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posted a comment on Kon And The Gang* Feat. Rick James - We Like It. 5 days ago
This just arrived in the mail. Never had any issues with Kon-related pressings before but this is nearly unplayable. The a-side esp. is just a 'muddy' mess, but b-side isn't great either ... hard to believe this got past the test pressing stage.
posted a comment on Talking Heads - 'Remain In Light' Unreleased Outtakes. 14 days ago
A second bootleg 12" EP with a 'faux' Sire promo sleeve just came out - I bought mine from Juno - of four outtakes from 'Fear Of Music', ie. the four bonus unreleased tracks first released on the 2006 CD reissue of the album.
posted a comment on The Imaginations (2) - Shake Me Bupsie. about 1 month ago
The 'Disco' version on the b-side is a killer (mostly) instrumental jam with some really left-field 'dub' sounds FX! After about ten minutes the vocal briefly comes in to amazing affect! A crazy good $10 record.
posted a comment on Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles / Boy, You're Dynamite. 2 months ago
Does anyone know why this pressing is so expensive? My copy still has its Woolworths price sticker - 30p!
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman / Clouds. 2 months ago
Thanks for taking the time to respond ... that all makes sense, and I understand the desire not to repress, but why not simply press twice as many copies to start with? That way more people could buy at the original price - and support 'Le Edits' -... See full review
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman / Clouds. 2 months ago
I bought this from Juno on release ... but there are now 20+ copies for sale here for $40-$50 (or more), most are listed as being 'new' and clearly many are being sold by record 'stores' (online or otherwise). Question: Why would Le Edits - or their... See full review
posted a comment on Kanye West - Wash Us In The Blood. 3 months ago
I ordered the vinyl version from Kanye's website. (Wonder if it will take nine months to turn up like 'Jesus Is King'!)
posted a comment on Kanye West - Jesus Is King. 3 months ago
Mine arrived today too! (July 7) It took so long to arrive that I'd actually forgotten I'd ordered it from Kanye's site and had bought another copy in the meantime! Now I have two copies! (Good job its amazing!)
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman / Clouds. 3 months ago
I bought mine from Juno, must have sold out very quickly. Already c. 50-100 pounds here! I guess 1,000 copies wasn't enough!
posted a comment on Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman / Clouds. 3 months ago
Up at Juno now! Reading the Notes above: this is first time I've seen the pressing run listed for a regular 'Le Edits' release. 1,000 copies is - relatively - a lot these days.
posted a comment on Patrick Gordon (2) - Realize. 3 months ago
Amazing record. The same 'roaring lion' labels were used on George Faith's equally amazing Lee Perry-produced 12" 'Guideline' on Andre label. Not sure if Andre was a Sunshine sub-label?... See full review
posted a comment on Sandy Mercer - Play With Me / You Are My Love. 3 months ago
A key left-field disco record. An Arthur Russell favorite, mixed by Steve D'Acquisto and Walter Gibbons who would both become central to pretty much all of Arthur's subsequent dance floor adventures. The 'Play With Me' mix is an understated... See full review
posted a comment on Park Ave.* Featuring Tony Jenkins - Don't Turn Your Love. 3 months ago
Amazing dollar bin record. Maybe the best dollar bin12" there is! Tee Scott + Blaze at their respective peaks for almost nothing!
posted a comment on Inversions - Loco-Moto. 4 months ago
For me the greatest UK jazz funk record. And amazing piano intro and break!
posted a comment on A-Team (11) - Trouble. 4 months ago
Great repress on Seance Centre. Is Tom Dixon the furniture designer Tom Dixon?

posted a comment on The Joneses - Summer Groove. 4 months ago
The three track UK 12" is the easiest way to buy this eternal classic and has the bonus of the edited version along with the sublime instrumental version 'Summer Groove Music' (still kills me every time when the synth riff comes in!), which I think... See full review
posted a comment on Casey Kelly / Ziggie Addy - Where You Been / Touch Me. 4 months ago
A-side is a very underrated Kokomo-esque rock-soul dance floor bomb . Co-written by half of the Everly Brothers!
posted a comment on Samba Soul - Chove Chuva / Mas Que Nada / Mambo No. 5. 4 months ago
Cocktail disco bomb with seemingly endless breaks. Somewhat underrated. (Sparkle's 1979 'Handsome Man' bears an uncanny musical resemblance to 'Chove Chuva'.)
posted a comment on Lorraine Johnson - Feed The Flame. 4 months ago
From the very end of the classic 'disco era', this is huge record with an insane bass line, incredible breaks and an amazing vocal performance - and likely among Francois K's earliest mixes for Prelude? Should be far better known. Peak disco at its... See full review
posted a comment on High Voltage* / Chain Reaction - Rock, Spank, Freak / Dance Freak. 4 months ago
Maybe the first Kon edit I'm not feeling. Not sure either of these tracks benefitted from being re-edited, the awkward old school musicality of the originals gets lost here.
posted a comment on Noise Abroad - Vent That Spleen. 4 months ago
The b-side of this 12" 'The Valley Of Blue Men' is a phenomenal dubby balearic track.
posted a comment on Various - Lightspeed Discs Issue 505103. 4 months ago
Great extended mix of Ivan's Fotonovela on this short-lived NJ DJ remix label. ... The Madonna edit is a mess!
posted a comment on Darlin' (2) - Chicago. 4 months ago
Just noticed this four years later! Thanks! : )
posted a comment on Lavvi Ebbel - ¿Telepatia? ¡Telepatia!. 4 months ago
How come this gets no love? Seriously great post-punk dub on all-time great label!
