fafner for the local Viking society)

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They used to sell this as a cassette from their car when we went to 6th grade and they played at our school.
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Well I seen a couple on google but mostly they are brand new items not from back then.
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I have this as a german version not US, they kept circa 25 in Denmark at the fan club there and I was able to purchase one of those, only the cover. All others were burned, as they were not gonna be used. The face one was.
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If you search for Al Di Meola & friends this won't come up since it's called various instead on discogs, just a "fun fact". Anyone who buys this will search for the right title.
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EP II of IV is only on sticker and is a misleading title it should be IV: EP II which means the same thing since there is NOT 4 releases (then EP II of IV had been suitable) but the title of the item is IV.
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I mailed the moderators so I think it's fixed now, it was the same earlier with some Led Zeppelin items

Just mail them if you see anything on other releases, they really wanna know this since they got no time checking everything

I remember Feven, ... See full review
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It's one of these versions, brown marbled was in there and 2 yellow versions so they just mix em up like in the vinyl bootleg days early 90s

Be well,
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What bugs me the most at discogs is that I can't type it as I used to in my own lists (which looked really good) with a capital R at the end...

RoadrunneR and ... See full review
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It's one inch higher than a regular CD, thick as a double CD jewelcase. I know they don't work in small IKEA type shelves and that's why I'm using bookshelves for boxes or LTD stuff now.
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