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posted a comment on Bastard Noise, The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Collaboration. 24 days ago
Yes. I'd post a photo but Discogs has been telling me uploads from my camera's phone are too large. Ask him about this one... I'd love to hear what his reply is. Really don't know why it never got acknowledged more.
posted a comment on Las Mordidas - Demo. about 1 month ago
The cover/sleeve came in at least three colors (the one pictured, purple, and mine is blue).
posted a comment on G.L.O.S.S. - Girls Living Outside Society's Shit. about 1 month ago
Graphics and packaging wise, this is definitely the best version of this release. I was stoked to get a beautiful one direct from Ukraine.
posted a comment on Panzerknacker. about 1 month ago
I agree. They have been pretty ridiculous with the censorship...
posted a comment on The Uprise - Friends, Fights And Fun. about 1 month ago
My copy has a full-color cover. (here are four words)
posted a comment on Burn (2) - Live In New York City 1991. 5 months ago
Same here. Got it from a HC distro in 1995 (yes, the year listed here is wrong too).
posted a comment on Rare Form (2) - Six Months in Hiding. 5 months ago
Not the same artist as the death metal band from Maine. Needs its own listing!
posted a comment on Sheer Terror - No Grounds For Pity. 5 months ago
Have you heard the actual CD? The sound on it is crystal clear and brutal. I've had my copy since 1997. I agree the upload you linked to sounds awful...
posted a comment on Great Grandpa - Four Of Arrows. 6 months ago
Well, bone vinyl is still the most readily available version - not only on Discogs, but from Bandcamp and distros as well. Seems to indicate your guess is pretty far off. Glad I got one on swamp green/splatter. To me it's the most fitting color,... See full review
posted a comment on Rancor (2) - I Won't Take Part. 6 months ago
My copy has a yellow cover. Don't know how many were made vs. the one pictured here.
posted a comment on Truck Stop Love - How I Spent My Summer Vacation. 6 months ago
Someone close to me introduced me to this album in 1996. I ordered myself a so-called new copy from Tower Records' online store in the late 90's, and they sent me a sealed one that had been repackaged with a standard grey disc tray. Took me several... See full review
posted a comment on The Freeze - Live From Cape Cod 1980. 7 months ago
Me too, Clif. What a treasure it is. I remember how blown away I was in early 2007 when I went down to Spinnaker's and picked it up, listened, and read your liner notes. More than a decade later I finally got a nice copy of the deluxe version.
posted a comment on Boss Hog - Drinkin', Lechin', & Lyin'. 7 months ago
Hahaa, that's hilarious! 👉 😂 😂 👄 👀 👈
posted a comment on Ghoul Squad - They Won't Stay Dead. 7 months ago
This mid-period release also included a fold-out lyric sheet insert.
posted a comment on Bastard Noise, The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Collaboration. 8 months ago
This is one of two collaboration CDr's by these two artists. The other is called "Phantoms", was released in 2004 and is limited to 75 copies. I got mine directly from Eric of Bastard Noise after he gave me a heads up about its release. Be... See full review
posted a comment on Biohazard - Biohazard. 9 months ago
There are 3 versions that I have seen: the ones in these entries and one with a bright orange cover/sleeve and white cassette with black print. It's the one I have, and is also pictured in the YouTube uploads. The fourth would be the black cover... See full review
posted a comment on Chilmark - One Thousand Hopes. 9 months ago
It wouldn't let me add this as a "video", but here is the best online quality of this recording:
posted a comment on True Colors (3). 9 months ago
The band recorded two demos. Whether either or both were released to the public, I still don't know. Would be great to find out more.
posted a comment on Ghoul Squad - Ghoul Squad. 9 months ago
I got mine the other day! Awesome job. Woo hoo!!
posted a comment on The Whore Moans (3) - Generosity Killed The Cunt. 9 months ago
Thank you! My tape and booklet are in "deep storage". The booklet that came with mine (to the best of my recollection) only had illustrations and no printed song listings or lyrics. Hmm...
posted a comment on Half Off - "Same Old Story" 17 Song Demo. 11 months ago
This is an UNOFFICIAL RELEASE. At the time it came out, I contacted It's Alive Records (yes, the correct one listed above) and was told they did not release this - and my contact also said no catalog number 102 exists.
posted a review of Facility Men - Facility Men. 11 months ago
Leaps and bounds better than their earlier stuff. This EP delivers pummeling, quasi-claustrophobic & unrelenting noise rock in the vein of the best that the late 80's and first half of the 90's had to offer. Cathartic and awesome. Find a physical copy! See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
posted a comment on The Whore Moans (3) - Generosity Killed The Cunt. 12 months ago
This release (or at least some copies of it) came with an illustrated booklet. Strangely enough, the booklet also does not have any songs listed. The band was based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. They had three other cassette releases following this... See full review
posted a comment on Fine Day - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Thank you Dan! It's a great release, and I was always surprised that this session did not make it onto the Fine Day CD.