posted a comment on Coco De Jour - Love Me Tonight. 4 months ago
The remixed 'phased' version is a truly amazing slice of late-disco. Very strange mastering ... as if it has no bass ... that strangely only adds to the track's charms. Seriously under known.
posted a comment on Joaquin Joe Claussell* - The Unofficial Edits & Overdubs Vol. 2. 4 months ago
The 7" just got an independent release via Juno. Priced around $18 in an edition of 100 copies (I'm assuming outside of the CD set?)
posted a comment on Johnny Hammond - Los Conquistadores Chocolates (Remixes). 4 months ago
Arrived in the mail. Seriously great - both sides. There is/was arguably no reason to remix this eternal classic ... but this is a future classic in its own right. Part 2. has the edge for me.
posted a comment on Biba - Close To You. 5 months ago
Instrumental is the pick here. Next level. Should be far better known.
posted a comment on Tirez Tirez - Etudes. 5 months ago
A very underrated album on Object Music, a key Manchester post-punk era label that provided an aesthetic counterpoint to Factory, New Hormones etc.
posted a comment on The Durutti Column - Vini Reilly + Womad Live. 5 months ago
I also bought from Darla in the US for less than $30.00. Great package but the sleeve notes are confusing. Disc Two is listed inside the gatefold as "WOMAD Live", but in fact only side 4 contains the WOMAD recordings. Side 3 - as printed/identified on... See full review
posted a comment on Sonny Okosun - Highlife. 5 months ago
The dub version is a seriously great left-field dance track. Timing is 5' 45" for the dub. (The A side dance mix is 6' 40", and the B-side radio edit is 3' 45".)
posted a comment on King Tubby & Soul Syndicate* - Freedom Sounds In Dub. 6 months ago
I have this Jamaican pressing. The pressing is surprisingly great, a bit of surface noise here and there - which makes it seem more 'authentic' somehow! The sleeve is another thing ... a truly astonishing lo-fi printing job, a super crude scan of the... See full review
posted a comment on The Ulstafarians - The Ulstafarians. 6 months ago
Private press reggae-folk-soul hybrid recorded in upstate New York. (Hence 'Ulster-farians'!) Has its moments, esp. on 'Black Gold' and 'Drums In The Valley'. You get the sense that they were probably a great live band.
posted a comment on Echo Minott - The Diner. 6 months ago
Under-the-radar, totally left-field cover of the Suzanne Vega classic (Tom's Diner.) Should be a train wreck, but somehow it is isn't! Recommended.
posted a comment on Gratitude (2) - Hard Times. 6 months ago
Super raw Island electro-soul. Both versions are great. From '93 but could be much earlier. My copy still in shrink with its black and white xerox flyer attached (with a 718 area code contact phone number.)
posted a comment on Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold - Love Directions / Love Jelly . 6 months ago
Sublime edit of the People's Choice 'Movin' In All Directions'. Highest recommendation.
posted a comment on Nina Simone - Blackbird (Special Unofficial Edits & Overdubs 12"). 6 months ago
Bought this from Juno just a week or so ago, already listed here for $75-$150! Amazing record.
posted a comment on Linval Thompson / Horace Andy - Left With A Broken Heart / Come On Brother. 7 months ago
The Horace Andy side of this record is a super tough, deep dub-roots track. Underrated and undervalued.
posted a comment on Sydes - Diamonds. 7 months ago
This a great and somewhat unheralded record. Commercially-inclined reggae-pop crossover that could easily have been a hit. Beautifully mixed by Timmy Regisford, with a great dub version.
posted a comment on Xanadu (2) / Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Sure Shot / Do The Dance. 7 months ago
Beautiful record, both sides. Very uncommon in used record stores etc. (Maybe no one wants to part with it!) Amazed this has never been repressed on 12".
posted a comment on Linval Thompson / Johnny Clarke - Westbound Plane / Ride On Young Girl. 7 months ago
'Westbound Plane' is an insanely great left-field reggae-soul track. Undervalued 12".
posted a comment on Meditation* - Turn Me Loose. 7 months ago
The Glen Adams b-side instrumental 'Adams Apple' is a sublime slo-mo synth-y island jam! Overlooked record!
posted a comment on A Certain Ratio - Early. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Ludus - My Cherry Is In Sherry. 11 months ago
Approximately 25 copies included an original drawing by Linder Sterling. I recently purchased a used copy in London that still included the drawing!
posted a comment on Rare Silk - Storm. 11 months ago
Wish I’d read the reviews below before buying this. I have the album so I mostly bought this for the ARP mix. But as mentioned below it’s not a great pressing. The sharp/high sounds are distorted. It’s especially noticeable in the original vocals, but... See full review
posted a comment on Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl. 11 months ago
Boom! More genius (yes 'genius'!) from Dimitri. (The greatest 21st century remixer.) Astonishing reanimation of a ubiquitous, 23 year-old track. All four versions are amazing ... and better than the original! (IMO!)
posted a comment on Various - Use Hearing Protection: Factory Records 1978-79. 11 months ago
Has anyone bought this yet? Seems overpriced to me at c. $250+ (plus shipping) for five replica vinyl records, two interview CDs, one DVD, a publication and printed ephemera? (The Tiller Boys tracks came out on a 7" EP in 1980 which can still be found... See full review
posted a comment on Sandra Hamilton (2) - Parang Jam / Happy New Year (Blue). 11 months ago
Repress incoming from Soundway records! Repress incoming from Soundway records!
posted a comment on Colleen Grant - Latin Parang. 11 months ago
Repress incoming from Soundway! Repress incoming from Soundway! Repress incoming ...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 11 months ago