I was born in 1957 and always interested in Nature and Technique. This means that I do a lot more then listening to music. But also that I grew up with just two styles (classic & pop) and in a time when someone came to our home, two times a year, to sell records!
I am often very precise and to the point. I prefer structure and logic, especially with huge amounts of information. But trying to be perfect can be very annoying too.

In my childhood I started listening to classical music and later also some (modern) arrangements of this by Ekseption, Waldo De Los Rios, Rogier Van Otterloo, Chris Hinze, etc. After this I got a growing interest for Electronic Music, from minimal and more 'experimental' (Philip Glass, Klaus Schulze) at one side and the later called 'New Age' (Enya, Isao Tomita) on the other side, especially the ones related to nature. In general I like instrumental music more then vocal, although there are exceptions, off course. I keep an eye on multi-instrumentalists like Mike Oldfield, Kitaro and Gandalf (Heinz Ströbl).
The most records I have are on LP - over 4.000 - and about half of them are more or less classical music. From the other half (pop, rock & EM) I can only add a small part to my collection here, so it will take a lot of time to get a more complete overview.
Browsing around in Discogs I discovered that several terms, like the above mentioned 'minimal' and 'new age', have changed much over the years, so it could be important to mention that I meant the original ideas about these terms here, which are still open for any discussion. Even 'Electronic Music' has changed a lot in the last decades and doesn't fit with my main interest anymore. On the other hand, my taste of music never depended on genre and/or style. I am unique and so is my taste.
Several times in my life I have tried to play music myself on flute, guitar and keyboards, but it never worked out well. Recording I do, but these are mainly nature sounds, my other kind of 'music' :)

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The Bach Revolution - Sand Boat
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Diethelm* / Famulari* - Valleys In My Head
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Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader - Sternenklang
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Ennio Morricone - Il Était Une Fois La Révolution
posted a comment on Ennio Morricone - Il Était Une Fois La Révolution. over 12 years ago
The movie / soundtrack is also known as <i>Giù La Testa</i> (Original, Italy), <i>A Fistful of Dynamite</i> (Great Britain), <i>Agachate Maldito</i> (Spain), <i>Duck, You Sucker</i> (United States), <i>Todesmelodie</i> (Germany) and <i>Once Upon a... See full review
Tangerine Dream - The Dream Roots Collection
posted a comment on Tangerine Dream - The Dream Roots Collection. over 12 years ago
Almost all tracks are remixes of their original recordings, in some cases only excerpts, but not always credited that way. This makes this collection far more interesting then most other TD Compilations. In fact, this makes it for me more a remix... See full review
Arcane (3) - Gather Darkness
posted a comment on Arcane (3) - Gather Darkness. over 12 years ago
Lovers of the early works of Tangerine Dream will likely love this release too. Not only are there several similarities in compositions - although a bit more 'mature' - the used sounds will often be very familiar too.
Richard Wahnfried
posted a review of Richard Wahnfried. over 15 years ago
The way Klaus Schulze presented Richard Wahnfried on the records Tonwelle and Time Actor was a reason for the mis-understanding that this was a full pseudonym for himself alone. He explicit claims the copyright for this name as the orginator of an... See full review