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posted a comment on Various - Cleveland Confidential. 9 days ago
None in mine either> Was there supposed to be one?
posted a comment on Shop Assistants - Shop Assistants. 11 months ago
I second this comment. Not an OG but still think it’s great that you can walk into a shop and get a copy of this record.
posted a comment on Stereolab - Dots And Loops. about 1 year ago
My DL code for this release was missing too. Fantastic pressing and sound on this.
posted a comment on Thom Yorke - Anima. about 1 year ago
No download code for (ladies & gentlemen....) . I’m sure you will be able stream or download it soon enough.
posted a comment on Sonny Sharrock - Ask The Ages. about 1 year ago
You mad because they pressed more? That is a insane outlook. Just enjoy the jams within. Yeah it was a little bit of extra cash to purchase because of shipping but damn. Sharrock forever!!!
posted a comment on Makoto Kawashima* - Homo Sacer. about 1 year ago
A very pleasant surprise. Really love listening to this one and how it reveals itself over the course of play back.
posted a comment on Digable Planets - Blowout Comb. about 1 year ago
I wish I could say this release was better but the sound is really off. The music is very muted and lacks any mid range. I think I just got a dud. Maybe others can comment about the lack of sound quality.
The pressing sounds fine and was very clean.
posted a comment on The Upsetters - Rhythm Shower. about 1 year ago
Mine has it too. Pressing plays through but still a bummer and has some over the top surface noise. Get On Down releases some great stuff but the pressing plants they use are not doing a good job.
posted a comment on Prince Far I - Voice Of Thunder. about 1 year ago
Ha, ha, ha! Just noticed this too. Would be amazing if The Upsetter LP had The Voice Of Thunder spine.
posted a comment on Thom Yorke - Suspiria. about 1 year ago
It's there but I think you will get the same divisive opinions on the pressing quality of this record. Maybe a clean will help but I think many of the defects like non fill and other marks cannot be erased. Saying that I really like the record and am... See full review
posted a comment on Thom Yorke - Suspiria. about 1 year ago
Yes there is surface noise. It's vinyl. Nothing that got in the way with the music. Still sounds amazing.
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. about 1 year ago
Never a dull moment here. THe only thing that is missing is the 5th track that ends the whole thing. It should have been included on the vinyl pressing. Maybe a "grower" for some folks and others might hate it but just don't get tired with it .
posted a comment on Nina Simone - Nina Simone Sings The Blues. over 2 years ago
How does that work? In My 30+ years of collecting vinyl I have never seen a record develop that much surface noise.
posted a comment on Upsetters* - Eastwood Rides Again. over 2 years ago
I think it's going to sound as good as it's going to get. Every version of this record or songs appearing on comps have been muffled. I think it's that way in the recording. Maybe the bass is slightly up but that's what we like about Jamaican music right?
posted a comment on Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt. over 2 years ago
Won mine at my local store. Luck of the draw.
posted a review of Wire - Chairs Missing. over 2 years ago
Very welcome pressing. I suppose there is a tiny bit of surface noise here and there b ut I can live with that because most vinyl comes with a little bit here and there. Not as bad as others have described here. Classic record all the way.
posted a review of Wire - Honi Soit. over 2 years ago
One of the worst sounding boots in my collection. Sound quality is like someone recorded it strait from their tv with a portable tape recorder. These recordings can be found through other official sources with better sound.
posted a comment on Spacemen 3 - Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To. over 2 years ago
Listening now. The source/tape is not a sonic marvel but these are demos. What they lack in dynamic range they make up in performance. The pressing is remarkable and quiet. Funny liner notes by Byron Coley too.
posted a comment on Spacemen 3 - Dreamweapon. over 2 years ago
The performance is excellent but it has that hollow live sound that is still very present in the recording. Pressing is decent not perfect. Buy with confidence.
posted a comment on Spacemen 3 - Recurring. over 2 years ago
I was hoping for better bass too. I think you could have graded it a bit higher. Never had any issues with SV pressings before. All the ones I have had been well done .
posted a review of Various - Tokyo Flashback. over 3 years ago
A mind rocking freak out! Legendary Japanese psych rock compilation comes back to life. More please and thank you!
posted a comment on Children Of Alice - Children Of Alice. over 3 years ago
I know you posted this months ago but I just wanted to agree with you. Great company but I have always gotten my pre orders weeks after they have been in stores.
posted a comment on Radiohead - OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017. over 3 years ago
Not a noisy pressing until 3rd LP. Dished and a few marks that provide subtle ticks. Requested a replacement. Other than that this pressing sounds fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone who can't afford an original UK parlaphone 90's pressing.
