Various - Abadon Cryptic Sampler Mind_Booster_Noori

March 17, 2013
Do you have more info on Tiago Ferreira, or Swampstone in particular? Thanks!

Marilyn Manson - End Of Days as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

January 17, 2013
Excellent sound quality for a bootleg, and excellent show, one of the best performances I've heard from MM!
Thumbs up for "Astonishing Panorama Of The Endtimes".

Alfredo Notarloberti - Preludio as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

January 18, 2012
For those who have the excelent "Silent Prayers" from this artist, you can almost consider this album a new version of it, with (many) same songs, but in a different genre: while "Silent Prayers" is a classical record, this one is... rock versions of it. Excellent album (rated 5/5), but I think I still prefer Silent Prayers...

Marilyn Manson - Resident Evil as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

November 8, 2011
If you like Marilyn Manson's EP "Smells Like Children", this is a must-have. This bootleg was made from the master of what was meant to be Smells Like Children - if the label hadn't censor some parts, and cut others (most of them because they were using copyrighted material the label didn't find necessary enough to pay royalties from it).

Not only the "new stuff" (like Abuse Pt.1 and 2) helps you understand more about the idea behind the EP, but the tracks with extra bits make a lot more sense (or fun, when that's intended) to the tracks (from the end of Shitty Chicken Gang Bang on...). Notice that all of them are undisputed as being what Manson meant them to be, but one: there's discussion regarding whether "Procardia" is as it should be, or if it is a fan-made remix.

The two extra tracks (My Monkey and Choklit Factory) from Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids would be better off the CD (this isn't a compilation after all, it is meant to be the EP as it was intended to be), but they're here in the traditional "let's try to give you more bang from your buck" approach from unofficial releases... I also don't really appreciate the title, "Resident Evil", specially since there's absolutely no indication that the EP ever meant to have any name or thought in relation with it. To add confusion, Marilyn Manson participated on "Resident Evil"'s (the movie) soundtrack.

If you don't own SLC yet, and are thinking of getting it, I won't think twice between recommending you to grab this one instead. If you have SLC and like it... you should also grab this ;-)

If you need any more... convincing to be made: here's what Manson himself has to say about the "original version, uncensored and uncut", on his auto-biography:

"The only solace was that through some unfortunate error someone at the record pressing plant made several thousand copies of our original version of the album, thinking it was the new one. Without even listening to them, the record company sent them out as promotional copies to radio stations and journalists before realizing their mistake. Now, they are available to anyone who wants to hear them on the Internet."

Sol Invictus - The Bad Luck Bird as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

July 5, 2011
(originally written at http://noorirecords.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/noori-records-presents…-2010-in-music-part-ii/ )

I have to admit than, while I am a fan of Sol Invictus (and generally, of Tony Wakeford’s works – I still think “La Croix” is one of the most excelent albums ever!), I am far from being a completionist of his work. But somehow, I got really curious about this “The Bad Luck Bird” single, which seems to work well as a great preview of what the next full-lenght will be. When you start listening to the single, you will have no doubt that this is Sol Invictus – you’ll get the same feeling as ever, and that’s not bad. But you’ll also evidently something else… Sol Invictus is changing, evolving. When you listen to the B-side, you’ll get a quite different track, but also the proof that Sol Invictus is changing – and, in my oppinion, to better. My first public reaction after listening to the single (both sides, three times in a row), was something like “it’s a fact: I allways prefer B-sides”. While “The Bad Luck Bird” is a powerful (maybe a little overcrowded) track, with strong percussion and (surprisingly?) flute and cello as lead instruments, Stella Maris is a track that couldn’t stop me of thinking about The Wicker Man’s soundtrack – which is an awesome reference. You might want to wait a little for “The Cruellest Month” (the upcoming full-length), but I think that if you can’t just wait and end up grabbing this 7”… You won’t regret it. (BTW, I just read from Prophecy that the single is sold out there.)

Various - 20th March 2010 as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

July 5, 2011
Twelve times an year there are very limited editions being released, all of them priceless. Yet, only one of that collection makes to the "Top 10" list for 2010… I am, of course, talking about the “20th challenge“, a great yet crazy initiative by the great and crazy Australian label “Cabinet Pin”. The 20th can be quickly summed up this way: “Every one can participate, and the rules are easy to follow. On the 20th of a month, not one second before or after, you will do one music. No ideas from beforehand; no writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering of the track before or after that day. When the end ends, you send the track to Cabinet Pin. The label will gather all entries and release a limited edition CD with them”. Simple and fun. The general idea people get when they hear about this (believe me, I thought it myself, and after having talking about it to lot’s of other people, it’s allways the same…) is that the resulting tracks must be… er… bad. Well, they’re not. To prove it, the March edition of the 20th was different. Two CD’s: the first one with “tracks made on the 20th”, the second one with “usual” tracks from the same bands, so you can compare. Also, and this is why this release ends up in this list, most of the tracks are freely available for download, so you can just visit this page and check out the amazing stuff musicians worldwide are composing and recording each 20th!

(Originally posted here: http://noorirecords.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/noori-records-presents%E2%80%A6-2010-in-music-part-ii/ )

Empyrium - A Retrospective... as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

September 17, 2010
(initially published in http://mindboosternoori.blogspot.com/2007/07/2007-so-far-music.html )

Empyrium is one excelent musical project, the one that defined the NeoFolk "tree" of bands that I like the most under that tag. They've started as a "black/doom metal" band, with it's long gone demo, but since their first release they abandoned the idea of being a Metal band, and just started making an unique sound, heavilly inspired by Nature, and kept doing until they decided that Empyrium has released all the music they had to release to give to the world what they wanted to. When they felt that any other Empyrium release would be "just another CD with the same kind of music", they took the hard yet wise decision to end with the musical project. Now, they released this box, "A Retrospective...", that has six CD's including the demo and unreleased matterial - all the band's work, where each CD is also a book telling the story of the band and the story behind each release. This is the kind of release that every band should do.

+ko+ko+ - Ovo as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

September 7, 2010
This single "Ovo" is yet another release from +ko+ko+ exploring the darkest vein of this Portuguese electronic project. Unlike "What Are You Gonna Do?", this single works great as sequel to the previous single "Parasite". In fact, if you liked the previous one it is impossible for you not to like Ovo... A highly limited gem, a must have in any dark ambient collection!

Nihilia - Antigua Melancolia as reviewed by Mind_Booster_Noori

April 5, 2010
A great debut release, sometimes remembering me of Astra Autisma. A project to follow with much interest...