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Polo Est - Fly Fly
posted a review of Polo Est - Fly Fly. over 14 years ago
This was the typical master a record company signed in those days - hoping for yet another Italo/Disco hit! A DJ / Dance artists management company from Italy bombarded Mega with all kinds of demos and masters-in-progress, including this one. Mega... See full review
Phil Green Vs. SHOKK* - Fascination
posted a review of Phil Green Vs. SHOKK* - Fascination. over 15 years ago
Don't know why this track is called Fascination, I'm not fascinated.
It's a somewhat mediocre house/electro tune only to be remembered for a synthesizer version of the guitar riff from U2's "New Year's Day".
A great riff, but the release doesn't... See full review
Timbaland Featuring Keri Hilson - The Way I Are
posted a review of Timbaland Featuring Keri Hilson - The Way I Are. over 15 years ago
The history behind the track "Timbaland vs. Nephew feat. Keri Hilson & D. O. E. - The Way I Are":
Timbaland while being in Denmark for the 2006 MTV europe music awards, heard a track by the Danish group and wanted to use one of their tracks for his... See full review
Klaas - Confession
posted a review of Klaas - Confession. over 15 years ago
Although this not may be the biggest piece of art made by man I like it.
The 2 electronic tracks are somewhat of a built up tear down thing, with a guitar sounding thread throughout the tracks. To Gina Lapiana vocals, the only thing I can say good... See full review
Eric Prydz Vs Floyd* - Proper Education
posted a review of Eric Prydz Vs Floyd* - Proper Education. over 15 years ago
A great version of a great Pink Floyd track, well done Eric Prydz, and remixes made by Sebastian Ingrosso and Sebastien Leger, oh joy, I thought.
However the remixes are somewhat of a disappointment, there just plain boring compared to the Prydz... See full review
Henrik B
posted a review of Henrik B. over 15 years ago
Letting go of the more techno oriented releases and going electro was what opened my eyes to this guy. Although not being that impressed by his own releases like "Airwalk", his skills as remixer amaze me. After having almost worn-out my Henrik B remix... See full review
Xprience - Xprience 16
posted a review of Xprience - Xprience 16. over 16 years ago
Although this release look like all the other Xprience releases it has one little feature that makes it different from the previous; it has the original artist "Miami Sound Machine" written on the cover and on the record.
One reason might be (I... See full review
posted a review of Nephew. over 16 years ago
Nephew's sound is inspired by Depeche Mode but with a heavier rock sound although they still are very electronic. The Danish lyrics are sung by Simon Kvamm (who also is had great success with the comedy show Drengene fra Angora).
There was even made... See full review
Data Records
posted a review of Data Records. over 16 years ago
You might think they’re great or selling out, none the less I buy DATA releases mainly for one reason: quality. Not the release, mostly they are somewhat late released and with fewer tracks, but the vinyl, the "T" at the end of the catalogue number,... See full review
posted a review of S.O.A.P.. over 16 years ago
This 2 girl group is yet a prove that Remee is an excellent producer, who can see a hit and make it work. In the late 90’s S.O.A.P. had great success with "Not Like other Girls" sales exceeding 1.5 million singles and albums, and tours all over the... See full review
Mickael Turtle - Ghostbusters
posted a review of Mickael Turtle - Ghostbusters. over 17 years ago
NO! Why! This proves you can sell anything. Giving the Ghostbusters theme a “Crazy Frog” treatment is not great music, it’s making money. Taking a good number and a concept that somehow, thru a never-ending stream commercials, got big, isn’t that seen before? See full review
Katja Kean
posted a review of Katja Kean. over 17 years ago
Originally Filur used at piece of sound with Katja Keans moans form a porn movie (which movie is uncertain) for the track "Sunset Boulevard" on the "Exciting Comfort" album, but problems with the sample clearance meant the track couldn’t be released.... See full review
Bakslash - Tainted Love
posted a review of Bakslash - Tainted Love. over 17 years ago
Bakslash - Tainted Love is more or less a house version of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love and that’s what you get, not that exiting if it weren’t for the Gianluca Motta Re-Conception Mix. This mix has some good intensions, about 4:30 into the track gets... See full review
Milk & Sugar - What Is Love (Anyway)
posted a review of Milk & Sugar - What Is Love (Anyway). over 17 years ago
This is a remake (some may say a copy/paste release) of Howard Jones - What Is Love and a good one too! They haven’t really changed that much form the original, more polished it and modernized it.
This version includes tracks form both the 2 12" Milk... See full review
Cut 'N' Move
posted a review of Cut 'N' Move. over 17 years ago
I remember these guys being really huge in the early 90’s and also for being one of the first Danish euro-dance/rap groups that the more mainstream Danish audience really liked. The track “Get Serious” went strait to no. 1 on almost all the Danish... See full review
Uniting Nations Featuring Laura More - Ai No Corrida
posted a review of Uniting Nations Featuring Laura More - Ai No Corrida. over 17 years ago
Mmm nice cover! However the record (in this version at least) this is not nearly as good as ”Out Of Touch” or ”You And Me”.
The Sharp Boys A-side is pure waste of vinyl, the B-side with more vocals is ok.
You might want to wait for a release with at... See full review
posted a review of D-A-D. over 17 years ago
DAD originally started out being country-rock, but with their “risking it all” album changed into hard-rock. Their record label tried break thru in US, but with little success and since they mostly played in Scandinavian countries.
DAD is almost... See full review
DJ Indygo Feat. MC Chris Antonio - I'm Always Here
posted a review of DJ Indygo Feat. MC Chris Antonio - I'm Always Here. over 17 years ago
This track is the theme song from the Baywatch TV show mixed with Eric Prydz style beats. Somehow it feels wrong to enjoy it, but I must admit I love this track. It has that summer and sun nostalgia flare to it and almost everyone recognizes it straightaway. See full review
Carolina Marquez - The Killer's Song
posted a review of Carolina Marquez - The Killer's Song. over 17 years ago
This song has a small sample of one of the numbers form the "Kill Bill" soundtrack, beats and some annoying vocals. If your really hammered this probably great, but if not its awful.
Its one for those records, that after some time, makes you wonder... See full review
Lunar Kings - Save A Prayer / Save My Sound
posted a review of Lunar Kings - Save A Prayer / Save My Sound. over 17 years ago
This sounds a lot like the Pure Orange release "Save A Prayer" from Dec. 2003, still slow but with more club friendly sound. The song also contains what I believe are Michael Jackson and Duran Duran samples, All in all nice work.
Global Deejays - Network EP
posted a review of Global Deejays - Network EP. over 17 years ago
This record is great, especially "Lonely".

"Lonely" uses the same theme as "Raven Maize - The Real Life" and adds speed, new vocals, this works quite well!
”Stars On 45” it’s disco given new life.
"Don't Stop Me Now" uses samples of the "Queen -... See full review
posted a review of Jamelia. over 17 years ago
Jamelia’s hit “Superstar” wasn’t the original/first version of the number, as the producer and song writhers Remee and Cutfather & Joe made a somewhat unethical move.
They sold the same number twice!
The number was actually already released a... See full review