I'm 30 years old and addicted to (mostly) electronic music.
I collect vinyl for 13 years, unfortunately I don't use them anymore to spin. To busy with other things..well maybe some time again!

Feel free to e-mail me if you got anything from my wantlist for sale, mail me your price along with the titles you have to offer, I don't like guessing in the dark, so just name your price please!!
Or include links to Ebay if you have it for sale on Ebay. If the starting price is more than 25 euro's or 20 pounds...just skip mailing me.

some but not all, trustworthy people on Discogs from who I bought vinyl
(sorry if I forgot some people, mail me if you think you should be on this list)
(Email me too if you don't want to be on it:P )

outside Holland :


next ones are also good :) most of them I've seen in real live, cause they live here in Holland..

Sophie Jerome (Switzerland)
Always take care of that you have you vinyls first from her before you pay or send your trades..
so receive first! else don't do it! she'll betray you.!
Or better don't trade with anyone :P from Switzerland, it can also be her/him with another name..

I encourage everyone to put such information in his/her profile. It's usefull when people mail you to sell you items in your wantlist, or want to swap. Especially put in the bad people!
Every musiclover should be protected against these beasts that hunt for your money..

~~~MOST WANTED~~~~ :

maybe D-Boy Project 4..gotta look sometime what my serious most wanted is..
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posted a comment on DJ Daniel Wanrooy* - In Trance We Trust 014. over 11 years ago
Coverphoto is taken Oia, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece.

Trust me, I've seen the exact scene two weeks ago. Indeed, including that little islet on the left side of the photo.

Nice CD aswell! I really love track 8 :P
posted a review of Enzyme X. over 17 years ago
I've heard some serious rumours on the latest pressings on this label from a trustworthy source, that latest Enzyme X releases are not limited to 500 anymore, but limited to 700 pieces, because of the "hype" Enzyme is experiencing since a few... See full review