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posted a comment on Hip Hop Culture - Waste Not, Want Not. over 9 years ago
I need help identifying this random rap! I found this test pressing on Disc Makers a few years ago and it still escapes me as to who this is. Possible names of members: Asiatic and Kaos / Chaos. Seems simple right? Not really because there is too many... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Music From Now's The Time. over 9 years ago
Another "unknown" artist - I need help identifying this funky 7" which has absolutely no info about artists. The youtube video embedded has the audio.... Comments are always welcome!
posted a review of Just Bleezy* - Crak Talk. over 9 years ago
I actually enjoyed this CD, and I bought it on a hunch to listen to when I know it's time to dumb it down a little. I was not disappointed; within 15 seconds of the intro, you will get to hear the rapper, "Just Bleezy" , explain, ass backwards, that... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Soundbombing. over 9 years ago
Anyone know who gets credit for producing the beat on side 2 that Mos and Talib freestyle over
posted a comment on Les Baxter And His Orchestra* - Ritual Of The Savage (Le Sacre Du Sauvage). over 9 years ago
In regards to the notes I left about the record being "mono-reprocessed", when I listened closely I think the channel separation and balance / panning is better on this Duophonic release than the stereo release!
posted a review of Mighty Sons Of Glory - Jesus Is Everything To Me. over 9 years ago
Doesn't the man on the right look like Samuel L Jackson in "Pulp Fiction". And why are they throwing goats.
posted a review of Darrell Adams (2) - God! What A World. over 9 years ago
God! What an interesting album. A1 track starts it off, with about 8 bars of very sample-worthy material for the "hip hop" producers. Very conscience lyrical content, with an interpretation of A4 (forgive us this day) stating "lord forgive us this day... See full review
posted a review of Gassman* / Sala* - Electronic Music For The Ballet "Electronics" / Five Improvisations On Magnetic Tape. over 9 years ago
This record certainly did live up to its printed expectations, evoking a constant "turn it down so you don't piss off the room mates" feeling. Amazing for its time of creation (1970!) and the subsequent technology available to create it. 5/5
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a review of Jon Devlin - Dancercise Club (Total Class One). over 9 years ago
It is a very unique album and one which should get more burn from today's funk hunters.
This would be the polar opposite of about every other exercise record I have heard; Jon Devlin sounds like he is on some serious downers (I hear Valiums /... See full review
posted a comment on Subculture (9) - I Heard A Scream. over 9 years ago
So this was one of the 1st real "PUNK" albums I ever heard, and I don't remember much about it because someone stole it, so so traditionally punk. My mom, worked with Linda Phillips, late mother of Chris Phillips (2), and he was the drummer for this... See full review
posted a comment on El General - El Poder El General. over 10 years ago
1st reggaeton album ever? Caramelo remix is sick!
posted a comment on Susan Christie - Paint A Lady. over 10 years ago
"Yesterday, Where's My Mind" is such a great acid track, and really does capture that "freakout" moment at its best. ...

.... What's not good is that the company who re-released it is keeping it in limited supply to keep the value so high.

I hope... See full review
posted a comment on Belafonte* - Calypso Carnival. over 10 years ago
Yeah, this record is sick, believe it or not, can't say I know much of anything about Belafonte, other than I see millions of his records in my way when I'm diggin (it's annoying! :)); don't know what possessed me to roll the dice on this one, other ... See full review
posted a comment on The Judge's Nephews - Los Sobrinos Del Juez. over 10 years ago
About a month ago, I was lucky enough to pick up a grip of LP's and 45's from Mexico, Latin America, South American countries, lots of good ones, but this easily rules over all.

