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posted a comment on Sadio (2) - Sensuous Agonizing Play. about 1 year ago
"I talked to a bandmember of Sadio about the gimmicks for the audience. "

what do you mean ?
posted a comment on Vigilantism - Incessant Authority. about 1 year ago
angst filled crushing sinister dark noise with a bleak atmospheric touch - very well done contrary to many lazy "noise acts" releasing their shit these days - give it a try at full volume
posted a comment on Various - The End For Simulation Of Pro-Creation. over 2 years ago
yet another genius release of IOPS - perfect subject matter, perfect alienated unzounds, perfect antiartwork - filth the way it should be done
posted a comment on Prussian Walls - Sadist Kampf. over 2 years ago
putrid enthralling death-sounds from the vilest gutters of hell - recommended for lovers of extreme decomposed filth
posted a comment on Bizarre Uproar - Liha-Evankeliumi. over 2 years ago
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posted a comment on Xenophobic Ejaculation - 18. over 3 years ago
concise no bullshit death-noise for fanatics only. "better to stay away"
posted a comment on ZSS* - Moral War. over 3 years ago
Brilliant heavy electronics - slow, dark and claustrophobic. Merry Malaise to All !
posted a comment on Phÿcus - Brainmower. over 3 years ago
Incredible album by an incredible band ! varied and exciting tracks ! very underrated and cult for those who know
posted a comment on The Grey Wolves - Pure Hatred. over 3 years ago
Maybe the GW aren't/weren't interested in making "harsh noise" per se at all. Having seen them live in the 90's and early 2000's, the live sound and atmosphere was definitely strong and creepy - something I've rarely felt at any "harsh noise" show...
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Cervical Smear - Cervical Smear. over 3 years ago
Decaying putrid death noise Stinking AIDS ridden degeneracy A festival of rot and sick decompositions Nothing to hope but a quick death
posted a review of Penetration Squadron - Rectal Assault. over 3 years ago
brutal rape-electronics, zero fucks given, fuck your aesthetics, fuck fancy - go raunchy.
essential anti-sounds for the pervert connoisseur out there.
submitted Salford Electronics - Communique No. 2. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Zyklon SS - Iron Division. over 4 years ago
Brilliant dark industrial sounds and analog manipulations in typical old school heavy electronics style reminding sometimes of early Genocide Organ or Anenzephalia efforts. Topics and samples are bleak and forbidden, as should be expected.
posted a comment on Pogrom (5) - Liberal Cunt / Liberali Pyzda. over 4 years ago
Intronizacija Per Gerkle (Enthronement Through Throat) is the sweetest track I've heard in quite some time. Romantic music, if there ever was.
posted a comment on Sadio (2) / Prurient - BDSM Atlantic Partnership. over 4 years ago
SADIO side is brilliant PE, harsh and brutal with intense buried-in-the-mix vokills / PRURIENT side is OK, well crafted harsh noise, nothing exceptional.
posted a comment on In Slaughter Natives - Psicofonias (Las Voces Desconocidas). over 4 years ago
In the year 2008 the documentary called “Psicofonías: Las Voces Desconocidas”
was shot by the film director Jose Moral. This was about the voices of dead people where echoes of spirits leave us some footprint after death. Humankind has believed... See full review
posted a review of Schmerz - Old School Misanthropy. over 4 years ago
strong stuff - enjoyable as fuck - listen before you go meet humans anywhere
posted a comment on Various - Hated Perversions. over 4 years ago
perfection of sound/content/imagery - a very nice way to entertain your dull winter evenings
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on AWB Recording. over 4 years ago
Brutal in your face legendary PE label. Cult & now classic stuff.