LeonxLeon, making electronic music released on red vinyl at Red Laser, DJing sometimes !

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Cecilia Noah - YoKoMoYoKoLeLe
posted a comment on Cecilia Noah - YoKoMoYoKoLeLe. about 1 year ago
de la vrai bombe ce son bordel, pas étonnant de voir Oates dans l'affaire
Nemesy - Nemesy
posted a review of Nemesy - Nemesy. over 3 years ago
Best. Italo. LP. Ever.
The producers have been touched by grace on this one
Nancy Martin* / Nancy Martinez - Can't Believe / So Excited / Lay It Down
posted a comment on Nancy Martin* / Nancy Martinez - Can't Believe / So Excited / Lay It Down. over 3 years ago
This is actually the best mix of Can't Believe. Buy on sight !
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Bennie Braxton - Come To Me
posted a comment on Bennie Braxton - Come To Me. over 6 years ago
Wicked keyboard playing !!
This is really a record that just came from elsewhere.
LeonxLeon* - EP1 - My Solar Brass
submitted LeonxLeon* - EP1 - My Solar Brass. over 6 years ago
Les Yeux Orange - Coco / Jungle
posted a comment on Les Yeux Orange - Coco / Jungle. over 7 years ago
Ok pal.
You are not the first to have it though.
The Glue / Rulefinn - Stomperud / Kommafeil
posted a comment on The Glue / Rulefinn - Stomperud / Kommafeil. over 7 years ago
Yes this is Sterling Saint-james - Comin Into Love !
Mad Rey - Salon De Thé
posted a review of Mad Rey - Salon De Thé. over 8 years ago
Good house
Various - Various Artists Compilation
posted a review of Various - Various Artists Compilation. over 8 years ago
Killer tracks but the quality of the pressing is hummmmmmmmmmm pretty crappy :/
Various - Red Laser Disco
posted a review of Various - Red Laser Disco. over 9 years ago
This is just amazing. The pressing is of very good quality too.
Beatfanatic - Vinyl Junkie Culture
posted a review of Beatfanatic - Vinyl Junkie Culture. over 11 years ago
this album is excellent, remixes of italo-disco classics