Anixus* - The Anixus EP - Volume 1 as reviewed by Magnetonium

November 19, 2013
No reviews??? This is without a doubt the greatest house music EP of ALL TIME. Every track is special deep/garage/house jam laced with pure Italian talent and mind-boggling piano riffs. It can easily be mistaken for a 2013 deep house release! The sound is many years ahead of its time. My favourite tracks are So High and Experience. Much recommended!

Michael Watford - Return Your Love To Me as reviewed by Magnetonium

November 13, 2013
One of the most powerful garage house classics of its time, with excellent vocals by the legend of the genre. Features excellent deep house and garage remixes by the talented trio of M.A.T.E., DJ Fresh and Soul Katz in addition to the priceless original. Piano additions on the remixes is simply amazing. This is a very unique garage house EP from anything else that I have heard so far. Highly recommended.

Electronic System - Disco Machine Magnetonium

October 6, 2013
One of the most amazing underground disco tracks I've ever had the pleasure of hearing - "Flight To Tokyo" and "Flight To Venus" - many years ahead of their time, either for italo-disco scene or for trance music. Exceptional and very seminal release.

Ahmad Jamal - Cry Young as reviewed by Magnetonium

May 28, 2013
Ahmad Jamal made so much beautiful jazz music back in the day. The melodies touch your soul, cheer up on a dark day, the rhythms make you want to get up and dance. Occasional [female] vocals are present on many track, soothing and beautiful. Variety on this LP between slow and fast jazz makes it great for multiple playback, excellent for wedding and dinner music playlists or while reading a good book. Highly recommended, also his other albums and collaborations (such as Ahmad Jamal Trio).

Luke Slater - Love (Loved) Magnetonium

April 15, 2013
Great track, one of my favourites from Luke Slater. Recently, under bizarre circumstances, I realized that this track have some striking similarities to my favourite Second Wave detroit techno jam ("Missing Channel - Edge Of Infinity", 1992). Maybe Luke Slater was inspired by that classic? I think so!

Earth Recordings as reviewed by Magnetonium

March 25, 2013
If you don't count the "Hard Sell" release, this compact label entirely consists of releases of the highest order. Earth Recordings is a high quality early 1990s UK label featuring oldskool/hardcore sound, techno, house and deep house. Even the hardcore releases have a soothing deepness associated with them which is rare to find in that genre. I couldn't give anything less than 5/5, highly recommended label for all you early 1990s fans.

Diamonds & Pearls - The Jewel EP as reviewed by Magnetonium

March 22, 2013
One of the best EPs from one of the most under-rated early 1990s Dutch techno-house labels, See Saw. Seriously, how can the average rating for this release be 3/5? The tracks are outstanding - programming is crisp! Great variety: piano house, deeeeep house and some euro house. Early 1990s Dutch deep house was a thing of beauty - a different sound, and "Blue Sunday" and "Perspective" are the tracks on this EP that capture that with great talent.

Classic Man - Mellow / Love Magnetonium

March 12, 2013
This is one heck of an amazing deep house release by Mr. Wayne Gardiner. Deep, smooth, soothing tracks with occasional pads and even vocal samplers thrown in for good measure. House Music Paradise!

Metro Area - Metro Area 2 Magnetonium

March 5, 2013
Hard to believe that Environ and Morgan Geist played such a key role in shaping the Nu Disco / Deep Disco sound. I frowned upon this stuff when it came out in 2000 as I was quite content with the Disco House scene at the time. Either the producers of today are lacking ideas or this record was years ahead of its time!

Rix-Thyna - Another Illusion as reviewed by Magnetonium

March 4, 2013
What is Italodance? In one track, this is it. One of the most popular and most powerful italodance tracks, hands down. Pounding beat and infectious Italian rhythm, heart and soul of Italian Dance! 1995 - the year of Italodance.

Megatronic - Into The Fire Magnetonium

February 25, 2013
Concerned about $100+ prices? Its not just eurodance, bud. Many electronic music genres from 1990s and beyond are experiencing this problem. Especially with limited editions. Speculators looking to make big bucks. Its ridiculous indeed, and thats many people have shifted to downloading music because this money is not going towards music producers anyway.

Cinematic Travels - Ancient Future Magnetonium

February 25, 2013
This is more than just a deep house release by the legendary Ron Trent. The deep house tracks on this album were of no interest to me. Its the smooth, sexy, laid-back grooves that I really enjoyed. Food For Thought, Our Sunrise, Mojo Rising and Coming Through. Sit back and relax!

Magic Touch (6) - I Can Feel The Heat Magnetonium

February 4, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
Track B1 "Clubhouse" is lifted from the great piano classic "Club House - Deep In My Heart" (1991, Media Records - ITALY)

Disciples Of Annihilation - Industrial Power '9d4 Magnetonium

January 29, 2013
edited over 6 years ago
Whenever someone tells me they like Justin Bieber, I want to put headphones on that person's head and blast "Ya Mutha Part II (280bpm)" at full volume. Easily one of the greatest gabber-speedcore albums of all time. Dirty and full of expletives, fast, full of variety and definitely raises your heatbeat a few notches. Exceptional release with every single track deserving repeated playback!

Jovonn - House Ala Carte Magnetonium

January 23, 2013
Let me shatter some illusions here. I am a huge garage fan, but this release is absolutely terrible. It sounds too disco-ish at times - or too simple, repetitive and boring. Someone has elevated Jovonn to the status of a house legend, but to me there are many other better producers, such as Jerzzey Boy, Kerri Chandler, Masters At Work and Mood II Swing. Just because it says "Jovonn", doesn't mean that this is a great release. Its a disappointing EP. Save your money. There are many other better "underground" garage house gems from early 90s that are worth buying.

