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Avid collector/DJ of all sorts of stuff. From Acen to Zorn, I like pretty much anything that has had a bit of care put into it. I only really ever buy vinyl...

Please don't contact me to sell me records. Discogs is plenty tempting enough.

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posted a comment on Seldom Felt. 6 months ago
For some of the releases, perhaps, but not for all of the releases; various artists...
posted a comment on Kollaps (7) - Duprass. about 1 year ago
Ooooft, Beacon is such a belterre. Out to all the gang who want to hear what Burial sounds like before he gets on the night bus ;)
posted a comment on Pub - Do You Ever Regret Pantomime?. about 1 year ago
This is a unique, beautiful and unbelievably well put together album from Pub. I love the willingness to use space, eq and compression as part of the intriguing sound world. If you are into this, check out the other 100-million-odd records on Ampoule... See full review
posted a comment on Tin Man (3) - Love Sex Acid. about 1 year ago
It's very hard to only be able to give this record a 5/5... surely in some cases a 6/5 could be unlocked?
posted a comment on Stephen Mallinder - Um Dada. about 1 year ago
Unfortunately, my copy (orange vinyl) has some skips, pops and even a jump on side A. Annoying given it's a play-out-able record!
submitted Various - Station. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on J Majik - Full Circle. about 1 year ago
Absolutely unreal LP. Every single track is an absolute monster, yet quite a bit of variance in style. Big up J!
posted a comment on Rhythim Is Rhythim / Model 500 - Strings Of Life / Off To Battle / Kaos. over 3 years ago
The version of Kaos on this record is my favourite of all of the versions released. Just a shame that it's squeezed on to the end of side B and suffers from a quieter rendering because of it. I wonder if this version of Kaos ever came out digitally?
posted a comment on James Blackshaw - The Glass Bead Game. over 3 years ago
Oh indeed. He's a wonderful artist, and he's excellent live too.
posted a comment on Various - DJ Box 2. over 4 years ago
Each and every time; out to alladem car sellers in ya area. (Car) horns crew!
posted a comment on Bedouin Ascent - Music For Particles. over 4 years ago
Wonderful unconventional and beautiful mid-90s electronica with a wonky edge. Lovely stuff! :)
posted a comment on Bedouin Ascent - Science, Art And Ritual. over 4 years ago
I have the vinyl release and I play it at 45rpm... sounds excellent ;)
submitted Vlad & Ardisson / Kansas City Prophets - Split 12". over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Lag (3) - Unrest. over 5 years ago
Absolutely stunning record, dancefloor stormers! Excellently presented as well, lush deep pink vinyl :)
posted a review of Handsome Head - Teenaged Nezha. over 5 years ago
Absolute belter of a record! Like a well-engineered piece of 1993/94 business
posted a comment on Various - Warp10+3 Remixes. over 6 years ago
I have a white label version of this...
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Preview. over 6 years ago
Good work! Excellent transcription :)
submitted Blackmass Plastics - Mutate To Survive EP. over 6 years ago
posted a review of A Made Up Sound - Archive III . over 6 years ago
One of the most imaginative and consistent producers in modern Techno. All four tracks are incredible :)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Kowton - H-Street / Helsinki Sunrise. over 8 years ago
Kowton dropping serious bassweight as per. Fire!
posted a comment on Gingy & Bordello - Iron & Water (Remixes). over 8 years ago
Serious stuff. Dancefloor destroyers!
posted a review of Kowton - TFB. over 8 years ago
Unrelenting bangers the both of them. If this isn't in your collection then get on it!
posted a comment on Shackleton - Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs. over 9 years ago
An astounding album. Musicality, tension, bass weight, production skill all combine to brilliant effect here. A mature and accomplished album; I can't wait to hear these tracks out, LOUD!
posted a comment on New York Transit Authority / Conqueror (7) - Off The Traxx / Highest Order. over 10 years ago
Great reedy warbly bass noises, snappy fizzing percussion. No pressing problem with my copy!
posted a review of Hyetal - Phoenix / Like Silver. over 10 years ago
I would give Phoenix 6 out of 5 if I could. Great piece of music, well paced and sitting in the strange space between early/mid 90s electronica and modern bass music. Great stuff Mr Corney!
posted a comment on Morphosis (2) - What Have We Learned. over 10 years ago
Well, what have we here? It's difficult to know where this album has come from - it's almost like it's been beamed in from the ether! Ra H aka Morphosis has excelled even his brilliant previous releases with this one. Woozy, drifting and driving... See full review
posted a review of Edge Of Motion - Motionz Beyond. over 11 years ago
Wowsers... B1 - Craze - a forgotten gem. Detroit wooziness combined with the toughness of '92 beats.

A pretty varied EP all in all, with some really mental compression/eq work on Del Motimiento too, a real ripper of a distorted techno track a la... See full review
posted a review of Various - Black Velvet 1. over 13 years ago
Should one see this record on Ebay, one would snap it up. All those classic tunes on one record? Great!

Not quite. The tracks are undoubtedly anthems, though the Hybrid remix doesn't fit with the rest of the tracks in terms of style and... See full review