posted a comment on Reason To Believe - Demo. about 1 year ago
Sold on a well known auction site two days ago, at a price you would expect to see for some classic New York hardcore demo or something. 🤯💥😮
posted a comment on Happy Diving - Big World. about 1 year ago
The cassette appears to be much harder to find than any vinyl version. Grateful to have grabbed one I saw listed back in the spring.
posted a comment on Various - Urban Styles Tape Compilation. about 1 year ago
These were only available at signing events for the Urban Styles book during the initial tour for the book. This cassette came out in fall 2017, as opposed to what the listing says. (I was at the Philly signing.)
posted a comment on Endorphins Lost - Blood Pact. about 1 year ago
Thank you, but I was asking how many copies - 100, 200... ??
posted a comment on The Freeze - Calling All Creatures. about 1 year ago
Amen, Clif. The album is one for the ages and a "legacy installment" or us who have been fans for decades. And it has been sounding better with each repeated listen. Thanks for still bringing the defiance!
posted a comment on Unhold (2) - (Digital). about 1 year ago
Packaged in the size of a standard CD jewel case but the style of a DVD case. First packaging like this that I've ever seen.
posted a comment on Rest In Pieces - My Rage. about 1 year ago
What I find interesting is that "The Nose Demo" is still not listed - and I have never seen photos of it online. Would love if someone who actually has it could take the time to create a listing. Until then I have a theory that it might not have... See full review
posted a comment on Rest In Pieces - My Rage. about 1 year ago
Virtually all copies had some issue with the back cover (tray) insert that caused them to be "wavy".
posted a comment on Gob Iron - Death Songs For The Living. about 1 year ago
This has been reissued on vinyl. For sale on the merch table during Son Volt's current tour.
posted a comment on Fine Day - Untitled. about 1 year ago
Now that I have two different copies of this release, I have discovered that the cover / "sleeve" exists both on some kind of textured cardstock paper and on a standard photocopied paper.
posted a comment on False Hope - Cease To Exist. about 1 year ago
I totally agree !!! Demos and cassette-only releases like this spend too much time in inaccessible purgatory.
posted a comment on Three Shades Of Dirty - Paper Roses. about 1 year ago
"Dancing Song" is the name of a label that co-released this cassette with Vermin Scum. A seventh song that appears on later copies of this release is titled "Once Upon A When".
posted a comment on Raze (15) - Raze. about 1 year ago
This is not a bootleg! This demo tape is the one and only release by the band. I got mine directly from them in 1990. I don't how the term "unofficial release" got into the listing... ?
posted a comment on Alone In A Crowd - Alone In A Crowd. about 1 year ago
I still have correspondence from the label head (from around the time I mail ordered this original) that says the pressing was 500. It may have also been stated in early zine ads.
posted a comment on Crain (2) - Speed. about 1 year ago
Thanks for the info! I mail ordered my vinyl copy from Simple Machines as soon as I saw their distro catalog listing of it (late 1992 or early '93). At that point all they needed to do was name drop Slint and Rodan and I was in. 🤓 I got the... See full review
posted a comment on Endorphins Lost - Blood Pact. about 1 year ago
Anyone know how many of this version were made? Thanks.
posted a review of Government Alpha, Bastard Noise - Interstellar Perceptions of a Failed Species. about 1 year ago
Mindblowing tour de force from these longtime kindred Sound Souls. You will be suspended and swirled in otherworldly sonic spaces... I got my copy of this most limited version direct from my old friend Eric Wood. The label did offer it - but sold... See full review
posted a comment on Rozz And Negative Trend - The Pop Session. over 2 years ago
B O O T L E G ! ! !
posted a comment on Shellac - Futurist. over 2 years ago
Of course the current listings and sales stats are absurd. An indie icon made the most brilliant marketing move of all time - put a limited product out there and have the poor souls who received one and chose to sell it bear the onus of "selling... See full review
posted a comment on Bailter Space - Nelsh Bailter Space. over 2 years ago
Hi! I never heard about "Nelsh" being the release name, but it seems to make sense. I am a fan in the U.S., and just a couple days ago scored a beautiful original Flying Nun cassette copy of this release. Totally agree about the bogus Amazon discs.... See full review
posted a comment on Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls. over 2 years ago
Thank you Smithsnerd! Always love positive comments on here. Power droid a.k.a. "Gonk droid" was one of the first figures I ever got - in the late 70's! I was a Star Wars nerd years before I became a music collector. 🤓
posted a comment on Slaughter Shack - Slaughter Shack. over 2 years ago
Red label version rules! Andy Strachan from DYS plays 2nd guitar on this release! I remember seeing this one at Newbury Comics in 1990 and passing on it... (Din't know anything about the band) Very glad to finally have it in the collection.
posted a comment on Slag (11) - Everything Is Nothing. over 2 years ago
I would love an original copy of that demo. Wasn't it called "I Want Some Life"?
posted a comment on Awake!. over 2 years ago
Does ANYONE know if they recorded/released a demo? I got this EP by mail (after a long wait) when it came out, and have always wondered.
posted a comment on Galleons Lap - Themes And Variations A Counter Industrial Revolution. over 2 years ago
You have quite a commodity there. With all the cassette mania these days, I am sure it is the preferred format. (And of course it's the original version of this release.)