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Mr. Ho (2) - Angel Number 909
posted a review of Mr. Ho (2) - Angel Number 909. about 1 year ago
Me n all my homies love this jam. Really does it.
Gabriola - Spirit Mirror
posted a review of Gabriola - Spirit Mirror. about 1 year ago
Theta flute is really something nice ain’t it? Yeah super good one.
Pilgrims Of The Mind - What's Your Shrine?
posted a review of Pilgrims Of The Mind - What's Your Shrine?. about 1 year ago
Blessed repress, nectar of the gods. Dope bubblers and cool breezers. Tune into this fix.
Bufiman / Dalo (5) - WAR1201
posted a comment on Bufiman / Dalo (5) - WAR1201. over 3 years ago
Wowowo, another wonderful Bufiman rhythm workout. Playful, optimistic. Yeah, yes real dope.
Mad Honey - Upward Bound
posted a comment on Mad Honey - Upward Bound. over 3 years ago
This is my favorite song about what it's like to ride on an elevator.
Smith & Mudd - Blue River
posted a comment on Smith & Mudd - Blue River. over 3 years ago
Endlessly listenable this one, perfect for long drives through the countryside.
Quiroga - Chords And Desire
posted a comment on Quiroga - Chords And Desire. over 4 years ago
Another super nice one from Quiroga, all tracks yeah wow! Snaaappppoooraaaaazz. Yeah. Snaporaz, say it out loud.
Reuben Vaun Smith - Warm Nights
posted a review of Reuben Vaun Smith - Warm Nights. over 4 years ago
Wonderful record, a real beautiful soul made this music. I didn't realize he also worked on the Forest Jams release "Yellow Haze" until just now. Makes sense.
Max Manetti - Papa Doc Agulia
posted a comment on Max Manetti - Papa Doc Agulia. over 4 years ago
This one is so dope. Since its release I've been checking here to see if anyone would be silly enough to part with it. I hope one day they're able to press more.
DJ Longsleeve - Glyder Fach
posted a comment on DJ Longsleeve - Glyder Fach. over 4 years ago
Real peach of a house record. Deep, soft, and romantic. Wowowowow. Yeah. Lovin this.
Pellegrino* Pres. Zodyaco - Caucciù
posted a comment on Pellegrino* Pres. Zodyaco - Caucciù. over 4 years ago
Brilliant little record, this. Hope it’s a tease for a full album later on, cus this is proper gorgeous easy-to-step-to class.
Mark Seven - Parkwerks Volume 1 (Hard, Raw & Raunchy Dubs For DJ's)
posted a comment on Mark Seven - Parkwerks Volume 1 (Hard, Raw & Raunchy Dubs For DJ's). over 4 years ago
Oh yeah, this one is crazy cool. Four seriously dreamy hip-wagging rump shakers soaked in them 80s good timin' vibey bass lines and funky rhythms.
A Vision of Panorama - Patches Of Light
posted a comment on A Vision of Panorama - Patches Of Light. over 4 years ago
Perfect, gorgeous EP. Maybe a modern treasure. I'm tempted to write a huge wall of text about each song, but I will not do that. The music can speak for itself.
ROTLA* - Trasmissioni
posted a comment on ROTLA* - Trasmissioni. over 4 years ago
Incredible album. One of my favorites from this year. Yeah it's just perfect.
Guy Contact - Liminal Space
posted a comment on Guy Contact - Liminal Space. over 5 years ago
Super dope record, space groovin'. A2 and B1 are very nice. "Ah yeah! He's got the resonance turned all the way up." - My significant other upon hearing the squishy melodic synthwork in Phase Value.
A Vision of Panorama - Delicious Saw
posted a comment on A Vision of Panorama - Delicious Saw. over 5 years ago
Agree with Reeno, this one's super solid. Great vibes all around the thang.
Space Ghost (2) - Aquarium Nightclub
posted a comment on Space Ghost (2) - Aquarium Nightclub. over 5 years ago
With a couple beautiful ambient tracks, and a variety of moods, this is easily one of the best house albums of the year. Funky, deep, and gorgeous. Well done Space Ghost. (A bit sad that Blue Lotus didn't make it on the wax, great tune as well!)
Smith & Mudd - Tea With Holger
posted a comment on Smith & Mudd - Tea With Holger. over 5 years ago
Also great for sipping hot coffee out of a large wooden mug on your cabin’s patio; eyes scanning the horizon of a dawning mountain valley, on a cold winter’s day.
Trinidadian Deep - Deep Love EP
posted a comment on Trinidadian Deep - Deep Love EP. over 5 years ago
Music out of a dream of love. Whole record is gorgeous.
Demi Riquísimo - 54 Reasons EP
posted a comment on Demi Riquísimo - 54 Reasons EP. over 5 years ago
Another slab of hot hot hot hot hot hot heat. All three of these can be gorgeously mixed together in various ways. Proper.
Lowell - No Matter
posted a comment on Lowell - No Matter . over 5 years ago
The Ruf Dug contains elements of Holy Ghost Inc's "Walk on Air (Sun & Moon mix)". Pressing is fantastic.
Que Sakamoto - Uchuu Hikoshi
posted a comment on Que Sakamoto - Uchuu Hikoshi . over 5 years ago
A1 has this deeply romantic, psychedelic summer vibe going on. Could see this creating some special moments on the dance floor with its mind cooling arps. B2 is also a jam.
Smith & Mudd feat Quinn Lamont Luke* - The Distance
posted a comment on Smith & Mudd feat Quinn Lamont Luke* - The Distance. over 5 years ago
Repress incoming soon for those who missed this gem of a record. Perfect for summer.
Demi Riquísimo - A Lifetime On The Hips
posted a comment on Demi Riquísimo - A Lifetime On The Hips. over 5 years ago
It comes from Instant Funk - No Stoppin that Rockin.
posted a comment on Loure - Avenues EP. over 5 years ago
One of the nicest releases so far this year. Just. Real. Nice.
Kham Lingtsang Band - Solan
posted a comment on Kham Lingtsang Band - Solan. over 5 years ago
Fantastic record. Laid back cosmic groove with insane percussion on the A side. The B side sends shivers throughout my entire body when listening. Brennan Green's remix captures my attention fully and leaves me speechless.
Levon Vincent -  Dance Music
posted a comment on Levon Vincent - Dance Music. over 5 years ago
Stunning dance music, A side is the standout. Minimal in its approach, it's a groove that immediately grabs hold of the body and doesn't let go for for nearly 11 minutes. I imagine this would kill in the early hours of the morning. Hypnotic.