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Morgan Geist - Moves
posted a review of Morgan Geist - Moves. over 17 years ago
This is one release not to be missed. Morgan Geist definitely lays down the funk here. Holy SHIT! No matter if you're black, white, a veteran to disco, or a braindead freak of a vegetable, the 3 tracks in this EP are going to make you want to move.... See full review
The Police - Greatest Hits
posted a review of The Police - Greatest Hits. over 17 years ago
What an awesome band. What awesome pop classics. All your favorites are in this CD, and it's great for those of you who just love good pop, but don't want to go out to buy a whole load of music. There are other CD's that cover a good selection for The... See full review
New Order - International
posted a review of New Order - International. over 17 years ago
People find out about artists in different ways. One way is to hear a massively popular song and then attempt to find more music that is related. I found out about New Order by means of "Blue Monday," as I'm sure many of you know them by the same way.... See full review
Various - π - Music For The Motion Picture
posted a review of Various - π - Music For The Motion Picture. over 17 years ago
Mostly aggressive, at times depressing, this CD contains some excellent examples of breakbeat and IDM. Some of Clint Mansell's tracks sound a lot like those in Requiem For A Dream, but the themes here are more breakbeat oriented, and they are much... See full review
posted a review of Legowelt. over 17 years ago
Just listening to some of this guy's stuff. This shit is so amazingly funky, and he just makes the melodies slide in an orgasmic polyphony. Not only that, but the beats are strong and the bass is compelling. Take a bit of Thomas Bangalter, add a dash... See full review
Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
posted a review of Kid Koala - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. over 17 years ago
For me, this is the equivalent of musical slapstick. Or musical farce even. Maybe a mix of both. Because this shit sounds like samples getting fucked up, in a humorous way. Why should good music be so serious all the time? Expect to hear some of the... See full review
Clint Mansell Featuring Kronos Quartet - Requiem For A Dream
posted a review of Clint Mansell Featuring Kronos Quartet - Requiem For A Dream. over 17 years ago
The music makes the movie, and the soundtrack is excellent. There are a few different themes within this CD, and they are interspersed within 3 "seasons" or "acts" if you will. In this sense, this release is sort of like a modern-day opera. However,... See full review
Offspring* - Smash
posted a review of Offspring* - Smash. over 17 years ago
You want true punk? This is it. Aggressive, fast, and annoying at times, this CD shows what The Offspring sounded like before they opted for a softer sound in the late 90s. The lyrics loudly tackle political subjects in that stereotypical punk-rock... See full review
Garbage - Garbage
posted a review of Garbage - Garbage. over 17 years ago
The perfect melding of pop and rock. If you like alternative rock, pop, or just straight up rock, you probably have heard some songs from this album, and you've probably already decided if you like it or not. However, for those of you who haven't... See full review
Boston - Greatest Hits
posted a review of Boston - Greatest Hits. over 17 years ago
Boston has come up with some really good stuff throughout the years, and they decided to put some of their best stuff on this CD. There are some classic rock favorites like "More Than A Feeling" and "Rock & Roll Band." Of course, there are also some... See full review
Aerosmith - Nine Lives
posted a review of Aerosmith - Nine Lives. over 17 years ago
This CD contains some very generic-sounding hard rock. It's not all that bad, but would you or I listen to this over and over? I think not. The music in this CD is quite different from previous Aerosmith stuff. That's not to say it's bad or good, but... See full review
Bougie Soliterre - Simple Things
posted a review of Bougie Soliterre - Simple Things. over 17 years ago
This CD is really good. There are lots of different kinds of house on this CD. You've got your funky disco kind, and your deeper, trackier stuff. Oh yeah, did I mention that it's really good?

I live in the US, and I had to shell out 25 bucks for 8... See full review
The Cars - Complete Greatest Hits
posted a review of The Cars - Complete Greatest Hits. over 17 years ago
I absolutely love this album. I really can't get enough of it. They managed to jam-pack 20 songs from the band, and I am very happy for that. There are some of the best new wave songs in this CD. This is what pop is all about. It's fun, it's catchy,... See full review
Oleander - February Son
posted a review of Oleander - February Son. over 17 years ago
Oleander is the post Nirvana, late 90s, grunge/alternative rock. When you listen to this album, you can really hear Nirvana's influences on the band. It is however, much more polished and pop-sounding. Thomas Flower's vocals sound eerily like those of... See full review
Daft Punk - Discovery
posted a review of Daft Punk - Discovery. over 17 years ago
I will attempt to review this album independent from "Homework." (Because I don't agree with people who tell me this one isn't as good.)