Probably even in my top 5 for this year, and this was a good year for... See full review
posted a comment on Clever Jeff - Year Of The Fly MC. over 10 years ago

What a great 12". I'll leave it at that!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Running To Rhythm. over 10 years ago
Anyone who is able to get over the cover art can expect to hear some serious funk grooves on this tape,.. DON'T SLEEP! definitely doesn't sound like 1989. That and the fact the cover art, ironically enough, advertises "subliminal messages to motivate... See full review
posted a review of Cannonball Adderley, Rick Holmes, The Nat Adderley Sextet* - Soul Zodiac. over 10 years ago
Such a great piece of work! From the amazing music by Cannonball Adderley & Nat Adderley Sextet to Rick Holmes ultra smooth narration, this album stays on the safe side of the astrology album genre (from the ones I have heard), If you have been... See full review
posted a comment on Chic - I Want Your Love. over 10 years ago
The color way on this version (the hot pink on yellow / green) brings to mind is brought to you by pepto bismol
posted a review of Various - The Killah Kuts. over 10 years ago
Rated 5, despite the fact that Eminem is on the b-side, and that this is a bootleg. "No Idea's Original" is supreme. Even the Barry White sample (I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Babe) a little overused at the time, suits this perfect.

The... See full review
posted a comment on Lee Gotch's Ivy Barflies - To The Tables Down At Mory's. over 10 years ago
This gets a 5/5 vote, for the cover alone ✔
posted a comment on Surf MC's - Surf Or Die. over 10 years ago
Well, say what you will, I'm not old enough to remember trends of this era in hip hop, but fuckin' A this is GREAT in my opinion, just because it's a condensation of so many different 80's trends, most of them.
Granted... the album is very duded out,... See full review
posted a review of 7L & Esoteric - Speaking Real Words. over 10 years ago
So I'm going through rating some things in my collection, saw I rated this a 2, and I wish I could go back and rate it a 1 instead. Why? Here is why!: This single was done by 2 corny outskirts of Boston suburban guys who bought all the talent they... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
posted a comment on Masterplan (6) - Mind Traps Disc 5. over 10 years ago
This record was sampled (uncredited) by a certain major label hip hop producer, who shall remain anonymous, so he does not risk being sued.☺. Hip hop trivia!
posted a review of Juan Torres - Organo Melodico - Vol. 12. over 10 years ago
Anyone who is into Panama music should really like this LP, as well as the funk lovers of the old and obscure world records. The production is hi quality and the instruments, especially the organs, are mixed really nice, almost psychedelic in some... See full review
posted a comment on Gene Autry And The Pinafores - If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas. over 10 years ago
Hello, if this is the original pressing of this from 1949, it is 33 RPM Microgroove as shown on labels and documented in books and many websites, so it is not one of Columbia's first 45's, but is an early 7" format.

