In May '06, a huge part of my musical change had surface through the Samurai Champloo Soundtracks (Departure, Impression, Masta, and Playlist). From Nujabes and Fat Jon which opened me to many other Japanese Down-tempo or jazzy Hip-hop artists, I soon discovered my own expression with the breakout of such atmospheric music.

I once was a follower of the American Hip-hop/R&B mainstream with a few rock exceptions like Linkin Park (yes I was one of those); everything had turned in May '07 (1 year after Champloo soundtracks) with the purchase of DJ Krush albums "Zen" and "The Message at the Depth."

The music styles I favour most is Down-tempo, Dubstep/Grime, Dub Reggae, Underground Hip-hop, Future Jazz, IDM, Trip-Hop, Acid jazz, Breakbeat music, and Techno (certain types).

Yes I am also one of those free music downloaders but my physical collection has grown considerably off those MP3's. I am not one to rip off the hard work of an artist to which I respect. If it weren't for music sharing I would still be listening to bad music, closed minded, and even worse I would have never heard of discogs. =*