Those heady days of saving up my school dinner money to go to the local record store to buy Streetsounds, Chicago Trax,Transmat, Fragile and Warp Records!!

Then i got a job in the same store!!!!!

My wages were then spent on B12 Records
Black Dog productions , R&S and Apollo,
Bunker ,PCP ,Skam , 100%Pure and Eevo lute !!

You know the rest......Addict

Started Signal Recordings along with
Steve Conner from Bitstream in the late 90's!
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posted a comment on Tony Drake - Texture. 4 months ago
I have promo cassette of this master piece if anybody is interested!
posted a comment on I Love Acid. 5 months ago
Best thing i have read this week Mr Vib!
" Shut up you Mad prick".......Just used it on a colleague!
posted a comment on Macka B - Sign Of The Times. 5 months ago
" Too much bean bean baked bean ... hey....Too much bean bean baked bean ...hey... Too much bean bean baked bean ... hey....Too much bean bean baked bean ...hey "!!!!
posted a comment on Roy Of The Ravers - En Trance 10. 6 months ago
" Ambergris 9 " is an absolute stinger, Future Acid classic!!
posted a comment on Interactive Music - Interactive Music. 7 months ago
This album is so ridiculously good. Uwe Schmidt was producing some absolute stunning soundscapes in the mid 90s with bass lines to cause seismic shifts. Track 7 "Assembler" is one of the best tracks ever. Only one criticism... No Vinyl!!
posted a comment on John Shima - Elements Unknown. 9 months ago
The biggest compliment i could pay Mr Shima is that " Implant " could have come from the vaults of B12, Stasis or Kirk Degiorgio. Slick production indeed!
posted a comment on Likemind. 11 months ago
Fuck off... Likemind is back!!!
Steve Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio doing a set together... Woah
All i need now is for Steve Pickton & Nurmad Jusat to release more stuff then i think i may just explode in my pants!
posted a comment on Revoke. about 1 year ago
Great idea Anil, lots of music from those days that should be released on vinyl ! Much respect hombre
posted a comment on A Credible Eye Witness - Cleaner Wave. about 1 year ago
Episode 7 is the stand out track for me here. A dark creeper that you could listen to all night. The rest of the tracks are super slick too.
posted a comment on The Housefactors - Big Bang Theory. about 1 year ago
" Big bang theory "... Larry Heard has produced some of the finest records of a generation!
This track is so over looked and for me it is a true classic.
Like nothing else from 1990 came this uptempo bleep frenzy with the most fantastic sounds. " Total ... See full review
posted a comment on Biosphere - Departed Glories. about 1 year ago
Nice one Mark Trimbee.... let’s buy a copy and take the piss selling it at extortionate prices!
Good to see people like you who have obviously supported Geir Jenssen output since day dot!
And equally well done Smalltown Supersound for limiting this to a ... See full review
posted a comment on GraGee - Obsessed. about 1 year ago
Very surprised Cari did not bring this out on vinyl, the whole album is slick!
posted a comment on Masters Of The Universe - Check It Out / Space Talk. about 1 year ago
" Space Talk " is an absolute Gem and if you were collecting records in 1989 then this is a must for the collection!
posted a comment on Esem. about 1 year ago
For me Georgi Marinov is up there with the greats of modern electronic music....Boards of Canada, The Black Dog, Stasis, B12 & AFX to name a few.
He has a very unique sound which is instantly recognisable, just wish there was more output from this ... See full review
posted a comment on Locust - Morning Light. about 1 year ago
A truly incredible album from Sir Mark Van Hoen and so good to have it on vinyl after all the years.
posted a comment on Tournesol - Henka. about 1 year ago
Both tracks on this 12 are absolutely incredible! " Cathedral " is a sublime wave upon wave of pads with a slick break and all the ingredients thrown in. " Henka " is a brewing bass filled bubbler that makes my heart slow down and take stock of how good ... See full review
posted a comment on Justin David - Light Years. about 1 year ago
" Surface Tension " has a real uplifting bass that only the Brits can do!
Mid 90s Techno to be patriotic about!!!
posted a comment on Arovane - AMX. about 1 year ago
"Außen Vor" is a dreamy master piece with a bass line to jolt any feet into action!
Recorded at the end of the last century and will sound just as good at the turn of the next.
posted a comment on Log - In / Out. about 1 year ago
In 1... this man is a fucking genius.... + + +
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Airlocktronics - Imperative. about 1 year ago
Four warped electro jams to rot your cells!!
Real slick stuff...
posted a comment on Airlocktronics - Narrative. about 1 year ago
I remember getting this in the shop i worked in and thinking ooooof!!! Track A1was , and still is fucking nuts!!!
Think Ectomorph playing the drums whilst hoovering in a Milanese Church... cant belive how cheap this is.
posted a comment on Gigi Galaxy - The Pole Shift EP. about 1 year ago
Absolute killer e.p that explores the realms of techno! See it... buy it!!!
posted a comment on Nuron. about 1 year ago
This guy gets it....
Real soul in every production!!!
posted a comment on Semiacoustic Nature - Semiacoustic Nature. about 1 year ago
" Chrome Yellow " is in my top ten tracks! The pads and bass are sublime...
Wish i had it on a black shiney 12" disc though!!
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Myster-E, early UK house that stands up to tracks from from across the pond, circa 87!
Recorded 20 miles Down the M1, respect to the Evil Eddie Richards.
posted a comment on Instinct (2) - Mindsearch. about 1 year ago
People bang on about Detroit Techno.
Well if this isn't in your collection then your a twat!!
"A groove " is as good as it gets and for me its the Epitomie of the first and second wave.
If you haven't got it , don't be a twat... Buy now!!!!
posted a comment on Foul Play - Volume IV. over 2 years ago
For me " Being with you " was a seminal moment in drum and bass! John brought a cassette of this track into Spin A Disc records way before it came out and I remember at the time thinking, fuck me this is good. Still get that same thought now, over 20 ... See full review
posted a comment on Oblivion Records. over 2 years ago
Proud to have been asked to play at these legendary nights in Northampton.
posted a comment on Foul-Play* - Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Can't believe I popped home one night to grab this, zip back down to the Gardners Arms in Northampton to get some pub DJ to play it on Piccy's birthday. I then fucking stupidly left it there whilst we carried on the session down the Welly Road. What a ... See full review
posted a comment on Steve Bradshaw. over 2 years ago
A Big man with a big heart and a true Northampton legend !!
posted a comment on Mad Dogs* - The Jack & Phil Remixes. over 2 years ago
"Out"...that bass line after the vocal..... Oooof! One of Basements finest moments!
posted a comment on Aquarius - Dolphin Tune / Aquatic. over 2 years ago
"Dolphin Tune" has it all !!! RP showing the way...
posted a comment on Various - Back To Attack Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
A treasured E.P that gets played a lot..... the original!!!
posted a comment on user48736353001 - 13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig. over 2 years ago
For me this is Rich on fire, Fucking incredible track!
posted a comment on Panic - Voices Of Energy. over 2 years ago
Castaways, Souldrop 1990... Big system, Low roof, One Strobe , some fog... and this fucker!
posted a comment on The Shamen - Move Any Mountain (Pro-Gen). over 2 years ago
Beltram's mix is excellent... A relentless throbbing bass that could move Everest!
posted a comment on Air (2) - The Air Collection. over 2 years ago
Single Disc, MP3.... But sounds incredible!!!
posted a comment on Adrenalin M.O.D. - Four Tunes E.P. over 2 years ago
Master Vibert in the know ;0)
posted a comment on Man Parrish - Man Parrish. over 2 years ago
Legend talking to legend!!!
posted a comment on Air (2) - Air 4. over 2 years ago
In 100 years’ time this piece from the genius that was Peter Kuhlmann's will be recognised as a moment in time!
When ambient music had no limits…..Buy now for your future off spring!

