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Versand innerhalb Deutschlands:
Das wunderbare neue Discogs ASP macht es leider nicht möglich, den günstigeren Standardversand von CDs/7"/Tapes usw. zu implementieren. Dieser ist nur in Verbindung mit Banküberweisung möglich. Sollten Sie dies bevorzugen, bitten wir um eine kurze Nachricht.

We love your questions and messages, so don't hesitate to send them. We are usually very quick to respond, unless we take a day off in the woods. Communication will always help to make sure you get what you want and it also makes least sometimes;-)
We also provide images of items if you're in doubt of the condition. Please understand that we can't do this for mint or mint- items without any wear to document, though.

We always try to be very accurate with our grading and have experience with selling records for over 30 years. It's important for us to have a smile on your face when you receive an item from us. That said, everybody knows that sh*t can happen in which case we will take care of any issue to straighten that out.

Payment should be made in a reasonable time frame. If we don't receive payment after 6-8 days we usually send a reminder. If payment won't be made after that we will cancel the order with accompanying feedback (DC's non-paying buyer option).
If you see an item in our stock and you're not able to pay for it right away, get in touch and we can put it on hold for a limited time.

Usually we will ship your item within 24 hours after we receive your payment. Weekend orders usually ship on Mondays. We adjust the order status and provide the tracking number/link for registered shipments.

If you pay through Paypal, we can only ship to the address that you registered with Paypal because of their customer's protection service. So please make sure, your Discogs and Paypal addresses match.

Vinyl will be shipped outside the cover with protective outer and inner sleeves. Sealed vinyl will be shipped sealed unless you ask us to do otherwise, but we recommend opening sealed items to prevent seam splits. We cannot be held responsible for seam splits if the items are shipped factory sealed.

Shipping prices in Germany are calculated by weight. We try to give your items the best protection in the respective category. The LPs will be shipped in special cardboard boxes (with stiffener if possible) which are protective enough usually. For very valuable items we recommend extra strong packaging which might result in a switch to the next shipping category (this mainly applies to the cheapest category).

Damage or loss:
All international items will be shipped with tracking number which we will provide when your item ships. If you receive a damaged package please make a claim to the carrier right away at the handover, otherwise it will be difficult to hold them accountable.
If an item gets lost, we will refund 100% of your payment. But in either case we will have to go through the investigation process of the respective carrier before any refund can be made.

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Killer B-side! Sonny Sharrock, Ron Carter, Miroslav Vitous and it can still be picked up for a few bucks...