Marbre Negre is a music label and distributor from Barcelona. It's interests are dark ambient, noise, experimental, and other related styles. It was born as a label on 2006 with the first release of the band Persona and in 2009 as a distributor too. The filosophy of Marbre Negre is to edit special releases ignoring mainstream tendencies and taking care of the importance of the music, trying to create special packagings that fits with the idea of the band's concepts. People who like history, lost cultures and religions, occultism, art, will like Marbre Negre's bands. By the moment Marbre Negre has released editions for the bands Persona, Le Silence des Ruines, Nuhg, Gyakusatsu, Nebel...
Recent Activity
submitted Worth (7) - Ruination Assessment. 2 months ago
submitted Gyakusatsu - Psychosomatic Sex. over 3 years ago
submitted Gyakusatsu - Dios Es Un Ser. over 4 years ago