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posted a comment on Mic Geronimo - The Natural. 7 days ago
Maybe not every song and I easily could've done without the nonsense at the end of each track but it certainly has that gritty east coast feel. Boom bap style. His best album by far.
posted a comment on Mic Geronimo - Vendetta. 7 days ago
Bit of a snooze. The last track is the best on the album.
posted a comment on Cosmosis - Cosmology. about 1 month ago
An almost perfect goa trance release that hits all the sweet spots.
posted a comment on Various - Natural Elements. about 1 month ago
A whole lot of mediocrity to be found here. None of it memorable.
posted a review of Mahiane - Oxycanta III. about 1 month ago
I don't believe this to be one of their greatest releases, but that's more because they have produced some of the greatest chill-out ever. This is still good, very slow moving relaxing music that hovers pretty close to the drone side of ambient while ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Peace Therapy. about 1 month ago
I agree with the previous review. It's not chill and not psy, but somewhere nestled within that annoying limbo in between. Certainly cannot hold up with the passage of time.
posted a comment on The Hood Internet Vs Tobacco (3) Vs Felt (2) - The Hood Internet X Tobacco X Felt. 2 months ago
I would've liked this better had the music not been so loud and annoying.
posted a comment on Xerxes The Dark - Astral Code Connection. 2 months ago
Unfortunately this didn't appeal to me. It sounds like experimental tinkering without the dark vibes.
posted a comment on Dj Adept - The Mystery Of Crystal Worlds. 2 months ago
Recently came back to this and it is just stunning. Track after track of brilliance.
posted a comment on Various - Trip Through Sound 2. 3 months ago
Holy sh*t is this boring. Comparing this 2nd version with the first is like comparing Taco Bell with Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Sure it's mainly psytrance this time around, but it's not really good psytrance.
posted a review of Miranda - Asynja. 3 months ago
Quite the dark album from Miranda that gives zero f*cks about what you think her music should sound like in 2001. Anxiety sounds like some FLA Flavour of the Weak tracks. Very psychedelic. Keep Calm grows in intensity from a growl to a full throated ... See full review
posted a review of Miranda - Northern Lights. 3 months ago
While Phenomena remains her greatest musical achievement this album isn't half bad with its fingers in a lot of genre pies. The Mars Needs Women mix is a short groovy injection and tracks like Eyedentify, Earth & Space, and the remix to Gnocchi keep the ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Mushroom Trance Volume 1 - The Spirit Of Nature. 3 months ago
Oy. This one was painful to get through. Not everything from 1997 was gold I suppose.
posted a comment on Ovnimoon - Heart Of Goa 6. 4 months ago
Dude, this is so woefully average. If you couldn't see this before it was released, perhaps it's time to step back and reflect.
posted a review of Vimana (5) - Psychonautical Science. 4 months ago
This is a rather tame effort that sounds quite samey all the way through. No drama. No...story. The talent is there, you can hear it, but he seems to take the path of least resistance. Instead of expanding the track and pushing it to the deep pools ... See full review
posted a review of Ascent - Awakening. 4 months ago
Overall I'm a little disappointed with this effort. His work on Ep's like Colored Reality, Into The Forest, and I Will Fly Again really showcased his ability to turn the music into a spectacle, something to behold. Detailed and involved. The album is ... See full review
posted a comment on Sirius Isness - Breaking The Matrix. 5 months ago
Yeesh. I mean I know it's almost 15 years old, but...this didn't hold up well.
posted a review of Talpa - Artist Pack. 5 months ago
I really like the groovy style he adopted for his progressive trance with it's silly samples and minor key "circus tent" melodies, but there isn't very much to be excited about here. 20 tracks of the same style where he doesn't build much momentum can ... See full review
posted a comment on Mr. Peculiar - Mind-Dala. 5 months ago
Listening to this today and it just doesn't hold up. It sounds so gentle it could almost be chill music.
posted a comment on The Notorious B.I.G.* - Born Again. 6 months ago
Clean version? It would be almost an hour of silence.
posted a comment on Ugly Heroes (2) - Ugly Heroes. 8 months ago
This album is kind of depressing, but well told. Makes you feel sorry for the ones that have to go through life like this. Full of old RnB samples and slow drudgery. Really impressed with Red Pill's style. Good album.
posted a comment on A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Amerigo Gazaway - Bizarre Tribe - A Quest To The Pharcyde. 8 months ago
So incredibly well done. This is a time machine back to the nineties with two superb groups mixed together. Soul Flower is so on point, Bonita Keeps On Passin' Me By is silky smooth. Serious this is some chocolate on peanut butter niceness.