The opening isn't that interesting, because I must have heard "One More Time" one too many times. However,... See full review
Circulation - Colours Two
posted a review of Circulation - Colours Two. over 17 years ago
To be honest, I don't like this CD as much as I liked the first Colours. However, I have to say that this is well-crafted. I like the nice touch they put in with the first and last track, which run along a more ambient line. Once again, Circulation... See full review
The Brian Setzer Orchestra* - The Dirty Boogie
posted a review of The Brian Setzer Orchestra* - The Dirty Boogie. over 17 years ago
People who love exclusively jazz will not like this album. Conversely, just because you listen to this album will not mean you like jazz. Now that we've gotte nthis straight, let me explain why. The stuff in here is specifically swing and rockabilly.... See full review
Tipper - Surrounded
posted a review of Tipper - Surrounded. over 17 years ago
The production that went into this must have taken forever. But damn, it is good! This CD will beg you to listen to it time and time again to look for subtle layers that you didn't hear before. You can definitely listen to this while doing something... See full review
Tool (2) - Ænima
posted a review of Tool (2) - Ænima. over 17 years ago
Tool's Aenema is a relentlessly heavy classic. This CD is quite old, but the music never ceases to be fresh. What kind of music is this? Well, it's metal, but it's more than that. If you brought together the energy of Metallica and added in the... See full review
Various - Naked Music Presents Lost On Arrival
posted a review of Various - Naked Music Presents Lost On Arrival. over 17 years ago
Looking for some really funky house? Look no further. Naked Music ventures out of the deep house basics into some wickedly delicious, dirty disco. This stuff is funky. It's got one hell of a beat. And it's swanky and glittery, and pours forth gallons... See full review
Rjd2 - Deadringer
posted a review of Rjd2 - Deadringer. over 17 years ago
RJD2 hits the spot with this album. It seems to weave a story with its haunting beats, and its reference to retro music. In a word, this is haunting music. I'm also pretty sure the CD might be setting a story out for us that we can interperet by the... See full review
The Postal Service - Give Up
posted a review of The Postal Service - Give Up. over 17 years ago
The Postal Service makes some beautiful bittersweet music. This debut CD caught on fire here in the US, spreading by word of mouth and also by radio play, with the single "Such Great Heights" capturing the attention of the alternative rock radio... See full review
Ladytron - Light & Magic
posted a review of Ladytron - Light & Magic. over 17 years ago
Very pop-accessable, and easy listen to, Light & Magic is an excellent synth-pop album. Since I haven't heard all of 604, I will not compare the two. This particular album sounds warm and poppy, without being too repetitive (which is a gripe of people... See full review
The Steve Miller Band* - Greatest Hits 1974-78
posted a review of The Steve Miller Band* - Greatest Hits 1974-78. over 17 years ago
I love classic rock. And The Steve Miller band is an awesome example of what classic rock should be. It can be heavy at times, it can be loud, and it can be fast. What's important, though, is just how inviting the vocals are. This CD is jam-packed... See full review
Lit - A Place In The Sun
posted a review of Lit - A Place In The Sun. over 17 years ago
Lit's sound in this album is pretty straightforward. Basically, it's a mix of pop-punk and alternative rock. Do I recommend this, though? Hellya! I love the sound, because it's just really energetic. It's not as hard or heavy as some other alternative... See full review
Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
posted a review of Primus - Sailing The Seas Of Cheese. over 17 years ago
How do you classify Primus' sound? Well it's hard to explain, but it's a mix of funk and metal. That's right. Funk and metal. How is this possible, you say? I don't know, but they really pull it off in this album. There's some pretty fucked up shit in... See full review
No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom
posted a review of No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom. over 17 years ago
This is a modern-day classic. Infectious alternative rock from the beginning to the end, with the very awesome Gwen Stefani at the helm, singing her heart out. A lot of songs have been overplayed in American radio, but they are still great pop songs... See full review
Deadsy - Commencement
posted a review of Deadsy - Commencement. over 17 years ago
Deadsy is kind of like its cousin Orgy. Lots and lots of metal and synths. I personally like the synth-heavy tracks on this CD, although some of the other tracks are worth listening to. One interesting thing about Deadsy is that the lyrics are... See full review
Nirvana - Incesticide
posted a review of Nirvana - Incesticide. over 17 years ago
Nirvana's Incesticide tends to be glossed over when people talk about Nirvana, because it doesn't contain the classics "Smells Like Teen Spirit," "Heart-Shaped Box," or "Rape Me." However, Incesticide is worth getting if you have already have... See full review
Various - Ninja Cuts: Flexistentialism
posted a review of Various - Ninja Cuts: Flexistentialism. over 17 years ago
Holy shit! This album is FUNKY! Ninja Tune is a pioneer for various trip-hop artists, and this compilation is a great introduction to the wide range of sounds produced by this company. Some of these tracks are quite slow and jazzy, while some of them... See full review
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
posted a review of Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92. over 17 years ago
Well, what can I say? Very well-made album, with a very eclectic sound. It's nice to see elements of techno, ambient, house, and trance swirled into every single track. "Xtal" starts off the album, and I think it's just amazing. Awesome use harmony,... See full review
Staind - Dysfunction
posted a review of Staind - Dysfunction. over 17 years ago
An average album, but can be good once in a while. "Suffocate" is the first track, and sets the tone for the rest of the songs: angsty, heavy, and loud. All the songs also follow the Pixies' and Nirvana's song structure of soft-hard-soft. Thus the... See full review
Circulation - Colours
posted a review of Circulation - Colours. over 17 years ago
I do agree with scoundrel's previous thoughts on this, but I'm here to review exclusively the second disc.

