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Avalon (9) - The Remixes Volume One
submitted Avalon (9) - The Remixes Volume One. over 11 years ago
Floex - Zorya
posted a comment on Floex - Zorya. over 11 years ago
I agree, this is absolutely amazing.
Androcell - Entheomythic
posted a review of Androcell - Entheomythic. over 12 years ago
That's right. Androcell is back after the last few years of working with Distant System. There are many reasons why this is the best Androcell album yet. The first Androcell album never quite got to me, but Efflorescence impressed me with its... See full review
Prometheus - Colt (Mix 1)
posted a comment on Prometheus - Colt (Mix 1). over 13 years ago
These are two outstanding downtempo tracks from Prometheus, preceeding his 3rd release "Spike". First heard in London as a warmup to Shpongle in 2008, Colt (Mix 1) stands out as an interesting turn to more mellow electronica, resembling "Sweet Tooth"... See full review
Celtic Cross - Hicksville (Remastered + And Expanded Deluxe Edition)
posted a review of Celtic Cross - Hicksville (Remastered + And Expanded Deluxe Edition). over 14 years ago
Our friends Simon, Saul and Martin has released a set of remixes for our enjoyment. Not before hearing this release, and viewing the beautiful album cover have I realized the humorous undertones in this musical creation. Make no mistake, this is the... See full review
Sunkings - Before We Die
posted a review of Sunkings - Before We Die. over 14 years ago
Sunkings make a visit to Chill Tribe Records! After more than a decade they're back with full force. Striking, to say the least, Taz Alexander, the vocalist from our beloved Juno Reactor guides this album from start to finish through groovy, dubby... See full review
Ian Ion - Gringo Locomotion
posted a review of Ian Ion - Gringo Locomotion. over 15 years ago
Read the digipak sleeve, and you’ll see this album has an interesting concept! We all know Ian Johansson from Koxbox and Saiko-pod, but music under his alias Ian Ion is new to me. A debut such as this, with an IDM / Ambient release is impressive.... See full review
Polyploid - Grow Your Own
posted a review of Polyploid - Grow Your Own. over 16 years ago
Polyploid aka Chris Gannon now releases the album "Grow Your Own" almost a decade after his first release "Touch Proof", under this alias. I know Gannon's work mainly through his Psytrance / Goa Trance during the 90's. So, hearing him now again,... See full review
Various - Downbeat Liquid Volume 1
posted a review of Various - Downbeat Liquid Volume 1. over 16 years ago
I'm going to be honest. In a moment of clarity, (one of few), I decided to sporadically start collecting every original piece of music released by the artist Jaïa. I heard the sample for "December", and there was never any question whether this album... See full review
Prometheus - Robot.O.Chan
posted a review of Prometheus - Robot.O.Chan. over 16 years ago
Prometheus - Robot.O.Chan... Let's see. If I ever were to explain the term "when something grows on you" from my perspective, this album would be on the tip of my tongue. I bought this album after hearing Younger Brother - A Flock Of Bleeps, where I... See full review
Wombatmusic - Shameful Silence
posted a review of Wombatmusic - Shameful Silence. over 16 years ago
Shameful Silence is easily one of the best albums I've heard in 2007, and the way this album has grown on me these last few days, I suspect it'll stay that way for a long time. Wombatmusic aka Elysium has now released a rock solid 12-track album... See full review
PKS - Ear Pleasure
posted a review of PKS - Ear Pleasure. over 16 years ago
Finally! Chill Tribe Records' 3rd release is out - named "Ear Pleasure". Let's get things straight, first of all; what is an ear? It's a receptive organ in the human body. Allright, now what is "pleasure"?
Well, in this context it would be something... See full review
Alex Grey - Kenji Williams - Worldspirit
posted a review of Alex Grey - Kenji Williams - Worldspirit. over 16 years ago
"We have sold our soul for a little capital". That's one of many statements uttered from the legendary artist Alex Grey. Worldspirit is a great package with a DVD and a CD. The CD holds the soundtrack for the DVD, which holds the performance of Alex... See full review
PKS - Relaxed Journeys
posted a review of PKS - Relaxed Journeys. over 17 years ago
PKS and Chill Tribe Records releases their second and firmly sought-after compilation 'Relaxed Journeys'. Anticipations are higher this time around, of course, seeing the great responses "Quality Relaxation" received ever since its release in June... See full review
The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences
posted a review of The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences. over 17 years ago
Imagine your collection of electronic albums as a perfect square, and draw the different albums into their respective corners defined by their musical style. This album is one of four cornerstones. Mystical Experiences is the perfect piece of the... See full review
Chorus Of Tribes - Myth
posted a review of Chorus Of Tribes - Myth. over 17 years ago
Chorus Of Tribes - Myth is a relatively unknown new age / ambient album from Etherean Records. The album was released in 1998 in the UK. The album has a rather ironic story behind it. Late 1997 it was released as a bootleg across the internet and... See full review
Entheogenic - Golden Cap
posted a review of Entheogenic - Golden Cap. over 17 years ago
Dang. You know, after Entheogenic - Dialouge of the Speakers, Entheogenic's standard of production and releases really started to dissapoint me. And I thought that would be the all time low of Entheogenic concerning releasing old tracks on new albums... See full review
Raja Ram - Spaceships Of The Imagination
posted a review of Raja Ram - Spaceships Of The Imagination. over 17 years ago
Spaceships Of The Imagination is an ambient compilation released on TIP.World. Basically they've just thrown together (and later properly mixed together) some of the greater tracks ever released on TIP.World the label. Not only does the tracks... See full review
Various - Shiva Space Technology
posted a review of Various - Shiva Space Technology. over 17 years ago
Well there you have it. The best Goa Trance album ever. Now, how is that possible? It just is. Well, for me anyways. This is the first compilation from the label Shiva Space Technology, including classic tracks such as "Shiva Shidapu - Power Of... See full review
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
posted a review of Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium. over 17 years ago
The eagerly awaited double CD from The Red Hot Chili Peppers has arrived and already recieved great feedback from both fans and media. Masterful drumming from Chad backed up by the always crazy basslines from Michael, topped off by John's amazing... See full review
Elemental Journey - Absolute Volume 2
posted a review of Elemental Journey - Absolute Volume 2. over 17 years ago
Matt Coldrick behind Green Nuns Of The Revolution meets up with Matt Hillier from Ishq and forms Elemental Journey - Absolute Volume 2. The album consists of five tracks, with a total playtime of a little over one hour. These long tracks... See full review
Various - Fahrenheit Project (Part Two)
posted a review of Various - Fahrenheit Project (Part Two). over 17 years ago
This album is close to anything that could be called awesome. Ultimae records is known for releasing top-notch ambient, but this compilation is beyond anything they've released so far. Solar Fields, Vibrasphere, Khetzal, Aes Dana and Chi-A.D. The... See full review
Jaïa - Blue Energy - Blue Synergy
posted a review of Jaïa - Blue Energy - Blue Synergy. over 17 years ago
Jaïa is and will always be one of the very best Ambient / Psytrance artists around. This release consists of two releases, one ambient and one psytrance: Blue energy and Blue synergy, which now fit perfectly together as one album. "Blue Energy - Blue... See full review