Hey there! You can call me Fox. I'm an Scandinavian at heritage but an American, fascinated and passionate about punk music! My main focus on music(noise) Genres / sub-genres are Crust punk, Grindcore, Hardcore punk, Crustcore, Anarcho Punk, Punk Rock, Powerviolence, Fastcore, D-Beat, Noise punk. I like to browse on blogspots / discogs for obscure bands also If no photos / information about the band is included on discogs I post whatever I can manage. I am a Music collector / enthusiast from world wide,hard to find, unknown / Forgotten underground bands! Message me if you want ripped albums from my collection am willing to share. None of my records / CD's are for sale.
My Youtube Channel for Full Album listening from my collection!
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submitted Pregasm - The Clear Stuff (Demo). 3 months ago
posted a comment on Deathortion - War And Starvation. 4 months ago
My copy included a small decal / sticker with a mini catalog insert from the distro. No lyric or band info in sheet was included?
posted a comment on Blind Obedience - Submit To The Yoke. 5 months ago
A3: Track title should be "Bipedal Parasites" not Biredal.
A4: Track title should be "Damn The Farce" not Farge
posted a comment on Nausea (2) / Jesus Chrust (3) / Apostates - It's 10:00pm Do You Know Where Your Mind Is?. about 1 year ago
Released on 1997 says on the insert but, the live recording was done on 1990.
posted a comment on Kakistocracy - And So You Spill Your Children's Blood....... about 1 year ago
Side A & Side B both play on 33 RPM
posted a comment on Masskontroll - Will You Ever Learn?. about 1 year ago
Hey man huge fan of Masskontroll love the band. I've got all the releases of Masskontroll. I've uploaded a (Full Album) of the "Will You Ever Learn? LP" I'll link it to you if your interested. Take care - Mark
posted a comment on Greed (3) - The Violence E.P.. about 1 year ago
Track B3 & B4 are recorded live back in 1996. Songs Insanity & Private Community are also available on the Split release Dis-K / Greed Split EP.
posted a comment on Greed (3) - Silence Is No Reaction. about 1 year ago
EP Plays on 33 RPM both sides A & B.
posted a comment on M:Pati - Råpunk. about 1 year ago
Killer sound, forgotten band that needs to be shared world-wide! My copy came with a band logo decal sticker. Not sure if all the releases came with one?
posted a comment on Yuppiecrusher - No Commercial Value. about 1 year ago
Yuppiecrusher both side A and B play on 45 RPM.
posted a comment on CBU* / Raagg - Cluster Bomb Unit / Raagg. about 1 year ago
Cluster Bomb Unit Side A plays on 45 RPM
Raagg Side B plays on 33 RPM
posted a comment on Yuppiecrusher / Intervenzione - Yuppiecrusher / Intervenzione. about 1 year ago
Yuppiecrusher side plays on 45 RPM.
Interenzione side plays on 45 RPM.
posted a comment on Ens (4) / Clostridium - Ens / Clostridium. about 1 year ago
ENS side plays at 45 rpm.
Clostridium side plays at 33 rpm.
posted a comment on Ens (4) / Clostridium - Ens / Clostridium. about 1 year ago
ENS Side A De Köper Vära Liv is Track A5 not listed on edit on release here on discogs. No recorded date anywhere in inserts. Plan white label on black vinyl. No info of sides.
posted a comment on Scumbrigade - Negative Hardcore Destructive Youth. about 1 year ago
Back of LP cover is plain, nothing on back side of cover comes only with lyric insert booklet. Vinyl itself has nothing on it plan with grey middle. No side A no side B is informed. Have to play to find which side is A or B...
posted a comment on Antidote (6). about 1 year ago
Personally one of my favorite pogo street punk bands to this date. A must listen and have for anyone interested in the "pogo" and street punk genre.
posted a comment on Hylkiö / Urban Riot (2) - Hylkiö / Urban Riot. about 1 year ago
Record I own has no side A or side B labeled anywhere just plan white record. Have to play to find which side is Artist.
posted a comment on Jim Jones Party Mix - All God's Children. about 1 year ago
Please someone sell this from USA. rip or upload on to youtube.
posted a comment on Population Control (2). about 1 year ago
Anyone know if Population Control has any other releases? Would love to hear more from this band.
posted a comment on Wojczech - Chronologic Discography 95-2002. over 2 years ago
How is this a full discography? It's missing alot of Cassette splits Wojczech/Distorsión Desequilibrada Split -1998 . Wojczech / Dios Hastío - Split Tape ‎(Cass) - 1998 Wojczech / Cut Your Hair - Split Tape ‎(Cass) - 2000 , and Wojczech / Parental ... See full review
posted a comment on I.A.F. / Under Threat - Masakre Animal / Under Threat. over 2 years ago
Note: Vinyl is pink not sure if any other color versions were released?
posted a comment on Uncle Charles (2). over 2 years ago
Ullis is the female vocalist, confirmed. J.M.K is one of the male vocalist.
posted a comment on Uncle Charles (2). over 2 years ago
Yes, J.M.K is the high-pitched female vocalist of Uncle Charles.
submitted Uncle Charles (2) - another day, another dollar. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Uncle Charles (2). over 2 years ago
In 2002 They released the first album "another day, another dollar" features 9 tracks
hard to find album.