posted a comment on Tiësto* - Elements Of Life. 8 months ago
What an absolute flaming bag of crap this is. Full. Stop.
posted a comment on DJ Atom (2) & DJ Yuji - Macao. about 1 year ago
Even ten years on is still a solid compilation from Yabai. Well, that is until the last two tracks made me want to stab sharp pencils in my ears.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents... Great Wall. about 1 year ago
First disc was doing very well until the twelve car pile up that we call Madonna was thrown in there. There oughta be a law. Cd 2 drives this bus in less of a 4 on the floor direction and leans heavier on breakbeats and vocals. Like the haunting Fear ... See full review
posted a comment on The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy. about 1 year ago
If Fat of the Land was an application of the sweet science of boxing, this is six cops beating a minority in an alley. Just bludgeoning breakbeat after head crushing beat while his cohorts scream words of encouragement to f*ck the poor guy up further. ... See full review
posted a comment on BT Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw - Dreaming. about 1 year ago
Disappointed with the Tiesto Mix (kinda didn't go anywhere), but the rest were good.
posted a comment on Various - Goa Trance - File 1. about 1 year ago
Such a fantastic album if you're a fan of powerful, melodic, golden age goa trance. You know it's a monster when a classic like Mahadeva is one of the weaker tunes.
posted a comment on Hardfloor - Respect. over 2 years ago
I love me some Hardfloor, but this early techno sound pales in comparison to what they've done as of late. For example, the almost the first three minutes of Mustard Cornflakes was painful. Lots of annoying synth patterns. If you think this still has ... See full review
submitted TRD - Lucid Dreaming. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Paranonia - Paranonia. over 2 years ago
Zzzzz.....This minimalist techno wasn't very appealing. There was a muddy quality to it also.
posted a comment on Various - Trancemission To Andromeda (The Sound Of The Future & Now!). over 2 years ago
Wow, this really blows. Of course it's dated, but I've seen less cheese on a pizza. It's like a collection of presets molded into an eyeroll. People gave this a 5? Was it f*cking opposite day?
posted a comment on Elegy (7) & Suduaya - Light Source EP. over 2 years ago
The first track was easily the best offering, full of detail and lush sounds, but the other three lacked that complexity. The galloping bass line numbs the mind and that's present in two of the tracks. Both artists have done better music than this.
posted a comment on Keith Murray - Intellectual Violence. over 2 years ago
This album is straight up garbage. Poor beats, poor rhymes, and no energy.
posted a comment on Artifacts - That's Them. over 2 years ago
Nice beats and great flow. They don't make 'em like dis no more.
posted a review of Def Squad - El Niño. over 3 years ago
This is going to be a short review of this album. The rhymes seem legit, but the beats are tired. And if you can't get the head bobbin, you're wasting your breath. Aside from the Rappers Delight cover this is a swing and a miss. Needs to be a remix ... See full review
posted a review of a-ha - Foot Of The Mountain. over 3 years ago
The first three albums from this project were wonderful exercises in the melding of synth pop and melancholia that worked very well. Perhaps a less goth version of Depeche Mode. It didn't hurt their exposure that they were on the forefront of music ... See full review
posted a comment on Arcadia (3) - So Red The Rose. over 3 years ago
3 members of Duran Duran? Better than nothing I suppose. Simon's voice is haunting and the CD is gold for it's pure musicality. Brings back a lot of memories.
posted a comment on Various - Trip Through Sound. over 3 years ago
I'm going to differ with the previous commenter's comment. There are loads of goa trance compilations that put this one to shame. I like the beginning and the end, but I feel it loses its way in the middle. From X-Dream to Juno Reactor can you look me ... See full review
posted a comment on Chalk FarM - Notwithstanding. over 4 years ago
Sure is. I can remember listening to this in the Olds Cutlass that had a hole in the floor. Riding around Philly. Brings back memories.
posted a comment on Cyan (4) - Medieval Tales II. over 4 years ago
The 10 minute gap between the end of the last track and the "bonus" track is unbearable. Why do this? Just add another track.
posted a comment on SynSUN - Alter Ego. over 4 years ago
Do you work for Dacru? Because, that little blurb you wrote sounds a lot like a promo.

posted a comment on Infected Mushroom - Friends On Mushrooms. over 4 years ago
I think it's legitimate. Legitimately terrible.
posted a comment on Eluvium - Copia. over 5 years ago
Stunningly beautiful and hauntingly positive that can move the listener to tears. At least this one.
posted a comment on Audio-X* - No One Can Stop Us Now!. over 5 years ago
Are you serious with that rating? This is some terrible full-on nonsense. Two stars is being generous.
posted a comment on Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization. over 5 years ago
And who knew that only 4 short years later you would be involved in the re-release of this classic. Well done sir. Well done.

posted a comment on Orbit Constructions - Androneda. over 8 years ago
I have to disagree here. I suppose if you are a big fan of drone ambient than this would be for you. No matter how many layers you add, an 11 minute track with no variation is boring as crap. And that is what you get for the majority of the tracks. ... See full review
posted a comment on Snoop Dogg - Malice N Wonderland. over 8 years ago
Pronto could be the worst song I have ever heard, regardless of genre. So terrible. Snoop what has happened to you?
posted a comment on Kottonmouth Kings - Kottonmouth Kings. over 8 years ago
I recently discovered a bunch of their CDs and find their style very rhythmic and entrancing. They rap about weed, their songs are about weed, the album covers are about weed. If you are ok with that, cool. I suppose you can't hit a homerun every time ... See full review