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posted a review of Ferdi Blankena - Seance. about 1 month ago
Seance is a slightly haunting slice of of Deep, with a pinch of Jack and a dash Funk. The bassline is the pie crust that take this House pie straight to them booty cheeks. Chefkiss.jpg
posted a review of Chris Nazuka - Experience. 4 months ago
Somewhere Between Distance And The Impossible is a great example of how House music can use hypnosis to entrance you, like a magician, but instead of stealing your wallet, it tucks you in for a groovin ride on a fluffy cloud. ~chef kiss~
posted a comment on George Morel - Morel's Grooves Pt. 9. 6 months ago
So Let´s Groove Again, classic mid 90's House music that just make you... groove.
posted a review of Sharif Laffrey - Always. about 1 year ago
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Always in myyyyyyyy MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Discos Casablanca delivers the real goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted a review of Soulphiction Presents SBM - Criticize. about 1 year ago
Criticize is a slab of Deep goodness that makes me feel like it's going to be alright.
posted a review of Ashtre Jinkins* - Fruit In Failure EP. about 1 year ago
Super good vibes on this. It's a swell release that hits all the right spots.
posted a review of Minimal Afrika - The Kingdom Of The Sweaty Palms . about 1 year ago
B2 Untitled reminds me of that feeling I got when I first started listening to House. Warm, dreamy, blissful and... Housey! 10/10 will play again.
posted a review of Alleged Witches - Serve The Spirits. about 1 year ago
A1 is my favorite on the EP. Dropped it in a set last Friday. Worked great, people lost their shit on the floor. Killer!
posted a review of Samo DJ*, 5ive (2) - Drunkenstein EP. over 2 years ago
Drunkenstein takes you were you didn't know you needed to be in a delightfully sleazy way!
posted a comment on Aroma Pitch - Present From A Small Distant World. over 2 years ago
Moments In Limbo is a killer dance floor jam. Get some!
posted a review of Truncate - Wave 1. over 2 years ago
Excellent vibes from the the US. Both tracks are great. Wave 1 does it for me a little more though.
posted a comment on St. Etienne* - Only Love Can Break Your Heart. over 3 years ago
Only MAW can Dub your Heart <3 <3 ;-)
posted a comment on Aly-Us - Follow Me. over 3 years ago
Absolute classic. I first heard this in 1999 and it was one of the tracks that made me fall in love with House.