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posted a comment on Failure - Fantastic Planet. about 1 month ago
Can anyone tell me if this is a gate fold or no?
posted a comment on Various - Mass Effect Trilogy: Soundtrack. about 1 month ago
Has anyone else's set come with two ME3 discs and no ME2 disc? I need to send mine back...
posted a comment on Elder (2) - Spires Burn/Release. 2 months ago
My copy is red/blue splatter, but way darker than in the pictures I've seen around the internet. I'm assuming it's the same release, though.
posted a comment on Amplifier (3) - The Astronaut Dismantles HAL/Eternity. 2 months ago
I just ordered and received this and yeah, mine's the same. I don't care, either. As long as I have a copy, I'm good, as it sounds really good.
posted a comment on Jake Kaufman, Manami Matsumae - Shovel Knight The Definitive Soundtrack. 2 months ago
Supposedly, it's still available on the Bigwax website because it let me order it. Hopefully, it is.