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posted a comment on Candice - I'm In Heaven. 8 days ago
Groove Mix is the one here, pretty simple groove. But the ongoing bassline makes it efficient
posted a comment on Ivan Iacobucci - Deep And Dance EP. 8 days ago
What an EP ! A1 and B1 are two pure gems, love the groove
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posted a comment on Luc* Et Fred* - Monday Mate Session. 9 days ago
'A.M' is such a great vibe. Perfect to start a set or when the sun is rising at early morning
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posted a comment on Logico - Now Heart This!. 10 days ago
The original mix had potential but its lacking of groove imo. Still a great track to have for that price...
posted a comment on Luv (11) Feat. Robert O.* - I'll Be Waiting. 10 days ago
"(Chicago Mix)" is a killer. The vocal is subtile enough so we dont have a cheesy track. The bassline is dangerous
posted a comment on The Whims Feat. Miss Dwiggy - When I Come Home. 10 days ago
"When I Come Home (Dizzily Dub)" is the one here. Im always weak for spooky tracks; and this one is an example..
posted a comment on LaTour - Hypnomania. 10 days ago
'Hypnomania (Mo's Underdub Mix)' delivers an amazing groove, really like the vocal
posted a comment on Priit Kirss - The Key to Deep. 10 days ago
Mr C. maybe ? "Executive-Producer – Mr. Cotter" looks like a moniker
posted a comment on Various - Grow! For It. 10 days ago
Glory B is the one here, not a huge fan of dubby sounds, but I reckon this one would fit in any set. Recommend
posted a comment on Wax (2) - Sun Drums. 11 days ago
'You're the only one' is a true gem. Excellent groove with those chords, and especially the bassline
posted a comment on Etienne - Currently Idle. 17 days ago
Amazing EP as usual, everything Etienne produces is Midas. Great dj as well...
posted a comment on Hokusai - Cold / Divine. about 1 month ago
"Divine" is a beautiful piece of music, the bassline is ace
posted a comment on Matt DiMaria - The House Builder. about 1 month ago
Reminds me a lot of Daft Punk, with an housy touch, great production !
posted a comment on TNT Factory - Lead Me To The Top. about 1 month ago
How Long is such a nice track, all the small elements and details make it worthy, recommend
posted a comment on Roc Hard* - I Want Cha. about 1 month ago
Very cheesy but I kinda like it, the bass is really efficient. Must sound good on a proper soundsystem
posted a comment on Darwin Chamber Presents Ghetto Electro - The California EP. about 1 month ago
fookin EP, the three tracks are ace, perfectly shaped for 3 differents vibes, nice one !
posted a comment on Darwin Chamber - Phobia EP Part 1. about 1 month ago
A bit fast but down pitched, Pure as Now! is a bomb, love the acid and break beat variations
posted a comment on Tribalation - Falling Down / Ghetto People. 2 months ago
"Falling Down" is such a gem, the groovy bassline is a killer
posted a comment on Partners In Crime (2) - Illegal Dubs E.P.. 2 months ago
My cent is going to The Floor Mix, nice groove, nice bass, the vocal is not too present, great track
posted a comment on Ray Hurley Presents Simone - Unbelievable Love / Treat Me Right. 2 months ago
Both tracks are good but way too pricey, get your shit together sharknados :)
posted a comment on Underground Solutions* - I Need You Baby. 2 months ago
What an EP, especially the basslines, great work from Underground Solutions
posted a comment on Waiwan - Distraction. 2 months ago
'Goddess' is a perfect balance between two step and jazz, the warm bassline sounds really nice, great track
posted a comment on Paul Benjamin & Carl H - Dub Plate Flavas EP. 3 months ago
On my mind is the one for me, if you pitch down, its a banger
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posted a comment on Release - The Jungle / Musical Movements. 5 months ago
Vid Vai sampled A2 for his EP "Forms of Communication" Both great releases
posted a comment on Neural Network (3) - Cybernetics [The Remixes]. 5 months ago
A2 is a must have, simply efficient on a great soundsystem. The vocal is a great plus too
posted a comment on Dusk Til Dawn (4) - From The Cellar E.P.. 5 months ago
Adrenalin Rush is the one here, very housy but the bassline is something ! Dancefloor killer
posted a comment on Various - RKOD 20. 5 months ago
Nothing to waste here... 4 tracks perfectly shaped for the dancefloor; 5 star various
posted a comment on Instinct (29) - Instinct 04. 5 months ago
Universal is the one here, bassline reminds me of the gallery II killer ep on Bottom Line
posted a comment on Nebula II - Chased / Gods. 6 months ago
Maaan 'Chased' is outstanding, instant buy for sure. What a vibe
posted a comment on Freaky Chakra - March Of The Tangent Prone EP. 6 months ago
Multiphasic Invoculator is really solid, I really like the second part of the track when less different sounds are mixed
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posted a comment on DSC* - Far Reaching EP. 6 months ago
I dig this EP from time to time from the shelf and man, "Too Hard" is always a vibe builder, nice breaky EP !
posted a comment on Undercover Agency - Fly By Night. 6 months ago
Dance, dance is a good track. The non stopping bassline must be efficient when dropped at the right place
posted a comment on Ivan Iacobucci - 8th Life . 8 months ago
L o o k i n g F o r w a r d ...
posted a comment on Various - Native Sampler One : The Eastside Connection. 8 months ago
Same for the Vincent D track, big groove on that one
posted a comment on Dan Piu - Tru Time And Ages. 8 months ago
Very nice release, can't even choose what track I like the most.
posted a comment on Boss Hogg - Don't Make Me Wait. 8 months ago
NYA remix is a good track; must be such a banger on a proper soundsystem
posted a comment on Slowburn (4) - Lotus. 8 months ago
Lotus provides a solid bassline, decent EP from Slowburn ;)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Various - UCMG Germany - POP KOMM '96 - 12". 9 months ago
It's all about B2, really cool track made for an early morning duty
posted a comment on Matthias - DTRT Dream During A Cold Winter. 9 months ago
What a 4 tracker... I can't even decide which one i prefer the most, great release from Matthias again !
posted a comment on Dada Munchamonkey - The Operator. 10 months ago
Rocket remix is the one here, the analogic drum pattern is really efficient
posted a comment on Christian Jay - Running EP. 10 months ago
Great EP we have here, perfect set fillers with those groovy basslines
posted a comment on Eat Static - In The Nude!. 10 months ago
What a record, every fucking tracks are ace ! Instant killer
posted a comment on Keoki & High Lonesome Sound System - We Are One. 10 months ago
What a LP ! All the tracks are ace, typiccally the kind of Trance I like, 5/5
posted a comment on Mijk Van Dijk - Glow. 10 months ago
Too bad the sax part is cheesy on 'Sub - C', the bassline is ace tho
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago