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posted a review of T.Power - The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind + Chronology. about 1 month ago
...First hated it at first ones hearing. Finally bought it full price, special Japanese edition. One conclusion to give to people whom are still wondering like me if they love it or not : just f****** purchase it, you'll know this later !
Just use your ... See full review
posted a comment on Zombie Sperm - Resurrection Of Evil. 4 months ago
Is it real ? What the f*** is that ..?!!
posted a comment on Various - Atmoz - Legendary Sounds From The Clubs. 5 months ago
Anybody knows about the duration traxx ? If they're full or megamixed ?
posted a comment on Various - Illusion 2002 - Retro Classix 2 (The Originals). 5 months ago
If anybody sells this one, I'm ok for a purchase, even at 20 euros.
posted a comment on Various - Club Hits Revolutions. 8 months ago
Hello here. Looking for anyone who sells it. Can pay up 10 euros, no problem.
posted a comment on Gary D. - D.Trance 42. about 1 year ago
I wanna say "thank you" to da master of Hard-Trance, today, cause I only learned about his death it was yesterday, so I wanna make a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU for this special thanks he makes to the pioneers of Trance into D-Trance 42 CD2 Track 1 : Hardtrance ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Techno Trax. over 2 years ago
Ravers know there's nothing else to say but : "1991" ;)