"Aqua" starts off nice and moody, and then moves off with some funky stuff in "Beige." This track borrows some elements from French house,... See full review
DJ Food - Refried Food
posted a review of DJ Food - Refried Food. over 17 years ago
This album covers a lot of ground, because it encompasses a couple of genres. I like how varied the sound is because of the remixes done by all sorts of artists. The first CD starts with some of your regular breaks, goes into some jungle with "Scratch... See full review
Autechre - LP5
posted a review of Autechre - LP5. over 17 years ago
For someone who has never heard such music, Autechre's LP5 sounds somewhat cacophonous from the first couple of plays, but I found my ears tuning into the subtle rhythms, harmonies, and melodies (yes, they do exist!) the different tracks provide. For... See full review
Metro Area - Metro Area
posted a review of Metro Area - Metro Area. over 17 years ago
Wow! This album is amazingly funky, and it works very well with its reliance on the electronics. Morgan Geist's rough-edged electronic sound is very distinguishable in this release, but the use of strings and voices in various tracks as a counterpoint... See full review
Orgy - Candyass
posted a review of Orgy - Candyass. over 17 years ago
Orgy's Candyass is not at all a bad album. However, it could have used some more work. It's oftentimes very dull, with the same sound texture being repeated over and over again. There are some gems, however. "Dissention," "Platinum," and "Revival" are... See full review
Mauricio Aviles - Nude Dimensions 2
posted a review of Mauricio Aviles - Nude Dimensions 2. over 18 years ago
I have to say this is very well made, with a great choice of tracks. Funky tracks, chill tracks, percussive tracks... they're all here. A couple of Naked Music's artists are featured here as well, such as Blue Six and Aquanote. Miguel Migs did a great... See full review
Safri Duo
posted a review of Safri Duo. over 19 years ago
The Safri Duo is really awesome. They've got a great producer behind them, and they are awesome percussionists. They originally made percussion arrangements for classical music, but then they started to do dance music. They cover a lot of different... See full review
posted a review of trance[]control. over 19 years ago
These guys really know how to produce. In 2002, and currently, they are doing a project in which they are trying to procuce approximately one track per week. Their drive really is amazing. I recommend "Gothenburg Sound" and "Intelligent." They are... See full review
Alice Deejay - Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
posted a review of Alice Deejay - Who Needs Guitars Anyway?. over 19 years ago
This version of the CD is the Australian one, and I chose this version because it had the "Back In My Life" video. The tracks in here are almost all eurodance, but "Fairytales" is kind of a slow track, and "Everything Begins With An E" is a melodic... See full review
Safri Duo - Episode II
posted a review of Safri Duo - Episode II. over 19 years ago
This album is really great. I really liked the idea that the Safri Duo had. The drums along with the music is ingenious! In "Played-A-Live," you can really hear that signature Safri Duo beat. It's also in Marc Et Claude's "Tremble (Safri Duo vs.... See full review
Laut Sprecher - Omnibus
posted a review of Laut Sprecher - Omnibus. over 19 years ago
I agree with the observation that this song sounds like "Darude's Sandstorm." In the beginning, the synth lines are the same from 1:20. The same exact 5 sixteenth-notes. It's so funny to note the similarities between the two songs. In the background... See full review