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posted a comment on The Cabildo's Three* - Yuxtaposición . 4 months ago
Amazing if not one of the best Latin music album.

posted a review of Orquesta La Perfecta - La Perfecta Con Cariño. 8 months ago
This album has Senegal or Nigeria tone from 60s - 80s mixed with salsa, it's unique and hard to get this, great album.
posted a comment on Osvaldo Valentin Y Su Orquesta - Salsa...Salsa...Salsa. 8 months ago
Yes, a reissue by Sonolux and it has the same jacket but has two small logos at the top left one is a black square written "Sonolux" on it in blue and in top right over Osvalde's name written in white "Salsa...Salsa...Salsa".

posted a comment on Osvaldo Valentin Y Su Orquesta - Osvaldo Valentin Y Su Orquesta. 8 months ago
This is Bobby Valentín younger brother, I can't say anything bad, one of those albums that you listen to from start to finish. Don't hesitate to get this for real this will be for sure in your favorites list.
posted a review of Willy Melendez "El Hippie" Y Su Nueva Banda* - Tremendo!. 8 months ago
So rare that you're lucky to even listen to this album, just amazing how this is arranged. But what kills this album is to much Bolero.
posted a review of La Preferida De Felix Caraballo - Que Vacilon. 8 months ago
Crazy rhythms I didn't believe this album is unknown and rare to find
posted a comment on Sonora Ponceña* - Determination. 8 months ago
Yambequé on this album is a cover of the original track of "Senén Suarez Y Su Conjunto" also called Yambequé
posted a review of René Touzet His Piano Conjunto And Orchestra* - The Cha Cha Cha And The Mambo. 8 months ago
Rare and unique Mambo and Cha Cha. Take this album if you're collecting mambo, you will miss big if you don't have this album in your collection.
posted a comment on Ismael Quintana - Punto Y Aparte. 10 months ago
Man his voice is angelic, by the way he was the lead vocal in almost all of Eddie Palmieri's albums.
posted a comment on La Conquistadora - La Conquistadora. 10 months ago
Rare sounds but it has some standard rhythms still a good album and a rare one.
Best track: Terruno
posted a comment on Orquesta La Conspiracion* - Ernie's Conspiracy. 10 months ago
S.E.R.A and Magdalena those two tracks are a classic, for real this album is unique.
posted a comment on Bobby Quesada And His Band - Boogaloo En El Barrio. 10 months ago
This is one of those Salsa albums that you will not leave until you have it on your favorite list. One of the best Fania albums. Simple, fun, enjoyable, and for most unique rhythms and great lead vocals. The piano on this 5/5 and great composition.
posted a comment on Celph Titled & Buckwild - Nineteen Ninety Now. about 1 year ago
This album showing that Buckwild is a legendary producer, and this album is a classic.
posted a comment on Termanology x Shortfyuz - Mas Goya. about 1 year ago
This guy is so street wise and real that I put him on my top 20 best rappers.
posted a comment on Reks X Shortfyuz - Order In Chaos. about 1 year ago
Not bad some instrumentals are more like absurd and distracting from what Reks saying, but some are banger 3/5 still better than most 2018 albums. Reks still giving more punches than your average rapper :)
posted a comment on Pete Rock - Return Of The SP1200. about 1 year ago
Not that disappointing, some old tracks when he was with CL, but some beats in this one are perfect.

4/5 for me
posted a review of Irving Y Su Quemazon - El Africano. about 1 year ago
I can't say anything more than a Classic. All kind of salsa n Latin styles are in this album even grooves are rare and unique.
posted a comment on Celina Y Reutilio - Rezos Y Cantos Guajiros . about 1 year ago
This is pure original Cuban music, if you want to listen to the best music that Cuba can give.
posted a review of Charles Fox - El Zorro Del Ritmo. about 1 year ago
This album is unique you can't find similar tones, one of the best Latin music (pachanga) albums.
posted a comment on Bobby Pauneto* - El Sonido Moderno - The Modern Sound Of Bobby Pauneto. over 2 years ago
Yeah! Tito Puente ofcourse. My top 10 list Tito is on it but I love to find unkown artists or musicians like Bobby Pauneto.
posted a review of Trichotomy - Known-Unknown. over 3 years ago
Good and it reflects what Jazz meant to be, but some places they look like a Jazz-Rock group.

I guess this album will not get any recognition unless someone known sample it or a heavy advertisement budget to get it in the hands of people who usually... See full review
posted a comment on Bobby Pauneto* - El Sonido Moderno - The Modern Sound Of Bobby Pauneto. over 4 years ago
If Tito wasn't famous this guy could have been that famous.
posted a comment on Roberto Yanes - Que Pasa Entre Los Dos. over 4 years ago
Great album anyone who loves Bolero (Latin orchestral music) this is a must have.
posted a comment on Ricardo Marrero & The Group - A Taste. over 4 years ago
There is a ton of unknown and rare Latin Jazz and Afro-Cuban music also Brazilian stuff that you can't even find it on Youtube, at least we know what's into this beast album, one of the craziest tones.
Also Japanese stuff are rare to find.

I hope... See full review
posted a comment on Nujabes Featuring Shing02 - Luv(sic) Grand Finale / Part 6. over 6 years ago
Thank you :)
posted a comment on Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited - Sounds Of Sound L.T.D.. over 6 years ago
Rare tunes are rare to find 4/5 for this album
posted a comment on Os Sambeatles - Os Sambeatles. over 6 years ago
Great album! 5/5
posted a comment on Reks - Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme. over 7 years ago
Great Album :)
posted a comment on People Under The Stairs - Question In The Form Of An Answer. over 7 years ago
Its rare bro :)
posted a comment on Nujabes Featuring Shing02 - Luv(sic) Grand Finale / Part 6. over 7 years ago
I try to find the sample but sounds like a rare one, R.I.P Nujabes he's the man that feels the music ( Emotional side of music )