Nico - Frontiers Magnetonium

January 7, 2013
Beautifully dark, deep and rhythmic release by Nico. The EP starts off with a rhythmic ambient Frontiers In The Dark (reminiscent to Heckmann's work), then progressively builds into trancier Hope and climaxing with the best track on the EP, a techno banger Alpha. Simply brilliant. Highly recommend checking out the rest of the label for more great classic 90s techno and hardcore releases.

L'll Louis - I'm Hot For You as reviewed by Magnetonium

December 12, 2012
Many Canadians who listened to house music in 1990s can remember this popular anthem. It was all over the late-night airwaves and DJ's spun it in clubs where it sent crowds into a frenzy. The track skillfully samples three classics: vocals from Karen Young's "Hot For You" and Toney Lee's "Reach Up", while the bassline was lifted from Lee Lewis "Atmosphere". And combined with the infectious groove of The Stickmen, it gave the track a distinct Canadian touch - Canadian House. "L'll Louis" monicker was used to make it look like original was the work of legendary Lil' Louis, confusing the record collectors like me. Dancefloor stumper, still gets plenty of airtime today.

Inner Sense (2) - The Second Vibe E.P. as reviewed by Magnetonium

May 15, 2012
Relatively new label that keeps pumping record after record of that amazing classic house music sound. Deep, punchy, funky, groovy melodies with occasional vocal samplers. High quality pressings. This is by far my favourite release on the label. If you're into Chicago Deep House sound of the 1990s and/or the New Jersey Garage House sound of early-mid 1990s - I highly recommend this release and the rest of the label.

No Artist - NASA Space Sounds Recordings Magnetonium

October 12, 2011
edited over 6 years ago
Very interesting release. This is not just another typical ambient music release - because the music component includes actual sounds from space. Tune in as Voyager spacecraft travels at thousands of kilometers per hour through endless space. As it goes, it intercepts vibrations, perhaps even a vibration from a distant galaxy or a distant supernova remnants. An entirely different listening experience. You feel more connected to space and to the universe. Sends chills down your spine (if you listen to this using high quality headphones). "Miranda" and "Jupiter" are the best tracks. Overall a neat package!

Charanjit Singh - Synthesizing - Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat Magnetonium

August 25, 2011
Incredible release, I wish I found out about it earlier. This is by far the earliest and most seminal Acid House release - well before the Chicago caught on the 303 potential. Never mind the comparisons being made between Chicago Acid House and this stuff. This music has slim similarities to 1980s Chicago Acid House wave to come. Instead, it actually sounds more like the acid and acid house that was being pumped in Europe in early-mid 1990s - well a decade ahead of its time! This is a musical time capsule. Indian vibes mixed with the soft 303 sounds of acid music (and familiar beat) that by most accounts sound a DECADE ahead of their time, and still sound fresh today.

Elegy / As One / Nuron - Likemind 04 Magnetonium

May 5, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
On this very brief but nice detroit-inspired techno label, this release in particularly stands out for me - for one track specifically. "As One - Light" is an incredibly deep piece of soulful techno music. My favorite production from Mr. Kirk Degiorgio! "Nuron – Slipstream" is also a brilliant track. Best EP on the label.

Chris Craft (3) - Discosmic Dance Magnetonium

May 1, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
The year is 1978, incredible ... in 10 years up until this release, electronic music went from something resembling noise sounds to deep entrancing melodic space-dance vortex music. When I listen to such music, I am outside of the realm of disco music. Music like this is hard to find, it is like searching for Atlantis - a mythical experience. Grab a piece of electronic music history, check out this sound!

Minimal Vision - Minimal Vision as reviewed by Magnetonium

March 29, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
One of the most spectacular deep/tech house releases I've ever heard. Judging by the titles of the tracks, it is intended for you feel as if you're lifted into space, on a journey through the galaxy aboard the spacecraft of imagination. Even though this was released in UK - it is actually an Italian early 1990s deep house production (see production + recording credits). Italian house music of that era is pure magic! Check out the rest of this Vibraphone and MBG International labels for more similar top quality deep house gems!

DJ Tiësto Magnetonium

January 13, 2010
edited over 9 years ago
Tiesto is just another example of a 'good electronic producer gone mainstream' syndrome. This has happened to artists before, and will happen to many more in the future. Moby is another great example of this phenomenon. You cant blame them though - thats what they have to do in order to survive in the industry, to continue earning big bucks, by catching on the newest melody and latest music trends.

In my opinion, Tiesto peaked in 2001. Before then, he was a rising DJ star for trance music in clubs around the world. His DJ mixes (livesets) from 1999-2002 are phenomenal. His mixed CD such as In Search Of Trance 1-3, Magik 1-7, collaborations such as Major League, Alibi, Gouryella, etc. were amazing. Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, Oakenfold, Armin and other DJ's have invigorated the trance scene in the clubs during that time. But the trance scene have moved on, and so has Tiesto.

As for some other reviews - we all hate the new Tiesto, but at least using some technical analysis would have been more convincing - this is not Facebook where you can post a rant. Havent you heard that Obama has Tiesto on his blackberry?

Various - The Best Of Music Station as reviewed by Magnetonium

October 8, 2009
Avoid this compilation like the plague. In fact, avoid the entire label - I can only guess that some other releases on this label share poor sound quality like this one. A very poor job was done preparing this compilation - some tracks on CD1 are not even full versions, with no ending or beginning. I am certain that an MP3 was used for track 1-8 (Michael Watford), no doubt about it (maybe other tracks too!). Some songs lack sound depth and bass, resulting in really terrible sound quality and huge volume variations between tracks.

All in all, there are about 3-4 tracks that were encoded properly. CD2 is ONE track, which further worsens the listening experience. Save your money, there are plenty of better garage house compilations out there. 1/5