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W&P Hgg - Sleep Scott Heron
posted a comment on W&P Hgg - Sleep Scott Heron. over 13 years ago
A delighful deephouse tribute to Gill Scott Heron with sparse spoken words from the soul poet laced over an bouncing, organic rhythm and ultra-deep rhodes chords.
Various - Mixtophonia. 2002 Last Edition
posted a comment on Various - Mixtophonia. 2002 Last Edition. over 13 years ago
This compilation was put together by the Mixtophonico Lab, a music production studio in Bologna. Mixtophonico Lab is connected to Link Associated, a social centre in Bologna which features a lot of eloctronic performances. Some of the tracks were... See full review
Group Niob - Vector / Amber
posted a comment on Group Niob - Vector / Amber. over 13 years ago
'Vector' continues further with exploratory mining into the oneforty bpm dubbed into technoid seam - its low end is devious and drills itself clean inside the synapses, mirages of dub cascading either side. 'amber' works the deep small hours in the... See full review
Tanita Tikaram - Twist For Tanita
posted a comment on Tanita Tikaram - Twist For Tanita. over 13 years ago
One day in 2008, two folks were sitting together, probably they were working at the studio to finish some tracks. And while they talked about music, they came across this song again and again. Perhaps it’s Tanitas voice, perhaps the melody attended by... See full review
Various - The Modern Electronic Element EP (Serie 1)
posted a comment on Various - The Modern Electronic Element EP (Serie 1). over 13 years ago
The Modern Electronic Element Serie is the 1st project of the Nation Mini-comp Xklusive 12". This concept was driven by thoughts of Traxx to unleash different styles of sound to the element of Jakbeat.