posted a comment on Codine - Dream Sequence / Prologue. over 2 years ago
Well said Bunkz... this 12 is a regular on the platters!
Hardcore that is as fresh today as when i first heard in back in 1991
posted a comment on Cristian Vogel - Station 55. over 2 years ago
"Turn On, Tune In, Drown Out".... Turn On, Tune In, Don't drown this fucker Out!
Master Vogel on fire!!!
posted a comment on S.O.S. Band* - Even When You Sleep. over 3 years ago
This 12 sure is something from a key time in my life! 13 years old, buying vinyl from the money i earn selling shit at school, Going to house partys and youth clubs, out every night with the friends I've grown up with, discovering the opposite sex ;0) ... See full review
posted a comment on The Caustic Window* - Joyrex J9 EP - Rephlex Disco Assault Kit. over 3 years ago
Being a big fan of the " Don of the underground " i went to watch him with a good mate whose Mrs was at Hallam University, Sheffield in the early 90s. I had to endure M People and Jamiroquai so when Mr James dropped "The Garden Of Linmiri" my pint went ... See full review
posted a comment on Cellblock X - Encounter E.P.. over 3 years ago
" Moby tits " is an all round " Go fucking nuts " kinda track !!
Hard Techno at its very best...
posted a comment on Psyche / BFC - Applied Rhythmic Technology...3. over 3 years ago
" How the west was one " is an absolute beautiful brooding masterpiece from Sir Carl Craig! Simplicity in its best form...
posted a comment on Def Con 5 (2) - Again. over 3 years ago
"Again" Hard mix is a killer! The rolling baseline just gets you.... Played by Top Buzz , and me! :0) How & Little at the verry top of the music food chain!!!!
posted a comment on Mundo Muzique. over 3 years ago
Legend.... simple!
posted a comment on Auto-plex. over 3 years ago
If these guys would of been picked up by the likes of R&S or Music Man at the time they would have been very well known! I had the good fortune to witness their live set at Mickey Lynas's Amnesia House extravaganza at Donnington Park in December 91. ... See full review