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posted a comment on The Freeze - Calling All Creatures. 1 day ago
Amen, Clif. The album is one for the ages and a "legacy installment" or us who have been fans for decades. And it has been sounding better with each repeated listen. Thanks for still bringing the defiance!
posted a comment on Unhold (2) - (Digital). about 1 month ago
Packaged in the size of a standard CD jewel case but the style of a DVD case. First packaging like this that I've ever seen.
posted a comment on Rest In Pieces - My Rage. about 1 month ago
What I find interesting is that "The Nose Demo" is still not listed - and I have never seen photos of it online. Would love if someone who actually has it could take the time to create a listing. Until then I have a theory that it might not have been ... See full review
posted a comment on Rest In Pieces - My Rage. about 1 month ago
Virtually all copies had some issue with the back cover (tray) insert that caused them to be "wavy".
posted a comment on Gob Iron - Death Songs For The Living. about 1 month ago
This has been reissued on vinyl. For sale on the merch table during Son Volt's current tour.
posted a comment on Fine Day - Untitled. about 1 month ago
Now that I have two different copies of this release, I have discovered that the cover / "sleeve" exists both on some kind of textured cardstock paper and on a standard photocopied paper.
posted a comment on False Hope - Cease To Exist. 2 months ago
I totally agree !!! Demos and cassette-only releases like this spend too much time in inaccessible purgatory.
posted a comment on Three Shades Of Dirty - Paper Roses. 2 months ago
"Dancing Song" is actually the name of a label, that co-released this cassette with Vermin Scum.
posted a comment on Raze (15) - Raze. 3 months ago
This is not a bootleg! This demo tape is the one and only release by the band. I got mine directly from them in 1990. I don't how the term "unofficial release" got into the listing... ?
posted a comment on Alone In A Crowd - Alone In A Crowd. 3 months ago
I still have correspondence from the label head (from around the time I mail ordered this original) that says the pressing was 500. It may have also been stated in early zine ads.
posted a comment on Crain (2) - Speed. 4 months ago
Thanks for the info! I mail ordered my vinyl copy from Simple Machines as soon as I saw their distro catalog listing of it (late 1992 or early '93). At that point all they needed to do was name drop Slint and Rodan and I was in. 🤓 I got the reissued ... See full review
posted a comment on Endorphins Lost - Blood Pact. 4 months ago
Anyone know how many of this version were made? Thanks.
posted a review of Government Alpha, Bastard Noise - Interstellar Perceptions of a Failed Species. 6 months ago
Mindblowing tour de force from these longtime kindred Sound Souls. You will be suspended and swirled in otherworldly sonic spaces... I got my copy of this most limited version direct from my old friend Eric Wood. The label did offer it - but sold out ... See full review
posted a comment on Rozz And Negative Trend - The Pop Session. 8 months ago
B O O T L E G ! ! !
posted a comment on Shellac - Futurist. 8 months ago
Of course the current listings and sales stats are absurd. An indie icon made the most brilliant marketing move of all time - put a limited product out there and have the poor souls who received one and chose to sell it bear the onus of "selling out". ... See full review
posted a comment on Bailter Space - Nelsh Bailter Space. 8 months ago
Hi! I never heard about "Nelsh" being the release name, but it seems to make sense. I am a fan in the U.S., and just a couple days ago scored a beautiful original Flying Nun cassette copy of this release. Totally agree about the bogus Amazon discs. I ... See full review
posted a comment on Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls. 8 months ago
Thank you Smithsnerd! Always love positive comments on here. Power droid a.k.a. "Gonk droid" was one of the first figures I ever got - in the late 70's! I was a Star Wars nerd years before I became a music collector. 🤓
posted a comment on Slaughter Shack - Slaughter Shack. 10 months ago
Red label version rules! Andy Strachan from DYS plays 2nd guitar on this release! I remember seeing this one at Newbury Comics in 1990 and passing on it... (Din't know anything about the band) Very glad to finally have it in the collection.
posted a comment on Slag (11) - Everything Is Nothing. 12 months ago
I would love an original copy of that demo. Wasn't it called "I Want Some Life"?
posted a comment on Awake!. about 1 year ago
Does ANYONE know if they recorded/released a demo? I got this EP by mail (after a long wait) when it came out, and have always wondered.
posted a comment on Galleons Lap - Themes And Variations A Counter Industrial Revolution. about 1 year ago
You have quite a commodity there. With all the cassette mania these days, I am sure it is the preferred format. (And of course it's the original version of this release.)
