Abra (5) - Princess ManAtWork

May 21, 2020
Agreed it's an essential release. I am happy that I got a mint copy of this now.

D-Saw - Track 10:30 as reviewed by ManAtWork

September 19, 2018
This track pushes and pushes and pushes .... timeless! Straight forward techno, nice techno.

Hi-Fi Bugs - Lydian & The Dinosaur as reviewed by ManAtWork

January 25, 2014
edited about 1 year ago
This track caught me from the beginning as I heard it first time in Anthony Pappa ‎– Nubreed Global Underground. It still didn't lost its charm and deepness. A timeless amazing track and it will be until the end of time :)

Ki.Mi. - Shangri-La ManAtWork

April 21, 2010
edited over 11 years ago
This is the debut release from Ki.Mi. on Ensonic-Digital and the first Ensonic-Digital release! Already chosen by Depeche Mode, Ki.Mi. developed his talent in minimalistic, deep electronic sounds. An amazing spherical, deep electronic track coming along with a remix from one of the most respected DJ and producer on the progressive house scene in Germany, DJ Taucher. With great feedback so far and some very noticeable airplay’s this release will definitely satisfy you!

Fluid-Um-Vitae - Unzip as reviewed by ManAtWork

February 22, 2004
Tracks A is a trange kind of techno track with some breakbeats and odd sounds. Track B is rather a trance track (not happy trance) partly with breakbeats & partly with a kicking 4/4 beat and a clean bassline.