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posted a comment on Zero 7 Feat. Lou Stone (5) - Shadows. about 1 month ago
The sound of Zero 7 i remember and love. Chilled out and sweet. <3 First good tunes since When it falls in my opinion and taste. Frikkin masterpiece EP!
posted a comment on Nightwish - Human. :||: Nature.. 4 months ago
The the chill out/orchestral versions are f*****g amazing and in my opinion should be the featured songs of this release/album and the ones with vocals, guitars and drums should be dumped down to the Bonus LP, CD as extra material. Ad Astra... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Mass Effect Trilogy: Soundtrack. over 2 years ago
Would be nice with a reissue! I want this on vinyl but ill would never pay 600€+ its crazy
posted a comment on The James Taylor Quartet - Get Organized. over 3 years ago
This release sound very clear and has silent background with my Denon 103R cartridge! <3
posted a comment on Acceptance - Colliding By Design. over 3 years ago
Wish Coldplay would dump their commercial crap and be inspired by these guys and fire Eno.
posted a comment on Mastodon - Emperor Of Sand. over 4 years ago
To my ears the cymbals sound a bit 32/64kbps on that track as well and the base is a bit to loud.
Maby i need to replace out my Denon DL103R soon, maby a NAGAOKA MP150 would be a good choosing.
posted a comment on John Williams (4) - Star Wars / Return Of The Jedi (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 4 years ago
This press in my opinion is only usable as a decoration record. Cant listen to this LP; to much surface noise to be enjoyable. Played this record with my Denon DL-103R cartridge.
posted a comment on Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto. over 5 years ago
Brian Eno should stick with his ambient and leave Colplay to create their own sound.
posted a comment on Opeth - Morningrise. over 5 years ago
Best sounding record in my collection. Love the music to. :-p
posted a comment on Nightwish - Oceanborn. over 5 years ago
Anybody having issues with noise or crackling sounds on certain tracks on this release?
posted a comment on M83 - Oblivion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 5 years ago
Loooooove the music on this album!!!!! And the movie. Im gonna get this on vinyl.
posted a comment on Coldplay - A Head Full Of Dreams. over 5 years ago
I cant remember a single song on this album. Forgettable album in my opinion.
posted a comment on Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction. over 5 years ago
Did they use pics of real corpses on the cover? Or are they the guys themselves?
posted a comment on Bola - Fyuti. over 6 years ago
Wonderful wonderful album! God shivers going like huge waves up and down my body.
posted a comment on Blue States. over 6 years ago
Has Andy Dragazis retired from making music?
posted a comment on Bola. over 6 years ago
Is Darrell active now a days?
posted a review of Marc Moulin - Mæssage. over 6 years ago
Cheesy midi album.
submitted Franz Schubert • Karl Böhm, Berliner Philharmoniker - Symphonien Nr. 5 & Nr. 8 (Unvollendete · Inachevée · Unfinished). over 6 years ago
posted a comment on David Hasselhoff - True Survivor. over 6 years ago
Great song and Great Vid!
submitted P.Tchaikovsky* - Mikhail Pletnev - Времена года - The Seasons. over 6 years ago
submitted Folk & Rackare - Folk Och Rackare. over 6 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
submitted Black Magic Fools - Black Magic Fools. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Snowball Brown. over 7 years ago
submitted Various - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack "Beverly Hills Cop". over 7 years ago
submitted Scandinavian Tuba Jazz - How Deep Is The Ocean. over 7 years ago
submitted Rockfolket - Det Bästa Ur Rock-Å-Lek. over 7 years ago
submitted Gamma Ray - Heaven Can Wait / Mr. Outlaw. over 7 years ago
submitted Sex Pistols - Submission. over 7 years ago
submitted Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Mastodon - Live At Brixton 2012. over 7 years ago
God i want this album!!
posted a comment on Mando Diao - Infruset Guld. over 8 years ago
Wonderful album!
posted a comment on Kohib - Make Fire. over 10 years ago
Great *u**ing album!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
posted a comment on Caribou - The Milk Of Human Kindness. over 10 years ago
Bad shit, not good shit. :-/ On its way to the local landfill.
posted a comment on Friedman & Liebezeit* - Secret Rhythms 3. over 10 years ago
**ck*** annoying chirps and blirps that sounds like people with bad breaks on their cars or bats shrieking.
Its sad that they choose to include such annoying disturbing sounds, I will put this CD in the thrash. Without the noise this CD is rather good.
posted a comment on Dead Composers. over 10 years ago
Man I love Chile Con Carne (Richard Kayvan Remix), its one of the most dreamy song ive heard!!!!!
posted a comment on NHKyx - yx aka 1ch aka Solo. over 10 years ago
Refreshing stuff. I will keep this guy in the watchlist.
posted a comment on Kid Loco - Confessions Of A Belladonna Eater. over 10 years ago
posted a comment on Deadbeat - Radio Rothko. over 10 years ago
Pure pleasure! I love this Remix album!
posted a comment on Various - Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol. 1. over 11 years ago
Sound very nice, must check this one out! Thanks for this Review. Tackar! ;-).
posted a comment on Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost. over 12 years ago
I started listen to Zero 7 when they released their first EP. I love their early downtempo sound and lush vocals. Zero 7 has created many beautifull tunes that i really love. I think this Album only has ONE really good song that i recognize as the... See full review