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posted a review of Burn (2) - Live In New York City 1991 - Drown. about 1 year ago
Very interesting... This is an "unofficial" release, yet Dcgs has not banned it from being sold.
posted a comment on Cynic (2) - The Portal Tapes. about 1 year ago
It looks like a hype sticker. I found a new sealed one recently from a U.S. mail order service, but it doesn't have this description on the front. My guess is if it's a hype sticker, they did not put one on all copies. I never read or heard anywhere ... See full review
posted a comment on Cynic (2) - Uroboric Forms (The Complete Demo Recordings 1988-1989-1990-1991). about 1 year ago
The Europe version of the CD is the one to get. Still comes sealed with the stickers on the outside, but also has a massive beautiful 24-page booklet!
posted a comment on Bastard Noise - If It Be Not True. about 1 year ago
Contains one of my favorite track titles: "Animatronic Blood Harvest"! And I read about once or twice but since forgot the story behind this release. I know it was originally planned as a double cassette on Deadline Records. Can someone remind me, was ... See full review
posted a comment on Sleep - Jerusalem. about 1 year ago

Clearly you didn't do much research. I was not referring to the Rise Above/Music Cartel CD from 1999. I'm talking about the beige/brown illustrated cover 1998 CD, the first ever released version of this album - which is what this listing depicts. The ... See full review
posted a comment on The Go Team - Archer Come Sparrow. about 1 year ago
Sounds very familiar, unfortunately. Too many sellers are living in a dream world...
posted a comment on Against The Wall. about 1 year ago
They also had a 1988 demo, with 5 songs I believe. Still have mine I ordered from Mike in the early days of New Age Records.
posted a comment on Lefty's Deceiver. about 1 year ago
Ex-members of Philly indie band Kimbashing. Their debut was a 1999 CD on Plot Twist Records titled "45:00". I caught them playing with Haywood in late 1996 at Ulana's Downtown Rock Lounge in Philly.
posted a comment on SDT* - SDT. about 1 year ago
Incredibly underrated record. These guys combined a sort of post-punk underground rock with the creativity and urgency of some of the better progressive hardcore bands of the day. Do yourself a favor and own it!
posted a comment on Sonic Disruption Theory - Demo 11-88. about 1 year ago
If you have ever liked anything else these guys did (including the Suburban Death Trip LP), you need this insanely rare tape!!!
posted a comment on Plain Wrap - Original Music For A Generic World. about 1 year ago
The album was also reissued on CD years later on a label called "Running Bull Records", with a couple of bonus tracks.
posted a comment on Fu Manchu - Senioritis. about 1 year ago
Something is definitely going on - and apparently has been for quite a while with this release. Over at least 6 years time, I have NEVER seen this record listed here for less than $30.00. I bought "Pick-Up Summer" in 1992 but could never find this ... See full review
posted a comment on Brotherhood (12) - No Tolerance For Ignorance. about 1 year ago
I traced my money order back in the day, and sure enough he had gotten it and cashed it. I can only hope karma has proportionately taken care of him. I looked him up on FB a couple years ago. He was running a book shop somewhere in NYC.
posted a review of Wat Tyler - Appetite For Axl. about 1 year ago
Holy shit - I had forgotten about this cover. Hands down the most insanely graphic comic illustration I've ever seen on any recorded material. And I find it interesting that Dcgs will ban "unofficial" releases but is okay with this...
posted a comment on Cemeteries - Barrow. about 1 year ago
I'm getting really tired of this elitist thing of pressing like 100 LP's and/or cassettes, and then just having the recording available as a file. Look at how many people on here have shown they want the physical format... The market is there!
posted a comment on Quicksand (3) - Interiors. about 1 year ago
Epitaph does suck! I have no clue why they went with that label. I tried to navigate the site like two months ago for info on vinyl pre-orders, and gave up because it was just showing CD package deals. And when I looked for contact info, there was ... See full review
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posted a comment on Weird Paul - Sucking Chest Wound. about 1 year ago
Too many people (especially on here) refer to lower quality black vinyl as "translucent brown" as if it were some special colored variant. It's not - it's black!
posted a comment on Sense Field - Premonitions. about 1 year ago
How does this release not seem to be anywhere near as rare/valuable as the first CD EP? Did they make a ton more of them? And because it was distributed by Revelation? I thought I really scored when I found mine brand new in a store in summer '93...
posted a comment on Neurosis - Empty (Live Seven Inch). about 1 year ago
Fuck. Never knew any colored of this existed, nevermind limited to 100. And I was around when this record came out.
posted a comment on Loincloth. about 1 year ago
There was also a band-made four song demo CDr available in 2003. I got mine directly from Pen. Two of those songs ended up on the Southern Lord 7".
posted a comment on Freedom Of Choice - It's Your Choice. about 1 year ago
I wish I did! An old friend of mine taped it to cassette and brought it to another friend's house sometime in maybe late 1989 or early 1990. I got like one listen to it. I tried to contact one of the original band members a few years ago but never ... See full review
posted a comment on Hurl - We Are Quiet In This Room. about 1 year ago
This vinyl was limited to 500 copies - CONFIRMED to me via email by Jon Solomon, the label head.
posted a comment on Life's Blood - Hardcore A.D. 1988. about 1 year ago
My copy came in a plastic sleeve (bag) that was folded over and sealed with a burgundy colored small sticker. Did anyone get one that was factory sealed?