posted a comment on Alice Coltrane - The Ecstatic Music Of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda. over 3 years ago
No distortion on mine. It played clean but I did pick up a lot of dust and debris.
posted a comment on Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass. over 3 years ago
Buy with confidence. I'm happy with this version. I know A lot of people who opted for double disc 45rpm pressing and are happy with that too.
posted a comment on Bob Seger System - 2 + 2 = ?. over 3 years ago
Excellent single but this pressing is not the mono version.
submitted Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes And Magic Pennies: A Children's Song Anthology. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Tomorrow (2) Featuring Keith West - Tomorrow. over 3 years ago
I wanted to echo the positive impressions of this record and pressing. Not only is this top notch English psychedelia but the mono mix squashes the stereo. The stereo suffers from hard panning of the instruments to one speaker and that awful phasing... See full review
posted a comment on The Gods (2) - Genesis. over 3 years ago
Not a super essential 60's British psych rock lp. It has it's moments and never feels that dull. That being said there are no real high points. At times the vocals remind me of the American group The Turtles which is always a good thing and which... See full review
submitted Look Blue Go Purple - Still Bewitched. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs - English Weather. over 3 years ago
Listened to this all last week. Just upgraded my turntable and it sounds even better.
posted a review of Various - Space Echo - The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!. over 4 years ago
I was initially underwhelmed by this because I was expecting more of a other worldly sound and feel to the music. Dead wrong the music is flawless and the synths and electronics are very subtle in the mix. Hits you with a half ton of bricks one brick... See full review
posted a comment on Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub. over 4 years ago
Don't have an original or the Blood And Fire reissue on vinyl but this version rules over he 90's CD cut. Such an amazing record.
posted a comment on Roy Montgomery - M: Darkmotif Dancehall. over 4 years ago
My favorite from the box set. Love hearing new music from this talented guitar player.
posted a comment on Attilio Mineo - Man In Space With Sounds. over 4 years ago
Don't think the Sundazed reissue will clear any of this up?
posted a comment on Sade - Diamond Life. over 4 years ago
Hello. Just got this record from my parents house. They have had it since the 80's. Great condition but the sibilance is THERE! Still a great listen. One of my favorite commercial records from back then.
posted a comment on Brian Jonestown Massacre* - Third World Pyramid. over 4 years ago
"Government Beard" sounds like a lost Echo And The Bunnymen track. Really liking this record. One of the better records of 2016 FO Sure!
posted a comment on Herbie Mann. over 4 years ago
I'm sure many of his records were dated the moment they were released however I think they sound very fresh and hold up well.
posted a comment on Impact All Stars - Java Java Java Java. over 4 years ago
King Babylon Dub also has terrible distortion that is evident on the digital and analog pressing. Thought I had a damaged speaker but the defect is present in the recording or master tape or vinyl copy. Splendid album.
posted a comment on Neil Young - Tonight's The Night. over 4 years ago
I think this repress sounds really good. Great details that serve the music well. One of his best from the 70's.
posted a comment on Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool. over 4 years ago
It is a great time to be alive plus we have an amazing Radiohead record. Some people love to show their problems like badges.
posted a comment on King Geedorah* - Take Me To Your Leader. over 4 years ago
Check the sleeves. It's a stuck to one one of the inners.
posted a review of Manuel Göttsching - Inventions For Electric Guitar. over 4 years ago
Fantastic reissue. This record rolls! The only record that makes my speakers rattle. Buy with confidence.
posted a comment on Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool. over 4 years ago
While no sonic masterpiece I still rate this better than my white rainbo pressing. Very happy to have this edition in my collection. Bummer that people feel burned. It is what it is.
Everything about this book and record affirms my beliefs that this... See full review
posted a comment on Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool. over 4 years ago
I love mine and it looks handsome. With the art I think people don't realize is that the force of the wind and rain created its looks.
posted a comment on Various - Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults. over 4 years ago
I agree. These tunes really come to life. I love 60's psychedelic pop and these songs sound great. Always an amazing listen.
posted a comment on Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Your Funeral... My Trial. over 4 years ago
When I bought this a couple years ago I got 2 copies of disc one. Returned it without a hassle. The replacement was perfect. Mistakes happen.
posted a review of Tony Conrad With Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate. over 4 years ago
Essential music that will take you OUT! This music could move the mountains and change the tides if given a chance. I love letting this music sink in. A masterpiece and a welcome reissue.
posted a review of Harmonia - Documents 1975. over 4 years ago
a beautiful slow moving flood of Harmonia goodness. We are not worthy.
posted a comment on Various - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
This compilation kills. Everything you have read about it is true. Dance to drums and budget synth sounds.