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posted a comment on DJ Mitsu The Beats - Keep In Music Project Vol.3. about 1 year ago
Incredible Black jazz mix with some scratching, breaks, beats, hip hop, and rapping. Would love the tracklist.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Phase And Rhythm* - Hyperactive / Brainfood. over 2 years ago
Paul C didn't produce this, Phase aka Denson "Dibbs" Rosser, the DJ seen in the video and photos did.
posted a comment on Tuff Crew - Still Dangerous. over 3 years ago
This is their 3rd album. Phanjam was a split EP with the Krown Rulers.
submitted I Am The Cosmos - Monochrome. over 5 years ago
submitted KMD - Peachfuzz / Gasface Refill. over 5 years ago
submitted Beastie Boys - Jimmy James. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill. over 7 years ago
You listed it as Remastered but in the liner notes and nowhere on the record does it say it's remastered. Does anyone know if it is in fact remastered?