posted a comment on Two Kings In A Cipher - Movin' On 'Em / You Know How To Make Me. over 10 years ago
"Make way for the serpent in the sky, by 12 noon MC's get cooked by the 3rd eye..."
Amazing to think these guys as producers were behind so many #1 hits from the late 90's on to the present, as the in house production for Bad Boy Records. "Commercial... See full review
posted a comment on L.A. Boppers - L.A. Boppers. over 10 years ago
"You Did It Good" - sampled by D.I.T.C. on the track "All Love" ... such a hypnotic 4 bars. One time I looped it and put it as a ringtone on my phone, then I missed most of the calls because i just wanted to listen to it play.
posted a comment on Ghostface. over 10 years ago
Is it like an unwritten rule that 1 out of every 10 European drum n bass tronica jungley junglish DJ's have to steal a legitimate American rapper's name? I came to this page, looking for the one and only GHOSTFACE KILLAH's artist page BTW.☺
posted a comment on Gary* - Chilling Out. over 10 years ago
A killer funk LP from right out of my home town! All eight tracks are superb, how rare is that? "Looks Like Your Funk" got a hold of me.... easy to see why this LP trades at the $300 + level. A great party album through and through, light hearted... See full review
posted a review of Threat - Let The Dogs Loose. over 10 years ago
My very brief review of this 12" is summarized by saying this is what early 90's west coast is all about, condensed into these 4 tracks. DJ Pooh, King T, and Threat (who sounds quite a BIT like King Tee the grand imperial himself) came through with a... See full review
posted a review of Herb Powers Jr.. over 10 years ago
Of the hundreds of records I have listened to where I see the Herbie Jr etching in the runouts, all mastered nearly perfectly. This man has done the music world a huge favor one record at a time in a career spanning way longer than I have been... See full review
posted a review of Eric Carmen - Boats Against The Current. over 10 years ago
On the front cover it looks like Mr. Carmen just woke up in his favorite spaghetti strap nighty, with the crusty make up from the previous night's revelry still on his face, with a confused "dude where's my car" expression wrinkling his skull. :>
posted a comment on Stan Kenton - Contemporary Concepts. over 10 years ago
This has got to be the worst release page in discogs history! lmao. ....
posted a review of 10cc - Bloody Tourists. over 10 years ago
I listened to this LP once to playgrade it.... I still want those 40 or so minutes back to this day.
I wonder if I am the only one who finds the lyrical content to "Dreadlock Holiday" racist and also a prime example of what NOT to write? Check this... See full review
posted a review of Michael Jackson - Thriller. over 10 years ago
Not nor ever was a huge michael jackson fan but this was the first LP i ever bought at the age of 7 years old. saved up my lunch money for a month! I feel so old....
posted a review of Various - Lake Entertainment Presents: The 41st Side. over 10 years ago
All the best tracks on this comp are produced by the Alchemist, the remainder are for the most part snoozers, other than the fact it was cool at the time to get to hear some of the older QB rappers with the up and comers. Still a great compilation,... See full review
posted a comment on Donovan - Cosmic Wheels. over 10 years ago
This LP's jacket came black and white. In the inner gatefold it says "Get out your cosmic crayons, kids, and colour in". In a corporate effort to regain Donovan's long gone psyche creds.
posted a review of Fantasy Machine - Fantasy Machines. over 10 years ago
Top notch electro rap 12" .... from the Lee Perry-ish super stereo panned vocal sample intro on through all 6 more minutes of artificial intelligence. Records like this are a reason to believe time travel is possible. So futuristic! As the mix thins... See full review
posted a review of Captain Rapp - Bad Times (I Can't Stand It). over 10 years ago
An amazing 1983 12" out of L.A. ~ Early socially conscious rap, along the lines of Grandmaster Flash's "The Message", but even more powerful and much rawer. Speaks on issues we all still face in the world: gang banging, murder, inner city poverty, the... See full review
posted a review of Hands-Up - Do Crack Take The Rap. over 10 years ago
If you ever wanted to hear cops rapping about beating down crack heads / crack dealers, here is your ticket to ride! I wonder who's idea this was, and how it came to materialize.
posted a comment on Aretha Franklin - See Saw. over 10 years ago
What is incorrect here, the pics (showing catalog 45-2574) .... or the release page (showing catalog A-2574)?

I look in goldmine, but they don't include the "45-" prefix, so it says "2574". So confusing...
posted a comment on Deodato* / Airto* - Do It Again / Branches (O Galho Da Roseira). over 10 years ago
Is this a duplicate of the other US release on the master page for this? I'm confused, Catalog ### on top is OJ 18 (different from OJ-18 yes) but under notes: Cat# OJ-18 (same as other).

posted a comment on Frank Weber (2) - ...As The Time Flies. over 10 years ago
All of these pics are from the Canadian release. I will fix it soon.
posted a comment on The Vogues - Till. over 10 years ago
If such a release exists with this catalog number, it would have to be a Capitol Record Club edition, as the stereo LP's catalog number is RS 6326.
posted a comment on Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday. over 10 years ago
I would like to know what distinguishes this release from the other one with the same catalog number (srm 1-652) . As it is, unfortunately, we get to look at 2 really bad pics of the front jacket.

Is one gatefold, the other not? OR is a label variation? See full review
posted a review of Rufus Thomas - The Dog / Did You Ever Love A Woman. over 10 years ago

What a great 7" and an early example of what was to come from Stax Records thru the next decade!. ☺
posted a comment on The 8th Day - You've Got To Crawl (Before You Walk) / It's Instrumental To Be Free. over 11 years ago
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