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posted a review of Finley Quaye - Spiritualized. over 11 years ago
This differs from the non-promo version in that the superior Francois Kevorkian dub takes up an entire side with its 11 minutes. The standard issue has the vocal on one side, and relegates the dub to the flip, squeezing it on with the album version. As ... See full review
posted a review of Black Dice - Cone Toaster. over 13 years ago
Now that I've listened to more Black Dice, I have to take back wath I said above. Their noise is beautiful; I detect the pulse and heartbeat within that separates Black Dice from more harsh power electronics stuff. Bring on the next BD album...
posted a review of The Orb / M.Mayer* - Speicher 14. over 14 years ago
Masterblaster seems to be built around samples from the Orb's "Massive Pulsating Brain..." track from Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld, which may explain the co-producing credit for Jimmy Cauty.
posted a review of The Originals / Eddie Kendricks - Down To Love Town / Date With The Rain. over 14 years ago
The version of Eddie Kendricks' "Date with the Rain" is a different mix from the extended disco version that's on the Motown 12" backed with Diana Ross's "Love Hangover". This version seems more rhythmic and the empahsis is on the funky breakbeat, ... See full review
posted a review of Hamilton Bohannon - Dance Your Ass Off. over 15 years ago
Every single track on this is an absolute funk-fueled stripped-down disco stomper with no gimmicks, cheese or letdowns. Hamilton Bohannon took the raw funk of James Brown and fused it with the disco beats of the mid-70's philadelphia producers, but left ... See full review
posted a review of Beanfield - Tides. over 15 years ago
Truly a new high for Carl Craig -- his remix of "Tides" is a stone classic; one of the finest example of of his minimal, mind-altering electronic soul. Oh, and the original Beanfield version is no slouch either. A truly wonderful release.
posted a review of Zongamin - Zongamin. over 15 years ago
On the contrary to the previous comment, I find the de-evolution of the raw disco tracks into experimental but rhythmic noise collages are central to what draws me into these tracks--- he always brings you back to the groove after a trip through jagged ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Altered Beats - Assassin Knowledges Of The Remanipulated. over 15 years ago
A fine introduction to turntablism and the movement's innovators and standards-bearers. Great liner notes that really deconstruct the art of creating music with turntables and invite the reader to understand it in the context of the African drummer, the ... See full review
posted a review of Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars. over 15 years ago
A great last blast of late 90's big beat. I think Norman did some of his soulful work on this one, especially with turns from Macy Gray who really makes the album. But you've also got two of the harder tracks that Cook's done in recent years, especially ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Wipeout XL. over 15 years ago
The soundtrack to a futuristic Playstation game, this CD is a great snapshot of the big beat, techno and electronica of 1997 featuring many of the major players. This album signifies a turning point for the video game industry as well, because they ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Grumpy - Werks Like A 12". over 15 years ago
Excellent track selection considering it's all from the Astralwerks label within a couple year span; but whoever DJ Grumpy is he made me quite grumpy when I bought this because the recording quality isn't very good-- quite a bit of distortion on some ... See full review
posted a review of Gene Page - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. over 15 years ago
Pretty cheesy once the strings kick in, but this record is the source of the vocoded snippet of dialog from the Spielberg movie: "If everything's ready on the dark side of the moon, play the five tones".
posted a review of Blo - Get That Groove In. over 15 years ago
The bassline from this early 80's rare groove gem was used by Fatboy Slim for "Everybody Needs a 303".
posted a review of Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - El Monte / Rise. over 15 years ago
the A side is really a nice organic, evolving analog synth arpeggiated pattern that almost reminds one of a Buchla piece. There's no real percussion to speak of. But the flip side, the DFA remix, adds drums, those drums! and builds, builds, at a nice ... See full review
posted a review of Black Dice - Cone Toaster. over 15 years ago
This is a weird little gem. It's pretty much the only thing I actually enjoy listening to from Black Dice, which is no surprise because I'm a dancefloor DJ and they're "noise terrorists" or some such thing. But the remix by Eye of the Boredoms is truly ... See full review
posted a review of LCD Soundsystem - Yeah. over 15 years ago
The crass version of "Yeah" is just an absolute scorcher of raw analog synths and those trademark LCD disco rhythms. It starts harmlessly enough but by the end you're wishing the volume knobs went to 11 as the acid starts to melt your brain starting with ... See full review
posted a review of Detroit Grand Pubahs - Funk All Y'All. over 15 years ago
This is a serious love note to detroit, or perhaps a love smack on its ass. Opening with a huge blast of Funkadelic glory, the album goes on to cover such diverse but related ground as ghettotech, techno and detroit electro with humor and warm, booming ... See full review
posted a review of Chicken Lips - Nite:Life 015 - Body Music. over 15 years ago
Of the two comps released nearly simultaneously by Chicken Lips, this one has the dancefloor edge, from the dubby, funky retro cuts on the first four sides to side six's monster floor killer Free Fall mix of Spektrum's "Free Falling".
posted a review of Chicken Lips - Echoman Re-Echoed Vol 3: Eggy's Pause Button. over 15 years ago
The original track does a great job of sampling a snippet of Material & Nona Hendryx "Bustin Out".
posted a review of Kill Memory Crash - When The Blood Turns Black. over 15 years ago
This is some great, dark, twisted electro. The skittery beats are almost IDM, but emphasis on the "D", unlike the most of head-nodding plug-in f**kery that passes for IDM these days.
posted a review of Margueritas / Pluton & Humanoids - Margherita / World Invaders. over 15 years ago
Two great pieces of obscure Italo-disco repressed good and loud. You can definitely see what the influences are on the Environ artists' catalog. The "Outer Space" track is on one of I-F's "Mixed up in the Hague" sets.
posted a review of Jamie Myerson - The Listen Project. over 16 years ago
really clean downtempo, techno and d'n'b with full respect to philly and detroit. Pretty exceptional considering this guy was signed with Ovum by age 17!
posted a review of Luke Vibert / BJ Cole - Stop The Panic. over 16 years ago
BJ Cole is an experimental Hawaiian steel guitarist. He plays the slack-key style of slide guitar but takes it to other dimensions; ordinarily he'd be playing with a combo more likely to suit Fred Frith or Hans Reichel, but apparently he and Luke Vibert ... See full review
posted a review of Freaky Chakra - Blacklight Fantasy. over 16 years ago
I'm surprised this hasn't been rated higher. Listening to this album takes me to an entirely different place, and Freaky Chakra was way out ahead of himself with this album as compared with his earlier output which hasn't aged as well (writing this in ... See full review
posted a review of 777 - System 7.3 Fire + Water. over 16 years ago
From the band AKA 777, an excellent record of psychedelic techno with a goa slant as well as ambient mixes of the same. location recordings from bombay meet the soaring guitar tones of 70's prog master Steve Hillage (orb's "little fluffy clouds") and the ... See full review
posted a review of Darren Emerson + Alex Paterson - TEXtures. over 16 years ago
Disc one mixed by Darren Emerson of Underworld, Disc Two mixed by Alex Patterson of the Orb. They both use tracks from all four volumes of Trance Europe Express to great effect, and Alex obviously is adding some trademark strange dubby sound effects ... See full review