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posted a comment on The Police - Message In A Box (The Complete Recordings). 11 months ago
What makes the difference between the original and the re-issue versions ? I possess 2 items and ‘d like to know what they really are. Thanx a million
posted a comment on Queen - Live At Wembley '86. over 7 years ago
Strange that I apparently own the same copy but one detail differs : the "other F" isn't the same (PM 613(.
posted a comment on Kylie* - Fever. over 9 years ago
Some kind of oddness : bar code on back cover is right but differnent from the one carved on the CD (723543222 2 8 543 3682)
posted a comment on Jermaine Jackson. over 9 years ago
Can anyone confirm jermaine Jackson's middle name ?? Cos it's different from both english & french Wikipedia file.
posted a comment on Cunnie Williams - Star Hotel. over 9 years ago
What's the right grammar for N°15 track title : Something's just ain't right (as written on CD back cover) or Something just ain't right (as on inside CD leaflet) ?????
I'd go by the second, no ?
posted a comment on Robbie Williams - Life Thru A Lens. over 9 years ago
Don't know if it's a Discogs or a typing (on Robbie's leaflet) mistake but Track n°10 (Clean) was written by A. Genn. So who detains the Truth ?
Sincerely,a fan of yours.
posted a comment on Deise Mikhail. over 9 years ago
To be linked with Naïve's (label) production, Fouquet's
NS 91 523
posted a comment on Chris De Multifunkshun. over 9 years ago
appears on an other Naïve release, Fouquet's (Naïve NS 91523) remixing Borsalino theme.
posted a comment on Florent Pagny. over 9 years ago
Missing to your list : Florent Pagny's 1992 CD called Réaliste
Released by Mercury / 512648-2
posted a comment on Eg White. over 9 years ago
Did he co-write James Blunt's I'll take everything (N°3 track from James All the lost souls album) ?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Tina Arena. over 9 years ago
Can't find in Tina's albums list the one captured live at The Bruno Coquatrix Olympia (Paris) in 2003 including her best-of titles.
Code Number is : col 5106752
posted a comment on Kylie Minogue - Breathe. over 9 years ago
The writers of Breathe are Kylie, Igon Vauk and Dave Ball (not Bell). If Wikipedia's informations are to be trusted, his full name is David James Ball, but I'm not 100% sure. To be checked.
posted a comment on Florent Pagny - Baryton. over 9 years ago
Also available, a 2 CD set including the entire show "Baryton" by Florent Pagny (special appearances by Patricia Petibon).
Label : Mercury France — 983 441-4
Was released Summer 2005
posted a comment on Téléphone - Le Live. over 9 years ago
I 've just found out I own a different cos different barcode and other identifiers aren't the same:
Barcode (Text): 0 7777 869822 7
Distribution Code: PM 527
posted a comment on Various - L'Âme Du Gospel (La Lumière Du Peuple Noir). over 9 years ago
I couldn't find my edit : a 2 CD set of 15 and 12 tracks including a 24 pages book.
posted a comment on Corneille. over 9 years ago
Can't see his live CD (Captured at La Cigale, March 204)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Michel Jonasz. over 9 years ago
Michel Jonasz au Zénith (1993) is missing U. It's a live CD
posted a comment on Hugues Aufray. over 9 years ago
Again, couldn't find a 2 CD compilation from Hugues Aufray named "Les années Barclay" (1993)(N° 519 305-2 BA 898)